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  • Claes Eriksson's political messages has become more and more explicit in his later work with for example "Lyckad nedfrysning av herr Moro" and this movie. There are still highlights in the movie that keep you laughing for hours and will talked about with friends for years - the parody of the Swedish dance-music, for example - but the intelligent comedy leaving no room for yawns that used to be Eriksson's trademark seems to have taken a vacation. Sometimes, it seems as if the political messages - that are easy to sympathize with - are more important than the humor.

    Don't get me wrong. This work is the most technically advanced movie they ever made, and it was probably the funniest Swedish movie at the time. But still - maybe Eriksson should focus on the comedy and hint some political messages instead of focusing on the politics and sneak in some comedy...?
  • pettrock10 July 2020
    Maybe the best movie by them, great music and stuff.