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  • valjoedg1 August 2006
    If you love anything about Titanic watch this movie. You realize how some of the women who could have chosen life chose to die with their spouses. Like Edwina's mother did. The psychological trauma all endured after wards and with good reason. They witnessed a great tragedy not only the sinking of "The Unsinkable" Titanic but the deaths of their parents. The one who seemed to suffer the most from it was Lexie. Then when Edwina needs to bring her home via a boat she herself suffers nightmares with a great deal of understanding. Then the boy who played Teddy the youngest was played by a boy who ended up becoming Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode 3. But the ending was the best of all where everyone is happy as is everyone in a Danielle Steel novel.
  • For a TV movie it's quite impressive. The sinking of the Titanic is well done.

    Kelly Rutherford is beautiful in the period costumes and hair. She plays a woman who raises her younger brothers and sister after her parents die in the sinking of the Titanic. Her self sacrifice is moving.
  • I used to watch as many Danielle Steel films as I could many years ago and this is one that I missed at the time. The link to the Titanic was an added bonus because as tragedies go there was something beautiful and romantic about it. I couldn't help wondering where Rose and Jack where! As often with this type of movie the sacrifices made by Edwina were colossal. Her life could have been made easier so early on after the crisis (no spoilers) how many of us would have chosen the easier route. Was this one of those films that stay with me for many years and become a firm favourite, no. But it was a pleasant way to spend a morning on the sofa distracting myself from a headache.
  • Movie is not bad, oh no. World is just filled up with them. I think that watching another titanic disaster in a movie after the great James Cameron "Titanic" is just boring. And those true shots from SOS... Not attracting.

    But, fortunately, the movie is not only about the titanic disaster. All the story bases on it because parents of four children and one of the children's fiancé died there. Now they have to face the adulthood. Ex-fiancée, as the eldest child, tries to be the parent for her brothers and sister. She has to face the adversities and forget about the only man she ever loved. Others are waiting for her almost at the doorstep ;)

    I enjoyed the movie a lot. Especially when I saw the young Hayden Christensen, who played Teddy. (He was so cute!) Pleasant to watch.
  • daniel-stilgard13 April 2008
    It is 1912 and Titanic are sailing across North Atlantic, but Titanic went on an iceberg and Titanic begin to be death-doomed.

    This Titanic-film is about more after disaster and not so much about aboard the ship.

    This film are also technical as James Camerons Titanic-film, but James Camerons film are more technical.

    It is very interesting how it is were after disaster than about how it was aboard the ship.

    The customs are very good and the directing by Richard Heffron are very good.

    I can recommended this Titanic-film!