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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen this movie two days ago. I was very surprised. As I was looking for horror movie I decided to rent it but then I realized that it is not a kind of horror movie, it can't be compared to Dracula or vampires movies or even Lighthouse. The scenes of the courthouse take you to another kind of movies, those movies that you can't decide their kind. After all the movie isn't that bad, I liked it for the performance of the characters especially for Rosalind Allen and Candace McKenzie who was amazing but there was no need for the shower scene and that nudity, the little girl was a real brat and she played the role very well. The main problem with that movie or you can't call it problem, it's the plot, until the last minute of the film you can't decide who is the killer, the puppet or the little girl? This question keeps on spinning in your mind, some times you find the little girl is the killer especially after her doctor shows her mother the video footage where she was talking to the puppet that seemed entirely lifeless, then you start believing that Pinocchio is the killer after the priest tells the mother that evil can take many shapes and it may take the shape of a puppet. Well, if you were a little bored and looking for some entertainment then rent this movie and don't try to think of it too much because you will get nothing, just watch I gave it 4 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This isn't exactly a Child's Play rip-off (though it does borrow some ideas from those movie) but is just interesting enough to keep your attention throughout. The story revolves around divorced district attorney Jennifer Garrick (Rosalind Allen) and her troubled young daughter Zoe (Brittany Alyse Smith). During a birthday party Zoe mistakenly believes a wooden Pinocchio doll is one of her presents and instantly becomes attached to it. The doll is actually a piece of evidence in a criminal investigation and was buried alongside a body but Jennifer doesn't see any harm in letting her daughter keep the doll. However, strange and horrific things soon begin to happen. Zoe claims that the doll is responsible. The film never really reveals whether it is Zoe or the possessed doll responsible until the very end but the film manages to keep you entertained until you find out.

    The writing is decent, as is Tenney's direction. The special effects are average, but the acting is good enough to convince you. Allen is excellent in the lead, and Smith does a great job for a child actress. For the life of me I can't figure out why Candace McKenzie (who plays the live-in nanny to the family) didn't have much of a career after this film. Not only is she very attractive, but she also delivers a wonderfully appealing performance. Fans of Kevin Tenney's Witchboard will no doubt recognize Todd Allen in a supporting role. The current rating of 3.7 on here is far lower than this film deserves.
  • An accused child murderer has been arrested five years ago, his lawyer ( Rosalind Allen) believes he's innocence as he may think that the Pinocchio puppet he made for his son told him to kill other children. She couldn't stop his execution in time, however she accidentally brings home with her the Pinocchio doll from the office, her daughter Zoe ( Brittany Alyse Smith) is having a birthday party as she mistakes it as a gift. The new few days she seems to act strange as she begins to develop a relationship with the puppet as bizarre accidents occur, her mother begins to become concerned about her including to find out what is behind these accidents.

    Entertaining low budget psychological horror thriller that is a puzzle movie on who is the killer! is Pinocchio really alive and doing all the killing or was it the daughter who has became a schizophrenic? the acting is good and the puppet is quite a creepy one.

    Also recommended: "Magic" ( 1978), "Trilogy of Terror", " Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer", "Halloween", "Dolls", " Child's Play series", " Se7en", "Devil Doll ( 1964)", "Dead of Night", " Pin", " Great Gabbo", " Puppet Master", " Tourist Trap", "Scream", " Terror Train", " Psycho ( 1960)", " American Psycho", "Dolly Dearest", "Poltergeist", "Evil Dead II", "Perfect Blue", "Silence of the Lambs", and "The Shining".
  • Okay, so this is yet another horror film that isn't the least bit scary. But who says that they have to be scary in order to be good? This movie is cleverly written and well acted, and is a whole lot better than I ever thought it would be when I first sat down to watch it. Forget all those well-known recent horror flicks that claim to be clever and funny and are far too often neither. Give Pinocchio a chance and you'll be pleasantly surprised!
  • Okay, the premise and story ARE cliched. But the film is executed with a far greater degree of skill than you'd expect from the director of such undistinguished (if not downright bad) films as "Night of the Demons". His direction here is more mature and measured (though not without its effective "Boo!" moments). However, the film suffers from one of those annoyingly ambiguous endings, where the filmmakers can't think of a way to cover up their plot holes, so they "leave you to decide". (**1/2)
  • Kektokio23 April 1999
    This was an ok movie. It was very odd. A convicted child murderer who was given the chair, left his only possession, a wooden Pinocchio doll, to his lawyer. She takes it home and before she can get rid of it, her daughter becomes lovingly attached to it. But things start to get weird. People are getting hurt, and her daughter is blaming it on Pinocchio. The ending of this movie makes no sense at all. Other than that, the movie was ok. It wasn't what I expected. I expected it to be a horror version of the Pinocchio story, not some dull story which just uses a Pinocchio doll. Wouldn't we all like to see Pinocchio slice up that Jepardo guy with a knife? With all the horror versions of old tales being released (Snow White, Romeo and Juliet) it would have been a good idea to make this one. Who wouldn't want to see Pinocchio kill Jepardo, eat the cricket and dance to Marilyn Manson music.
  • arifiarian222 November 2014
    So i had the "Honor" of seeing this movie yesterday. And I'm so glad that i didn't waste my hard earned money on it, and saw it on Netflix.

    Plot and Writing: The plot is horrible, there is no originality to it. The writing is the worst part of it. All the characters makes bad decisions. The girl we are supposed to care about, is an idiot and i hated her every time she was on screen. They don't ask any questions, they just lives with it. The characters can teleport when they are needed in a scene. There is fake scares all over this movie. There is no character development, we don't learn anything about anyone. And i saw the ending coming after 30 minutes, of seeing this movie. The dialog was decent but it couldn't save the rest of the movie. All in all 4/10 stars.

    Direction and Editing: The movie is directed decent. You can see what is going on, it cuts when it needs to. It runs really smooth in that regards. All in all 6/10 stars.

    Acting: None of them is good. The girl is the worst part of it. Her acting is bad. The mother was decent. She showed some emotion, in some scenes. And i could see that she tried. But all the others were just bad, it didn't look like they tried. All in all 6/10 stars.

    Music: The music was by far the best part of the movie, but they played the same soundtrack over and over again, and it just got annoying after a while. All in all 6/10 stars.

    The overall score of the movie is 5/10 stars. Not a good movie. Its called Pinocchios Revenge, what and why is he avenging?
  • I know what you're saying, "Oh man, Pinochio is not scary!" but this movie goes beyond alot more than a maniacal pinochio. Behind it tells the story of a mother and her daughter who is oddly attached to her doll Pinnochio who seems to talk to her. The only weird thing is that noone else can hear the doll except her. In the end is shocking revelation that, as did I, will shock you. Watch it. Give it a try.
  • pumaye12 April 2004
    Perhaps the best movie ever made by director Kevin Tenney (well, his Witchboard is not on the top of my all-time horror list), this one is a strange, fascinating mixture between Pin and Child's Play, both better than this one, but not so better. Sure, the plot is contrived and perhaps too predictable, but the actors are good, Rosalind Allen is very pleasant to the eye (and so is Candance McKenzie - God bless her for the shower scene!), the child actress is very good in interpreting the disturbed daughter and the Pinocchio puppet is scary enough to give you a few thrills down the spine. For a B-movie not bad at all.
  • Pinocchio's revenge is not a good movie. Nor is it terrible.

    The acting was wooden at least on Pinocchio's part.The puppet had all of 2 expressions.As did most of the actors,except strangely enough...the secondary characters...most of them were enjoyable over the top.

    The special effects in this are pretty "B" and as I said earlier the puppet really blew.

    The 2 best scenes in the movie are the knife through the hand...looked pretty good,i think they spent about a 1/3 of the budget on that...and the shower scene...WOW...I think they must have spent the other 2/3rds of the budget on talking the actress who did that scene to do it.Outstanding.

    Seriously this is a slightly below average "b" horror puppet Chucky if you have a urge to see puppets kill.

    The story had a few interesting idea's, enough to keep me watching it to the end.
  • PINOCCHIO'S REVENGE is basically just a CHILD'S PLAY rip-off, but it's a hell of a good one. It takes all the great elements of a horror movie and blends them together but doesn't quite work as the Chucky series, mainly due to the unoriginal premise. Still, there is enough style and effective scenes, creating a better-than-expected slasher flick that is neither good or bad. It's slightly better than mediocre, though I wouldn't exactly recommend it to friends. There are some really cool stuff here and there, not to mention moments of what I hope is intentional dark humor, although overall, I just can't bring myself to give it *** so I'll have to give it **1/2.
  • didier_per24 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    not as bad as it seems ???? NO ! really bad. AS BAD as it is ! one of the worst movie I've seen in 37 years. dull (10/10) - the story is laughable (of course it's possible to bring home a piece of evidence in a murder case especially a puppet :-) ahahahah what a good idea for a script !) so lame script (15/10) impossible to number story-holes, so bad or non-existent puppet animation, not one second believable or scary, poor directing (20/10!) and so inappropriate shots along the movie. nothing works and eventually a so poor and so stupid "twist". as bad as it takes itself seriously. a must-see for an enemy ! or better wish to be blind.
  • uk20de1 March 2005
    I have never seen a B movie like this one... on the part that the nanny Sofia is being killed... a hand of a woman appears on the tape handling the stick... how bad is that??? LOL, I seriously laughed and wanted to stop seeing the movie, but I kept watching it to see if this movie could get is bad for itself... poor Pinocchio.. the only nice bit is the first time you see some special effects of Pinocchio's face moving... apart from that the whole movie is awful... it's not really worth your time if you don't really have much to spare! But if you have nothing to do... go on... treat yourself with some "Z" movie cos B-movie is still too good for this one...LOL
  • this movie is the best horror movie i have ever seen. the acting is terrible and the plot leaves a lot to be desired but the puppet gave me nightmares for weeks. seriously, if you have little kids don't let them see this. of course i am a little biased because of an irrational fear of puppets and midgets. also a body double cameo by the guy who does mini me verne troyer. and some gratuitous nudity, a must in any low budget horror movie. all other horror movies will forever be judged against this in my book.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film is so formula you can guess what will happen by reading the title. For those who have never seen "Chucky" or can't get enough of it, check this oldie but goodie out. I'll go through the formula plot, except for the killings and ending.

    The film opens with a man (Lewis Van Bergen) burying his son and the doll. He had made the doll. Jennifer (Rosalind Allen) is the public defendant who ends up with the doll through a series of improbable events. Her daughter Zoe (Brittany Alyse Smith) whose acting career died a few years after this film, ends up with the doll and an unhealthy attachment. David (Todd Allen) is her landscaper and Jennifer likes how he plants his seeds. Sophia (Candace McKenzie) is the live in au pair who showers fully naked because Rosalind Allen will only give us about 5 frames of brief nudity.

    The puppet had piercing blue eyes and looked a bit more formidable than the original Chucky (not the one with the sew marks). The film was overly predictable as you pretty much knew who was going to "get it" and why. Zoe is psychologically upset over her parents separation and one questions is it her or the doll and either way, it has been done before.

    Guide. No F-bombs. Sex and nudity...thanks Candace.
  • Hey_Sweden29 April 2012
    "Pinocchio's Revenge" is a decent enough movie to add to the sub genre of horror films dealing with minuscule terrors, whether they be dolls or toys or monsters or whatever. Writer / director Kevin S. Tenney's story is about a defense attorney, Jennifer Garrick (gorgeous Rosalind Allen), who defends a wood carver, Vincent Gotto (Lewis Van Bergen) accused of being a serial killer. She comes to believes that Gotto is innocent and covering up for somebody else. And recovered from a crime scene is a Pinocchio marionette, the presence of which has a negative effect on Jennifer's imaginative daughter Zoe (Brittany Alyse Smith). Overall, Tenney's movie is just too reminiscent of "Child's Play" (right down to a similar scene involving a door and a knife) to work too well, but what earns it some respect is its insistence on playing up its ambiguity at every turn. Even when we inevitably see the malicious marionette actually *doing* things, it's never made 100% certain that this isn't all *just* in the heads of its characters. It's too hard not to laugh when we hear / see Pinocchio (voiced by Dick Beals, doubled by Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer) talking and attacking, but for the most part Tenney refuses to go the purely cheesy route and avoids this sort of thing for as long as he can. Effective atmosphere and spooky music by the director's brother Dennis are assets; also, the performances from all concerned are pretty damn sincere, with Allen reasonably good in the lead; handsome Todd Allen, one of the leads of Tenney's "Witchboard", is the love interest, and familiar character players such as Aaron Lustig (as the psychiatrist), Ron Canada (as Jennifer's boss), Van Bergen, Larry Cedar (as the district attorney), Janet MacLachlan (as the judge), and Robert Winley (in one of his standard biker roles) all turn up as well. Those horror fans hoping for a formula and gore driven, body count type of affair will be left than satisfied, as Tenney prefers to keep things psychological, but at least Candace McKenzie as the nanny Sophia gives us some enjoyable full frontal nudity, and young Smith is pretty good as child actors go. This is all enjoyable enough while it lasts. Six out of 10.
  • Pinnochio's revenge came across to me as a competent movie when I saw it's theatrical trailer. And when I saw parts of it, it looked like a revival of Child's Play with a Pinnochio puppet. And when I saw the end, I couldn't believe what I just saw; it was so psychologically disturbing! I must say that every movie which has a doll in it has it's own twist which makes it interesting, suspenseful and entertaining.There were many unexpected parts in the movie which made this flick very impressive with some impressive shots which keep us in suspense and entertained. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Child's Play and Dolly Dearest! =-)
  • preppy-322 July 2002
    The plot basically has a large wooden puppet coming to life and killing people...or is he? The title is stupid and this was made on no budget, but it was quite interesting.

    All the acting is good, the story moves quickly and you're kept guessing until the very end about what's going on. The only bad part--there was a totally unnecessary shower scene just put in to show off female nudity. And there are some BAD special effects. Still, worth catching.
  • smatysia9 January 2020
    A run-of-the-mill cable TV-level horror film. It had a few interesting features. It also had gigantic plot holes, and some really bad acting from the child actors. Yes, I know, it's hard to find children who can act, but this film really needed some. The main redeeming feature was a semi-gratuitous nude scene from Candace McKenzie, who was total eye candy.
  • blumdeluxe5 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Pinocchio's Revenge" tells the story of a mysterious puppet who makes a young girl obsessed with it and then tries to harm the family.

    This is a typical B-Class horror movie centering around a puppet. It tries to give kind of an explenation for Pinnochio's will to kill people, which I appreciate, but still this remains beyond every logic and very unbelievable. The horror is solid at best, there are some "spicy" scenes to please the audience, as well as a nude scene but apart from that nothing too exciting. Fans of the genre might find this one a bit better (or worse) but this is not really my cup of tea.

    All in all this is a below average, okay horror movie. Not the worst, not unwatchable, but also not necessary and not immensely creative.
  • Struggling with a murder case, a lawyer decides to pass along a hand- crafted dummy to her daughter who begins acting strangely around the doll, and when they realize the doll's a damaging influence try to stop it before more are hurt.

    There wasn't a whole lot to this one that stood out. One of the pluses is the fact that there's a really freaky-looking doll this, which is the norm in these kinds of films. The wood-stained finish, complete with grain marks and the huge, super-expressive eyes are quite memorable giving it something that is unique, scary and quite imposing. That it's tied in with the fun to be had from the fact that it mixes it with the popular legend about the doll gives this more good points, making the last half a lot more suspenseful by giving it a more horror-based twist. This makes for some tense moments as it uses the legend for this style which is its best feature. The action and setting are both top-notch as there's an incredibly tense, thrilling chase through the darkened hallways in the house with the thunder crashing around them trying to escape from a killer who keeps popping out of everywhere with a butcher knife for what is easily the highlight here which really uses the exploits of a killer doll quite well. Although there's not a whole lot of them, the kills do lead to some rather nice scenes as these here are the film's best points while this one had a few flaws to it that do hold it down. The main thing here with this is the incredibly dull beginning which has very little to it that is even remotely close to exciting. There's two really irritating story lines that bring up nothing but those tactics, as the trial is made up of the appeal process mainly without giving anything to get into these, and they're so drawn-out and lifeless because of that. Then it segues into the family drama at home which isn't all that great since it's never interesting to see people going insane which really hurts the scenes of the daughter slowly being taken over since it takes a lot of time going through the different stages before the obvious happens. Along with the film's tendency to fall into clichés at times, another big issue here is that the film spends so much time on other stuff it utterly fails in providing it's killer doll much opportunity for killing. The body count here is really low for this kind of film, barely etching out a handful despite there being a rather hefty amount that could've been knocked off. That also leaves it really drier than it should've been and barely manages to spill some during its encounters with the rest being left for wounds that are inflicted but non-fatal ones, and all of these here drag down the film by making the killer seem weak and unable to be able to finish the job. These here are the film's biggest problems.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity.
  • Terrifying horror film which children should not be subjected to viewing. Pinnochio in this motion picture treatment is a horrific creature, murdering and merciless, and disturbingly menacing. Rosalind Allen gives a powerful performance as the mother of a child who insists on keeping a serial killer's doll and is mistakenly allowed to do so. The consequences of weak parenting has terrible consequences for everyone and in this way the film serves as a dark cautionary tale for parents who succumb to easily to their child's whining. There are some seriously frightening sequences and some of the imagery will haunt viewers for some time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This horror film plays at many of the cliché horror themes; evil puppets and the stigma of the mentally ill. Here we have a child killer who builds puppets as a hobby. He is not a murderer and is covering for his son, but won't admit that and goes on death row, being killed in an electric chair (outdated). His lawyer has a daughter, Zoe, who is bullied by the snobby girls in her school and attacks them, and she always gets in trouble for it. When she accidentally gets hold of the puppet the killer made before he died, she begins to act psychotic... but is it her, or the puppet? There are several flaws in the film, much of it being the unrealistic dialogue. The child psychiatrist Zoe is forced to visit tells the mother flat-out that Zoe is a, and I quote, "a very disturbed little girl". Doctors are not allowed to say that, it is discouraging to both the parent and child. They jump directly to the conclusion that Zoe is insane just because she's a little girl having a pretend fight with her puppet. Children do this sort of thing all the time! The execution of the supposed child killer would not have happened so quickly, nor would they have used an electric chair, not in this day and age. Maybe I'm taking the film to seriously but if they want a film to be scary they should make it realistic.

    Aside from that, the acting is bad, as was the soundtrack. The scenery is largely forgettable. It had a few good moments throughout the film like the cool scene where Zoe avoids the motorcycles in the streets, but not many. The ending is awful, Zoe gets locked up in an asylum and the mom is told by the doctor to forget her daughter and move on. This wasn't a very good film, and I don't recommend viewing it at all.
  • gavin694222 October 2013
    A mother (Rosalind Allen) brings home an evil Pinocchio wooden puppet that supposedly caused a man to kill his son. Her little girl (Brittany Alyse Smith) finds the doll and takes it as her own.

    This film was written and directed by Kevin Tenney, the creator of "Witchboard" and "Night of the Demons". That should have you thinking, "Wow! This will be great!" And maybe for some people it is. For me, it lacked a certain something... not sure what, but something...

    The Pinocchio doll is creepy enough (almost too much) and the mental illness angle was a great touch. Heck, I even liked that the neighbor pointed out that the original Italian story had the doll be a bigger jerk than the Disney version, so Tenney clearly knows his stuff... but this just never hits the high marks...
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