Philip (the host): Nobody's your friend for long, not in the 'out there'.

Philip (the host): I can't go out there. My parents went into the 'out there', and they never came back. It could happen, even to you. It's dangerous in the 'out there'.

Amy: Joe, do something!

Darien: [mimicking Amy] "Jooe, doo something, doo something!"

Darien: Who else would have picked you up out here at this time of night? Most people around here are stupid, selfish pigs, they wouldn't give a shit. But me? Me? Oh, I always got something I can do, especially out here.

[looks at Amy suggestively]

Mai: You are getting scoped out right now and he's very cute.

Cindy: Stop looking at him, he's probably gonna think we're...

Mai: That we're interested?

Philip (the host): [introducing third segment "Stolen Moments"] Let me tell you about something I read yesterday. It's about loneliness. The kind of loneliness that pushes you into the 'out there', so that you meet someone. Someone you hope is going to change your life forever.