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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not entirely sure what the point of this movie really was, and I suspect that the writes of this movie felt the same way. In the beginning of the movie, either ALF would be killed or allowed to live, presumably, indefinitely on the Air Force base. In the end, he's allowed to live. OK, great. But the whole progression of doctors who befall untimely ends (that were supposed to be funny, but not on this planet), the whole kidnapping thing, and the whole wanna-be "we have to catch the alien or my career is ruined" angle just didn't work. Period. It was slow, plodding, uninteresting, and boils down to a simple question: do you really want to see what happened to ALF? If your answer is yes, then you'll waste 90 of the 91 minutes this movie ran for. If not, you'll have 90 minutes of your life that those of us who watched this dreck will never get back. Some other reviews state that ALF was funny and everyone else was just scenery... well, ALF wasn't even funny and the story unfolds so formulaic that it could have spewed from the powerbook of the laziest Hollywood hack. Don't waste your time.
  • ljarsonbeck-130 September 2007
    There is no bigger fan of ALF the T.V. Series than myself- I realize Paul Fusco was a big fan having created the series however I never would have allowed this stink-filled script to destroy the laugh filled memories of the Alf Franchise.

    The first couple of minutes between Alf and Beverly Archer(Harriette Byrd in past episodes) was funny but then the film isn't about Alf so much as Military abuse of authority and the love story of two young Doctors who befriend Alf while he is in captivity with the Alien Task Force. The story line is beyond awful and filled with straight line after straight line. The rest of the original cast is gone- and how many laughs did we get from Max Wrights' dead pan deliveries and exaggerated befuddlement?

    There were so many alternative stories after the final T.V. episode why Fusco chose the worst possible direction is beyond me (maybe he was hanging with Jerry Stahl at the time of conceiving this project)

    I say to anyone who in later years discovers the Alf television show to stay away from this movie- it is lame unfunny and a pile of steaminess. I compare it to the let down of Highlander 2- it's that very very very bad.
  • There are plenty of versions of the story behind the ending of the ALF series and this 1996 TV movie: some claim that the cliffhanger finale was a final bid for the show to remain on the air; some claim the film is an extended rendition of a single final episode planned all along; and yet more people claim the movie is the result of an uphill battle by creators Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett after being shafted out of plans to conclude the series more satisfactorily. In the end, the only concrete fact is that the film was released almost a full six years after the TV show concluded, to tremendous fan expectations, and then it didn't turn out all that great. I'm not the biggest ALF fan in the world, but even I have to admit that a lot was lost during the transition of serial to feature.

    The story: Held by the Alien Task Force for six years following his capture, Alf's death is plotted by an obsessed colonel (Martin Sheen) but thwarted by two military scientists (William O'Leary and Jensen Daggett) who smuggle him out of the facility to bring him to safety.

    The biggest disappointment of the film? - no Tanner family. Anyone who's researched the show will know all about the mixed feelings with which the human cast regarded their stay, but while their absence isn't really surprising on a deductive level, the film suffers from it nevertheless. Max Wright, Anne Shedeen, Andrea Elson, and Benji Gregory were as much of a part of the ALF franchise as the alien himself, yet they're afforded only a minute's exposition early in the film before being forgotten completely. Alf doesn't even mention them, which is particularly disappointing considering the bond the characters formed over four years. I don't want to sound too sappy, but it eats at me that Alf was apparently able to get over the people he once referred to as "my Tanners." The characters replacing them aren't awful but pretty unmemorable: William O'Leary and Jensen Daggett are neutrally likable, but not only don't they sell the reactions to Alf's shenanigans nearly as well as Wright or Shedeen ever did, it's never quite clear why they're helping Alf. The Tanners struggled through their frustrating tenure via a mixture of family support and underlying affection cultivated over a matter of years, but O'Leary and Daggett apparently just have an inherent goodness of heart and know-how to endure Alf in situations wherein he's previously sent other outsiders screaming from the room. I don't buy it.

    Where the writing is concerned, the show retains creators Fusco's and Patchett's trademark humor: one-liners and pop culture references abound, branching out to Alf's first gay joke and some death-related humor. Alf's cat obsession is revived for the sake of a couple jokes. The main agenda of the film seems to be giving Alf a chance to interact openly with a greater number of people and injecting a defined antagonist into the picture - something the series didn't have (or particularly need). The surprise and novelty of seeing Alf barb with humans outside of the Tanner household is short-lived, as most folks (with the ironic exception of Ray Walston) seem to get over his being an alien pretty quickly. Sheen gives a fun, hammy performance but his character just isn't worth the movie; if Alf needed a nemesis, it definitely ought to be someone more interesting than this goof. Where the technical aspects are concerned, the film doesn't try anything new: having a bigger budget than a weekly TV show seems like it would've been a good opportunity for Alf to do something physically out of the ordinary, but the most you get is seeing him spun around in a chair. You'd think that director Dick Lowry would've tried for something bigger than that.

    When judged on its own terms, PROJECT ALF doesn't really do anything wrong but it doesn't get too many things right, either. I consider it a way-too-late attempt to salvage a poorly-executed finale. Paul Fusco probably did all he could, but being away from his core franchise for so long likely took its toll on his creativity. I'm not sure whether to recommend this for die-hard fans, so watch at your own risk.
  • Every generation has beared witness to a landmark film which has changed the course of movie making forever, for mine it was Project Alf. For what may appear to be a simple, perhaps lackluster film, only made to profit further from the television programme. To a real film critic turns out to be an advenure through the emotions, which will result in days of digestion, as only then will one truly understand and appreciate the artistry involved. Alfs acting is impecable, making the question of what ever happened to him and his career in hollywood a daunting one in the mind of the viewer. I last heard that he was doing missionary work in the Amazon - however that is only hearsay. So to the person who has taken the time to read my column on Project Alf (most probably Kev), I hope that you have benefited and take time to see the film, over and over again. A must See !!!!!
  • Six years after the series "ALF" was canceled after the fourth season, leaving us with a cliffhanger, the authors decided to pack the story set for the fifth season into a TV movie. On the one hand, I am pleased that the story is rounded up, on the other, they did not particularly bother to do it right. The complete original cast disappeared without a trace, and Alf, although standardly good, can not outweigh all the other aspects of the movie that are quite lame. While nostalgia is struggling with disappointment, I will rate it

  • Rinho188 February 2001
    Alf is a good comedy, but it is definitely WAY behind the series, maybe because of the lack of the original characters. They were WAY funnier and the series in general, too. The only funny character of this TV-movie is Alf and the only good part is the first 20 minutes.

    I am a kinda fan of the series, but this one cannot stand up to it at any part of it.

    All in all, I rated this movie 6/10. I recommend it to fans of the series.
  • It is such a shame that person who wrote the lines for ALF didnt write in the same vain for the rest of the cast. The bits that ALF is in are good and are worth watching , especially when he is having the tests. The rest is not worth watching.Kids of the younger age would like this and thats about the best i can say about this film. What on earth was Martin Sheen thinking about when he took on this role? from Apocolypse Now to Project Alf!!!! 6 out of 10
  • alex-34127 December 2000
    Alf is fantastic!He is funny,unique,adorable,cute and a lot more...I love him cause he can make me laugh even at the worst time maybe cause he is an alien from another planet.The movie is great too and the actors and the plot,i do not know how you cannot adore Alf...I hope another movie comes along.....SEE IT!!!!!!!
  • Years after the TV series Alf is being held in a military base undergoing a series of tests. The fate of Alf comes up before committee with Milfoil (Martin Sheen), Mulican (O'Leary) and Hill (Daggett) debating his future. Milfoil wants Alf incinerated Hill and Mulican want him to have human rights. Mulican decides to take matters into his own hands forcing the others to smuggle him out of the base and go on the run.

    The film is not a work of art and is basically a silly excuse for laughs. And it is funny - a lot more than you'd think. The whole film plays with it's tongue in it's cheek - it knows not to take itself seriously. Alf may not be everyone's cup of tea but he is generally funny with his wise cracking - although several moments aren't funny and he can get quite annoying at times. The humans all play their parts well - Martin Sheen hams it up well and gets some good laughs while O'Leary and Daggett play their roles as Alf's straightmen well - and it's always good to see Miguel Ferrer (playing Dexter Moyers) as a bad guy in another small film! Special mention for Rocket the sarcastic robot who wins many of the laughs towards the end.

    The plot may not be up to much but at least it tries - it has some twists that are obvious from the start, but that's not really what this is about. Everything about this is a setup for Alf to make jokes and wise cracks, and in that respect it does pretty well. Good support from Sheen, O'Leary and Daggett help along the way - Sheen in particular getting good laughs.

    Word of warning - if you're not in the mood for Alf then don't watch this, wait until you want to laugh at silly jokes and then you'll like this.
  • Project: Alf. The most surprising thing about this movie is that it was made in 1996, when I believe (according to U.S. census data) a total of 5 people remembered the TV show. Well, what can you say. That wisecracking alien from Melmac is back for more in this laugh-out-loud comedy starring some actors, with notable appearances by Ed Begley, Jr. (a made-for-tv kind of guy) and Martin Sheen as the evil anti-Alf character. I also did notice the guy who plays the underhand scientist Moyers is the same guy who gives the kid the blank check in the classic "Blank Check." The plot goes like this: Bad military guys want to kill Alf for some reason, and good military guys help him escape. Along the way is the expected hilarity involving Alf interracting with humans. There is also some kind of weird romantic sub-plot involving the two good military people, a man and woman (good news for you homophobes out there). This romance ends with the guy asking his girlfriend (a superior officer) "Permission to discuss that over dinner....?" Writing just don't get no cleverer than that. Overall, a good movie. If anything, watch it for the classic line where the good military guy, responding to the accusation that Alf had caused over 300 fires in the Tanner house, says "I object! The actual number was 264, and most of those were barbecue-related."
  • hedin_882 March 2008
    This movie, even if it doesn't have a lot of things happening IS funny. And its Alf that makes it funny. The whole movie should be listed in the 'quotes' section. The acting is not that bad but you can see from the start on what the movie is concentrated. The directing is not much of a problem and its easy to keep track of the story. Also, i just now figured out (as i watched the movie) how funnier Alf looks when he's shown completely and not just above the waist. Kinda does more to his character if you ask me. If yo liked the show you will love this movie because the jokes are mostly the same type (Alfs one-liners and sarcasm). If you have the chance to see this movie- do it, if you have the chance to buy it - do it. For me, it belongs among the ones listed as 'all time favorites' or 'classics'.
  • What's cool about this movie is we get to see what happens to Alf after he was capture by the Alien Task Force.

    He's been imprisoned by the Military for over 5 years. He's gone through a lot of Doctors and tests. Besides those he's living it easy with the best jail cell that even he would live in.

    But when the plans for him to be eliminated have been ordered that's when 2 young military cadets made a plan to save his life.

    It's different from the TV series, and the Tanners are absent in this one. but you'll learn what had happened to them when you watch it. Which is one of the reasons why most fans hate it. But at least Alf is in it which counts and still worth seeing.

    There's still plenty of laughs, Alf is still a smart mouth Melmacian, and still has an appetite for cats. It even ends in a good yet funny ending for our furry idol.

    I rank this movie 8/10.
  • phubbs16 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    So back in the late 80's there was this TV series that starred what was essentially a Muppet. But this was not just any Muppet oh no. Firstly it had nothing to do with Jim Henson and was not a Muppet, and secondly this fuzzy character was completely politically incorrect. The absolute horror!!

    So ALF (Alien Life Form) was an alien from the planet Melmac that crash-landed on Earth in typical alien fashion. Not only did he crash-land on Earth, he crash-landed right in the garage of a nice middle-class suburban American family called the Tanner's. Upon discovering that ALF (real alien name Gordon Shumway but affectionately known as ALF) was harmless and friendly the Tanner's hid him, essentially making him a part of their family. And from there we got a 4 seasons of wacky alien hijinks as the Tanner's try to keep ALF hidden from the government and ALF merely tries to fill his eight stomachs and make some money on the side.

    This movie followed on from where the TV series left off (an unresolved cliffhanger) and sees the military getting a hold of ALF and taking him away for experimentation under the orders of Colonel Milfoil (Martin Sheen). Basically Milfoil wants to exterminate ALF because he sees the alien as a threat. On the other hand two other military scientists don't want to see ALF executed because its against his alien rights, it would be cruel, and humans could learn from him. So the duo decide to help ALF escape and go on the run. Eventually they seek help from an ex-NASA scientist (Miguel Ferrer) who seemingly wants to help ALF but also turns out to have his own dastardly plans. So its all very corny cliched and stereotypical stuff.

    So let me just get this out of the way first. ALF was one of those US shows of pure genius the likes of which we'll probably never see again. The show was for the family but probably swung that little more towards the older age range because of its dry witty humour. The kids loved ALF of course but his cruel, sarcastic, mocking, cutting quips were anything but childish and would probably be deemed offensive today. I guess you could kinda say 'Married with Children' was a similar type of show in the sense that everyone could enjoy it, but it was clearly aimed at the older age range overall (and it was also highly offensive by today's standards).

    Of course the puppet of ALF was the standout feature of the show which was surprising if you think about it. Here was essentially a rather daft looking puppet that was fat, had a long snout, big dark eyes, big pointed ears, covered in thick brown hair, and had a kind of curtains style mop on his bonce. Just like any Muppet he was limited in facial movement and could only move his head arms and hands as his bottom half was never shown (he was always behind something). But it was never really about his look, it was all about his attitude, his biting satire, and his goofy voice all provided by creator Paul Fusco.

    This movie starts off on top form showcasing ALF at his witty best whilst being experimented on. This initial sequence which shows ALF being questioned by various scientists is easily the highlight of the movie and gives you what you crave, ALF at his most cynical (and food obsessed). Dr. Warner the first scientist to question ALF (Ed Begley Jr.) gets accidentally electrocuted to death whilst trying to remove a warning sign off an electrical piece of equipment. From there on ALF constantly refers to this incident sarcastically (mainly out of fear and pure bewilderment) because the following scientists try to cover it up as a nothing burger (secret military facility you see).

    Word Association Test: Scientist: Left - ALF: Overs Scientist: Sunrise - ALF: Breakfast Scientist: Square - ALF: Meal

    Scientist: Are you hungry?

    The scientist continues... Scientist: On - ALF: Off Scientist: Up - ALF: Down Scientist: Toast - ALF: Dr. Warner

    Alas the movie does tend to deteriorate pretty quickly once ALF is broken out of the military facility. One reason for this I believe is the fact that when ALF is outside or on the move its hard to do things with him because he is a puppet. You always need something for him to stand behind, lean against, sit on etc...I think this limited the movie as once ALF is out it becomes a chase flick. Now whilst you could say that the Muppets prove this can be done effectively, you still have to accept that many scenes in Henson movies work when the Muppets are indoors on a set of some kind. Plus the Henson movies probably had a much better budget than this movie.

    As with the Muppets the people behind this movie do know their way around puppeteering and I assume worked on the TV show previously. ALF is shot well and still looks as good as you would expect. I can't recall the TV show too well these days but I'm sure ALF probably looks better than he did on the show given the circumstances. There aren't too many special effects aside from ALF of course. Like the Muppets there is the odd shot of a short person in a full body suit for the odd long shot or brief walking shot of the alien. And much like the Muppets it does work...unless you go back and rewatch it over slowly.

    In general the humour becomes more mundane and predictable as the movie progresses. The usual situations where humans are at first shocked by ALF, then realise he's harmless and slowly accept him...whilst still in shock. Yeah its kinda amusing but gets old fast. The setup ALF has on the military base is also VERY Bilko-esque to the point of being a direct copy frankly. Almost every scene where ALF is not present is unfortunately really dull and you just wanna get back to ALF as quickly as possible. That's where the Muppets win because there are many Muppets and their stories surround them, humans are the extras. Here the story also involves humans and you are unable to escape focusing on them. ALF is not the only main character and that's the problem.

    Still there are of course some highlights dotted around the latter half of the movie, all involving ALF of course. The little jab about the possibility of seeing ALF dolls on sale everywhere was very cute and meta (back in the day, at one point, ALF dolls were everywhere). ALF talking dirty to a blonde female was most amusing. 'do you mind vacuuming my lap? Nina needs a clean place to sit' ha!..ha! (ALF laugh).

    The main problem with this movie was the fact it just felt cheap and not well thought out. For starters its a made-for-TV movie (not good) and damn well looks it (also not good). Yes it follows on from a TV series but it doesn't look THAT much better which is not right. Yeah you could say it doesn't need to be flashy but blimey it could of looked better than this. There is nothing really exciting here, nothing to look at. Every scene is boring, set in boring locations, it doesn't appear that any imagination was used anywhere. As said the plot is really pretty wafer thin and makes no real sense. Martin Sheen's character wants to kill ALF simply because his mother was supposedly abducted by aliens and went mad over it? K I can understand him being upset but killing mankind's first contact with friendly intelligent alien life is not the best way forward.

    Then you have Miguel Ferrer's character who wants to sell ALF to the highest bidder which is a selfish thing to do but not entirely problematic really. He also said that exposing ALF to the world would make him safer because everyone would know of him and would obviously want to learn from him. Again this actually makes sense. Whilst ALF is a military secret anything could happen to him. Once he's plastered across the world then it would be very difficult for someone to get to him. He would probably instantly become a protected species so to speak. So this plot angle doesn't really work, plus Miguel Ferrer looks really bored here.

    So yeah, its fun when ALF is on screen, but not so much when the humans are on screen. Too many humans and not enough ALF was always gonna be a problem (an issue the TV show didn't really have). Maybe they shouldn't have jettisoned the Tanner family? You could of had them try to rescue ALF I guess; still not exactly groundbreaking on the originality front is it. But to write out the main characters of the TV show after 4 seasons on TV? Probably not a good move. Anyhow, this isn't a great movie by any stretch but its not awful. If you like ALF then you'll probably enjoy the ALF nuggets here. But overall this feels so much like a wasted opportunity that is compounded by the fact it probably came too late in the day.


    'I thought I'd open with a joke or two. What's the difference between a shower curtain and toilet paper?

    'I don't know'

    So YOU'RE the one! Ha!'
  • I am one of the biggest fan of this series -even though it got canceled before I could even spell ALF. Together with 3rd Rock From The Sun and Catherine (Canadian Sitcom) this is one of the great series of all times. Thanks to the releases of the DVDs I was able to watch the entire series again -this time in its original language... I am a Spanish native-speaker by the way- and was kinda of disappointed to find that the series ended in such a low note with ALF getting captured and all. Then I learned that they had made an ALF movie 6 years after the show went off the air. I immediately got to the task of downloading the movie -which was not easy- and today I finally watched it.

    The movie is great. It would have been perfect if The Tanners -or at least Willie- have been on it, but despite the absence of the original cast -though the voice of ALF is the same- the movie is great. It will make you laugh. I have read the reviews and other comments that people on this website have made about the film and I am not surprised to hear some people b***ing and moaning about the film and saying how great the show was and how bad the movie is... blah blah blah. DO NOT listen to those people. DO NOT expect to come across a 1 1/2 hour episode-like film either because you will be disappointed then.

    Other than that you can just lay down on your couch, get some popcorn and some refreshing drink, enjoy the movie and find out what ever happened to that funny, adorable-and-at-the-same-time-annoying alien from the planet Melmac who sadly got captured by the US government back in 1990. Best wishes to everyone. Cheers.
  • This movie BEST!!! The adorable alien called ''Alf'' which may I add has a huge appetite, adds laughter throughout the whole movie. While scientists study his abilities, one sneaky man is trying to dose him with a medicine that can kill him! Only two officers have the guts to rescue him or his doomed! From there on the movie gets more interesting and more hilarious then ever.
  • liamb20 January 1999
    Funniest movie in the world!! Matron..the pills.....! My house is covered in foil....aghh they're after are all after me...

  • Alf made a huge success as series aired here in mid-eighties, on prime time on TV, apart this significative issue, this picture never see the light as official release, I've my own on DVD-R from internet's dealer, an amazing production where they got to rid off the Tanner's family to offer something fresh, so Alf was taken by US's Army top secret complex, to study process, but they don't counted with your skills to abduction of all soldiers on this place, he makes everything, air conditioning on his private room, poker game, wheel of fortune and has an selling VHS in advance time, all sorts of things as CD's, socks among others things, he has his tight schedule to each daytime, including a time lunch that starts at 12.00 until 15.00, including pizza delivery at night, anyway he control all process, until a Colonel Milfoil played by Martin Sheen who suggest eliminate the dangerous Alien, two Officers saves Alf kidnaping him to another safe hideout, the gags are great as shown on the series, his jokes are smart and acids, his behavior is friendly than annoying, I really love this amusing character created by Paul Fusco, this movie is extremely underrated !!!


    First watch: 2013 / How many: 3 / Source: DVD-R / Rating: 7.5
  • I loved this movie, but my friend Tim thought it was unestablished.I thought it was mediocre but well deserving of a replay on ABC in 1996 in July.ALF promoted his movie on ABC's TGIF the night before.I could go on forever, but I won't.