Originally, ALF Season 5 was to be the final season. It would be about ALF living in Military Base. In the end, ALF is final is rescued by other survivors of his home planet. When ALF was canceled, ALF Season 5 became Project: ALF.

Paul Fusco (ALF) and Beverly Archer (Dr. Carnage) are the only actors to appear in both this film and ALF (1986).

This is a sequel to the final ALF (1986) episode ALF: Consider Me Gone (1990).

The tapes of the tests on ALF were recorded on November 21, 1993, April 16, 1994, April 19, 1994, April 28, 1994, July 7, 1994, June 16, 1995, December 25, 1995 and December 31, 1995.

In the DVD edition edited in Spain in 2017, it was warned that the first scene in the military base did not include the Spanish Castilian dub and therefore was only shown in its original version with subtitles, since they had been unable to locate the entire dub. Despite the film, which premiered on television in 1996 in Spain, it was released in a complete cut and with dubbing. However, that distributor was widely criticized by consumers when some discovered that some films used dubbing from synchronized copies from the internet. Casually, for several years, a copy of this film had been circulating on the internet with the (same) first scene in Latin Spanish dubbing and the rest of the film in Castilian Spanish dubbing. Both versions, the Internet copy and the DVD, recovered the Castilian Spanish dubbing at the exact same scene. Many users say it can't be a coincidence.