Plot Summary (1)

  • This is a new screen adaptation of the famous satirical play «The Inspector General» («Revizor») by Nikolay Gogol, and it was Alexander Pushkin who gave the idea of the plot. The events take place in one of the small provincial Russian towns in the middle of the 19th century. Ivan Khlestakov, a young rake from Petersburg, passing through puts up at the local inn. He had lost all his money at gambling and has nothing to pay for accommodation and meals or for the road to his destination. But nevertheless he demands that all the services should be rendered. Rumours of the metropolitan insolent fellow reach the governor of the town who has already received the news of the official coming from Petersburg the day before. It is said that he will arrive in the town incognito with a thorough inspection. Being absolutely sure that Khlestakov is exactly the inspector whom they are waiting for, the governor invites the young man to his house and gives a luxurious reception in his honour together with all the local authorities. At first Khlestakov is a little bit embarrassed but very soon he feels rather comfortable in the place of a high-ranking bureaucrat, the more so it is very easy to twist the provincials round one's little finger. During less than two days of his benefit performance the main character is absolutely successful in eating, drinking his fill in the company of the local elite, taking bribes and presents and, besides, desperately flirting with both the governor's wife and daughter.
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