Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Hey, hey, hey, Jimmy!

Jim Rockford: Yeah, well, here he is. What are you doing here?

[after trying to avoid being seen by Angel]

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Buying some flowers, light bulbs, Johnny Mop, drag. You ain't working.

Jim Rockford: Ah, I figured I outta see Beth Van Zandt's movie The Breif; they adapted it from her novel.

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: Oh, any good?

Jim Rockford: Well, The Breif, The Firm, when are one of these ex lawyers going to write a book called The Fee?

Old Homeless Woman: Spare change?

[a homeless woman asks Angel]

Evelyn 'Angel' Martin: No thanks, I'm fine.

[blowing her off]

Jim Rockford: Scotty, is there anything I can do for you?

Scotty Becker: Yeah, quit looking down on me for starters; not everybody can march to your Republican drum.

Jim Rockford: I don't vote any ticket. And I never lectured you in that way.

Jim Rockford: You have to promise me you'll use this to clean up and get a job.

[counting out some big money in front of Scotty]

Scotty Becker: So there's strings attached to this Mother Teresa moolah, huh?

Jim Rockford: As it applies to you, if Mother Teresa met a nut like you, she'd go out and buy herself a BMW.

Scotty Becker: You people love to demonize us homeless.

Jim Rockford: You people? Say, I'm your Godfather. And as far as being homeless, yeah, I have a little problem with that term in your case; maybe it's because I remember the eighteenth what trailer your dad co-signed for. What was that? The Travelin' Jack Kerouac museum? Of course that was long before the kayaks.

Scotty Becker: Come on, Jim, that wasn't my fault, that could have been huge. I just couldn't get the rights to the Jim Kerouac estate.

Jim Rockford: Yeah, well, some Republicans might have nailed that down before they bought the trailer. Oh, yeah, and then there was the tragedy with the trailer hitch; a design flaw, wasn't it?

Jim Rockford: You want my advice, as his godfather - damn, I'm getting tired of hearing that?

Lt. Dennis Becker: Yes, I want your advice.

Jim Rockford: It's not so much that you wreen't there, it's the way you over-compensated because you weren't.

Lt. Dennis Becker: What? We spoiled him? We held him to a very tough standard.

Jim Rockford: Oh, please, Dennis, he got D's all through college, and what did you do? You bought him a more powerful computer.

Lt. Dennis Becker: But you need memory to compete in the academic race at all!

Jim Rockford: But is he? Is he in the 'academic race' at all?

Lt. Dennis Becker: Well, he's not officially taking classes.

Jim Rockford: Oh, Officially! I forgot; you can earn college credits sleeping in the city flower beds and urinating in a parking structure.

Lt. Dennis Becker: All right! All right! He flunked out!

Jim Rockford: You shouldn't have been contributing one thin dime all those years to his shenanigans all those years he was goofing along with C's and D's.

Lt. Dennis Becker: That's what Peg said.

[suddenly struck by reality]

Scotty Becker: Dad, Jim, you're hardwired to this dualism thing. Mom, you too. Good, bad, pain, pleasure, it's all one; are not this prison and Temple equally conducive to sitting and meditating?

[after getting out of jail, still dressed like a Buddhist monk]

Jim Rockford: You might find sitting a bit mroe painful in prison...