Quotes (9)

Colonel Madden: [to Solo who is holding the Colonel horizontally above his head] How's it gonna feel if you kill me?

Solo: Good question, let's find out.

[then drops the Colonel on his knee, breaking his spine with a crunch]

Colonel Madden: [to the rebel leader] First rule when dealing with the devil: don't.

[shoots him]

Colonel Madden: [speaking of the hut Solo's in] Blow it.

Rebel Leader: I've got men in there!

Colonel Madden: Not anymore.


Dr. Bill Stewart, Solo's Designer: I should've stayed in college.

Improved Solo: You fought well for a flawed unit.

Improved Solo: [to Solo thinking he *was* dying] You ceased to function!

Solo: No, I bluffed!

General Clyde Haynes: [talking about the two Solo Droids] Two Billion Dollars down the crapper!

Improved Solo: [whilst strangling Miguel the Kid with right hand] Little Humans!

Colonel Madden: [to Dr. Stewart] 'Welcome to the jungle,' said the spider to the fly.