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  • Solo is an action movie about a Terminator-like android that is constructed and trained for the military. When a flaw is discovered, he is issued to be deprogrammed. Rather than face death, he chooses to flee into the jungles of Central America, where he takes refuge in a village. The military chases him into there, leading into a big action feast.

    Mario Van Peebles does a decent performance the android. His movements and gestures look mechanical enough to get the job done. Actual scientific realism is abandoned in order to make a good action hero. And it works out; the action scenes aren't that spectacular, but they aren't all too bad either. The acting from the other characters is pretty bad, but I was not expecting anything too good. The special effects were decent as well.

    Solo is decent as an action flick, but very forgettable. It lacks the substance that most movies possess. But if you just want to pass a couple hours without much thinking, this will get the job done.
  • Cross1824 April 1999
    Solo is a pretty good movie. Mario Van Peeble is good as Solo, the andriod soldier that learns to think for himself. When he escapes from his superiors and takes refuge in a small mexican village, he agrees to help the villagers defend themselves against a rebel and his army. The action scenes are good, and the fight at the end between Solo and the bad android is awesome.
  • I just watched "Solo", and I don't think it's as bad as some reviewers have suggested. I'm not an action movie aficionado, but I found the movie an enjoyable, maybe mindless, hour-and-a-half. Mario van Peebles did his best to present himself as a cyborg with human tendencies. Barry Corbin is always enjoyable when in his Maurice Minnifield persona. Adrien Brody is wonderfully emotive as the scientist who cares about his creation. My only question, after watching the movie, is how Solo continues to survive without anyone to repair his power management chip.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Solo is meant for fun. A war machine that doesn't want to fight. I loved the idea of a military AI deciding that life is precious, and there are things worth defending. Many other movies deal with AI running amok and killing, like Terminator and other sci-fi movies.

    If the concept of a autonomous android AI developing human-like consciousness doesn't bother you because of the 'reality,' then neither will the blatant boo-boos in this flick. There are some point worth considering, just to see them.. The final fight in the temple illustrates just how damaging war is - priceless history lost due to a struggle that won't amount to much in history. If you want a fun shoot-em-up with some comedy mixed in, this is for you. Watch for the scene with the naked-lady playing cards.
  • When I stumbled on SOLO on cable TV and realized Adrien Brody, one of my favorite actors, was third-billed in this Mario Van Peebles action flick, I decided to record it and check it out later for the heck of it. Turns out that was a good idea, since I got the most enjoyment out of this derivative SF/action/adventure when I simply gave up and fast-forwarded to Brody's scenes as Solo's endearingly scruffy creator Dr. Bill Stewart (sounds like the kind of bland name they'd give the hero in a 1950s creature feature -- told you SOLO was derivative! :-). Brody's one of the few performers in the film who actually says his lines with heart and conviction. When he was emoting opposite Van Peebles & Co., I wonder if Brody ever thought one day he'd be winning an Oscar for his starring turn in a Roman Polanski drama? :-) Adrien Brody fans, get the VCR ready; genre fans, try renting THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, FRANKENSTEIN, THE TERMINATOR, or any of the other movies that SOLO rips off! :-)
  • Jonathan Horner6 April 2001
    I didn't think much of Solo when I first watched it. But a couple of months later I watched it again and wow! did I miss something here! I loved it second time round.

    This is Mario Van Peebles best performance in my opinion. He was ok in Highlander 3 and average in Gunmen, but this is his best performance.

    A lot of people think this movie sucks. I can tell you that it doesn't suck, it's packed with action, cool stunts and awesome fight scenes.

    Oh yeah and the evil cyborgs gun at the end of the movie looks so much like the ones from Fortress.

  • Here's a movie that knows its place and doesn't kid itself in trying to think it's anything intelligent or well-written. "Solo" simply wants to be a fun action movie, and it succeeds. Looking a lot like 2005's "Stealth," only with lesser special effects, "Solo" (made almost a decade before "Stealth") is a one-man army movie to the extreme. It stars Mario Van Peebles (remember him?) as Solo, an android built by the army that goes renegade and helps a group of farmers save their village. But the army wants their billion dollar project back, and will stop at nothing to get it! I enjoyed "Solo" on the grounds that you don't have to think very hard, and yet it still entertains. Mario Van Peebles does a fine job as the android, and I also noticed Adrien Brody as his programmer. "Solo" was bashed mainly because it was years behind its time. Had it been released the same year as "Rambo," it may have found a wider audience. But if you like action and don't want things like plot or character development to get in the way, see "Solo." It's a good action movie, and a fun 90 minutes.
  • Even the most precursory glance at his extensive film work, clearly shows that Mario Van Peebles has sadly never really made it as big in Hollywood as he deserves. Up until now for instance, his most well known roles have been the (enjoyably OTT) sorcerer Kane in Highlander 3 and as effective fish chow in the utterly risible Jaws: The Revenge.

    The majority of his work tends to have been low key, direct to video fodder which is a real shame, as in my opinion, Peebles is a decent actor with a lot of unfulfilled potential. For instance, I know not whether he ever auditioned for the part, but I would be willing to bet that Peebles would have made a much better Blade than Wesley 'Pay my taxes?!!!' Snipes.

    Unfortunately, it has to be said that the film reviewed here is hardly likely to help Peebles career any either. In fact, I am slightly puzzled as to why he would have ever taken such a role in the first place (the money was good perhaps?) Peebles plays the eponymous hero of the title – a state of the art, cybernetic weapon who it turns out is struggling with the contradictory nature of the callus orders given unto him by his superiors. On one such mission Solo deliberately sabotages the objective in order to spare some innocent civilians, much to the anger of his commanders who subsequently order him to be decommissioned. However, getting wind of this, Solo decides that self preservation is of the highest order and goes on the run, hotly pursued by a relentless, sadistic colonel (the ever superb William Sadler) who has a particular grudge against what Solo represents.

    Ending up in a small South American village, Solo is gradually befriended by the locals and begins to learn the nature of humanity. In addition, he serves as their protector from a ruthless gang of bandits. Of course, things don't stay happy for long and the army eventually locate him whereupon much explosive action ensues. Finally, Solo discovers that he is in fact not the only one of his kind when another android is sent to destroy him. Needless to say, there can be only one winner…..

    Once again, I do wonder why Peebles chose to play such a role; As a guide, if you've ever watched (the gorgeous!) Jerry Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager as Seven Of Nine, then you'll be able to clearly picture exactly how Peebles plays his part. Certainly, the role hardly pushes him as an actor in any way. On the other hand, Peebles did work himself into awesome physical shape for the role and apparently undertook some arduous military/combative style training regimes in order to capture the action authentically (although it has to be said that said scenes have not been exactly well handled by the director here).

    Whilst Peebles may not get to display at least his acting muscles, as mentioned before, Sadler is excellent as the psychopathic Colonal and it's also great to see an early role here from none other than Adrian Brody of The Pianist fame.

    At the end of the day, if approached in the right frame of mind, this proves to be a fairly enjoyable, if low key flick, albeit one that seems to take itself perhaps a little too seriously for my liking.

    Nonetheless, for less discriminating action junkies and fans of the whole android sub genre, this is a harmless enough way to spend an hour and a half.
  • This was an interesting little B film. Mario van Peebles is a cyborg with a capacity to learn and have independent thoughts. The film is rather predictable, but on a weekend afternoon when there's nothing to do, it's nice to watch. This is the kind of thing you can find a lot of problems with if you analyze it, but if you do, you're really being too serious about it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An independent action sci-fi (The danger alert!) + Mario Van Peebles (Not my star or even close!) + A story about human android (Terminator-Schwarzenegger-I'll Be Back kind of nonsense.. NAAAY!) = The early healthy sleep is surely much better! Though, as funny as it may seem, I liked it very much as a fine action movie, or as a good story with a lot of important potentials.

    (Solo) is the electronic super soldier who got human, and became more sensitive than all the senseless war machines around him, who ironically are the original humans. It's Frankenstein again, but in Rambo shape and Robocop suit, with the conflict of the little village and its protector "one" samurai against his crazy makers. I just want to assure how catchy the elements of the story were, which made me confused about how the big Hollywood majors missed that one!

    I couldn't believe the presence of so many thorough points, since my experience with familiar low budget movies was horrible. For instance: The script. Actually they could have recreated Frankenstein who took revenge cruelly on its makers, but on the contrary we watched the (human / beast) conflict, and how (Solo) personified - by his muddle newborn humanity - the noble martyr of this inferno, or that greedy degenerate human world. Also how it was wonderful to begin hotly enough with the point of attack when (Solo), the robot, used his own merciful tactic, then we watch his past briefly and smartly later. Moreover, the nice touches to affirm his importunate desire to be human like; the childish wicked tricks, the joy of the smile, the meaning of sacrifice.. etc.

    However, that script saved its best to the end. Because its idea of another electronic, more lethal soldier was unpredictable, along with expressive; as we watch the ultimate confrontation where the heartless American military commander turned perfectly into that mighty monstrosity against the android where the android looked more high and powerful, because of what he already learned from the pure human souls. And although the android triumphed eventually, but the sole (Solo) must die at the end; as the only one there who is deadly and kind in the same time, so he couldn't live by the deranged logic of this world, yet his death informed about how the human could win the beast humanly. That final truthful laugh was such a marvelous end which summarized the main victory of the lead character, and the basic tragic sense of the story. Maybe that end was what Hollywood hated, with a lot of sadness and no chance to make a sequel!

    The direction wasn't that vapid or that Kubrick either. It made fair action, despite the non-zillion budget. Then we come to the matter of (Mario Van Peebles); regardless of the ordinary charisma and the quiet career which both didn't serve him much; this actor confirms here how talented he is. His performance grasped the subtle features of (Solo)'s personality, even if it seemed so easy to act. This man, as a true actor, did an effort to show us (Solo), not as another metallic character done by metallic star; but as a robot that has some simple human sense, to make us watch carefully how (Solo) the machine feels the pain of not feeling, experience the confusion of the human games, and taste his unfortunate mineral laughter; which was his best scene. (Peebles) succeeded in playing (Solo) clemently; by putting slight doleful compassion, with strong pride, right in his eyes, voice, and moves.

    Maybe I didn't like that stereotypical, forever-evil, guy with its bad characterization, where he was so devilish with no convincing reason or whatsoever. But anyway, (Solo) is solid piece of work, that made such a new Frankenstein, mixed it cleverly with the one-man-army / superhero action, and while presenting the story of the monster; it didn't turn into one itself!
  • Solo is action packed and creates a riveting cinematic atmosphere. Mario Van Peebles delivers one of the finest performances I've ever seen. Mario Van Peebles stars as Solo, a robot made without a heart, but still retains a conscience. The bad guys got what they were getting when it came time to punish them. Solo is the strongest bionic person alive, ten times stronger than any man. He can even lift a 1000 year old tree trunk on his head. Solo is definitely worth spending money on to rent or buy.
  • Candell27 March 2014
    Solo II
    We need Solo II!!! Van Peebles is still in pretty good shape! The military can return to the island where Solo has spent many years cultivating a civilization and his knowledge of human behavior, leading him to the conclusion that his deadly nature is necessary to preserve humanity. When the troops arrive, they find that he has developed something else...

    With the hype and shooting and basically blowing things up, just as in the original, Solo can defeat his nemesis (the out-of-control, robotized Colonel) and return to the mainland. There, he can take on a new nemesis.

    So, stop playing around and produce it already. I will even provide my services for free. It will be another silver screen block buster!
  • When I saw this film, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculous plot, with bad acting, bad effects etc. it was probabaly worse than the butt ugly operation: Delta Force film series! I really smell a huge rip- off of good films with human/ robotic cyborgs eg. Terminator, Robocop, even the British TV show Red Dwarf. SOLO, aka Mario Van Peebles attempts to create an atmosphere that is spoilt by a commando team searching for SOLO and the scene where he throws the knife with the wire on it is pathetic, especially where he shimmies down the wire on his bare hands without any scratches, comedy, and definitely a bargain bin classic!
  • OJT16 August 1999
    This film is a load of crap. It's quite disturbing to see that anyone is able to say that this is one of the best films of the year. It doesn't even come close. If this isn't the worst film of the year, then I hope I will never see the one that really is!

    What can I say? Bad acting, bad action scenes which becomes really comical in the end. Pardon me if this was a comedy, then I didn't understand it.

    If it was, I regret laughing of the tent scenes! If you'd like a good laugh of some unbelievable hopeless scene, then watch this. But be aware, that the rest of the film will be quite depressive to watch.

    Do yourself a favor - go to bed instead of watching this! Good night!
  • Even the fact that I saw this movie at a free sneak review doesn't make up for the hour plus that I lost watching this horrible dreck of a movie. Mario van Peebles had a movie to remember in New Jack city, and he has a movie to forget in Solo. Where do I start? The plot is horrendous, the action is silly, the acting is campy, and the whole movie adds up to such a bad experience that it isn't even worth renting, much less buying or watching it on cable. Any cable station that shows this movie ought to give the viewers discounts on their cable bill. Definitely a contender for worst movie ever made. Definitely the worst movie of anyone who acted, wrote, produced, directed, or did FX for it.
  • xredgarnetx29 August 2006
    When you see Barry Corbin in the cast of a movie, you can never be sure if it will be a classic or trash. Guess which category SOLO falls into. Apparently derived from a popular sci-fi novel, WEAPON, SOLO stars Mario Van Peebles as a human-looking robot who decides to think for himself and is thus targeted for elimination. He hides out in a Mexican village, obviously to save money on locations and extras. Paying in pesos is cheaper than paying in dollars, I suspect. William Sadler is along for the ride, as one of the robots and soldiers sent to destroy Van Peebles. Van Peebles manages to beat them all with ease, of course, while Corbin watches all this with bemusement from afar. The movie is a horrible ripoff of the THE TERMINATOR and CYBORG series, and apparently has little to do with its source material. It is horribly written and acted, and the big fight at the end if downright comical. Van Peebles, a decent actor elsewhere, is a scream as he pretends to be a robot covered in synthetic flesh. He looks like he is doing the Robot Dance most of the time.
  • Why, you ask it is one of the best movies of 1996? Why not, it is action packed with Mario Van Peebles playing the awesome role as Solo, the perfect soldier. The various characters play different essential parts in this movie that make it one of the best movies of the year, despite what others say!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off- a quote from the film:

    Solo: My brain isn't in my head. It's in here Girl: If your brain is in your chest, where is your heart? Solo: I don't have one.

    I'm beginning to become like a dowsing rod for a bad film. Either that or I'm just watching films that come on Channel 5 more often. I kept seeing ads for Solo and just got that feeling that it would be worth watching, as 1) Mario Van Peebles is crap and 2) It was on Channel 5. Van Peebles is a cyborg built by the military to waste folk. Trouble is he's got a design fault that makes him NOT kill people. Doh. So they decide to get rid of him but he picks up the message to suspend the project (how I'm not sure - he just sort of looks up at a wall), so he jumps ship and heads for a South American village, which is naturally being bullied by rebels or drug dealers or something. I'm not to sure what they are, but be assured the village is full of stereotypes for Solo to interact with. The military sends out Sadler to kick Solo's ass, but Sadler is nuts and seems to shoot people just for the sake of it. Meanwhile Solo is teaching the locals how to fight, as being a computer type allows him to translate Spanish, but then the film forgets and everyone just talks English or something. This film is a mish-mash of Robocop, Universal Soldier and Terminator. It's also very very stupid and unintentionally funny. I loved the love interest, even though he's a robot. Or many of the inexplicable moments that are never explained, like how Solo just appears in a pool of water, how he jumps up onto a helicopter, or how connecting himself up to a generator charges him up. There's very little violence until the end, when everyone gets wasted. Sadler gets his back broke and then reappears as a cyborg! The word 'illogical' is overused by Solo in his attempts to be more human, and the scene where he's being taught what a joke his had me cringing. Are Van Damme films as bad as this? If they are, I might give them a go.
  • Generic action flick that copies elements from better examples of the genre (Terminator, Predator, even Seven Samurai) without coming close to equalling them.
  • To take a subject already covered by other films (e.g. Universal Soldier) you'd expect the director to give it a new twist, or in some way improve upon the story.

    Sadly they failed to do either with this film. The story was all too predictable - ruthless robo-soldier gets a conscience, and protects villagers, Magnificent Seven style against the real baddies (the US military). So the lead character might have had a good physique, but was utterly unconvincing as either an army-bred automaton, or a caring nanny for some Mexican sounding peasants. As for the performances of the puffed-up general and the megalomaniac colonel, they were even more artificial than the so called cyborg they were trying to eliminate. I've seen better acting from a vending machine!

    At so many points in the film, you stare in disbelief at why on earth the characters would behave or react the way they do if they were trying to portray even a semi-plausible story. The film concludes with the inevitable 'my gun is bigger than your gun' scene, and then thankfully the credits roll. Dismal is too good a description - avoid this one at all costs!
  • Solo is strong, stronger than any human. He's synthetically made to fight special operations in Latin America. He's created to kill innocent inhabitants, but when this unstoppable juggernaut sees the evils of his creators, Solo resents his manufacturers' orders and abides by the codes of Morality. Now he wages a war against his own makers. A great story about one man's (cyborg's) struggle to benefit all that are oppressed. Mario van Peebles turns in a knockout performance as Solo!
  • Potzdorf7 January 1999
    Solo is a cyborg who was "born" with no emotions. He is ordered to kill Latin American villagers, but killing innocent people makes him feel bad and Solo sees that it's wrong. Solo then turns from predator to prey as he's chased by enemy cyborgs. The action scenes are great and special effects are super. Solo waits in the bushes, "gazing" and ambushing enemies. Sometimes Solo gets hurt and has to repair himself. Solo is a hero we can all cheer for! A great movie!! Mario van Peebles is superior as Solo!
  • I saw this free on TV and I still feel robbed. Mario Van Pebbles takes on a role that suits him - one that requires him to be wooden and slow. The story is so predictable and boring that 2 minutes in you now how it's going to go. The special effects are poor and the fight scenes have no real excitement.

    I suppose if you're drunk then it's enjoyable, but really it is a waste of time and will leave you wondering what else you could have watched instead.
  • Solo is a poor film - that cannot be ignored. The acting for the most part is very wooden (the only exception is Adrien Brody's performance as Solo's creator Bill) and the story is slight enough that you would probably forget it WHILST you where watching the film. That said, such films are more about the action than the plot/acting and, as such, live or die by the action set pieces - that after all is the point of such films - to give 14 year-olds something to smile at whilst the adults watch films of actual substance. And even on this Solo fails to deliver - what little action there is is poorly done, dull and uninspired. After seeing the trailer for this on television I was hoping for something along the lines of Predator with a robot replacing the Predaot. Instead I got a fairly lifeless action film with a poorly constructed attempt at depth by taking on message that robots can feel too. Watch Terminator II or Predator instead.. both classics that this film desperately wants to be except it lacks the inspiration or, to be fair, the budget.
  • i was forced to watch this garbage. I had control of the remote, yet my friends would bitch and moan if i changed this movie which makes Gigli look good. this is so bad and mario van peebles continues his marginal talent on and on.....So in closing, never see this movie...0/10
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