When filming at the Tubac Golf Resort in the Arizona desert, the script called for a water hazard. Since there were none on the course the filmmakers built one and named it "Tin Cup Lake".

Many of the golf shots by Kevin Costner's character were actual shots by Costner himself.

The grandparents and grandchild with a dog in the scene where Simms yells at them after asking for an autograph are played by Kevin Costner's parents, Sharon Costner and Bill Costner. The grandchild is played by his son, Joe Costner.

Cheech Marin disliked golf until he joined this film, later having become an avid player of the game.

Dennis Quaid stated he regrets he turned down the role played by Don Johnson.

Pierce Brosnan was considered for the role of David Simms.

Kevin Costner is shown at times drinking Shiner Bock Beer. This beer is brewed in Shiner, Texas. Shiner Bock has also been seen in other West Texas based films, like Fandango (1985), also in the hands of Kevin Costner.

Roy McAvoy's final overall score in the U.S. Open was a 1-under-par 287. His four-round scores were 83-62-64-78.

In the scene where Roy and his entourage meet at the Waffle House, an argument breaks out about whether the Waffle House near Salome is in Midland or Odessa. Doreen (Linda Hart) declares she is certain it is in Odessa because she is from there, settling the argument. In truth, there is no Waffle House in either Midland nor Odessa.

Don Johnson and Cheech Marin would go on and star together in the television series "Nash Bridges" later the same year this movie came out.

Kevin Costner and Don Johnson are good friends in real life. And also that Johnson was considered to play Eliot Ness in "The Untouchables" but turned it down and it went to his friend Kevin Costner.

Don Johnson went to school in Crane, Texas for a short time which is 32 miles west of Rankin, Texas where the theoretical town location is said to occur.

In some releases of the movie, Tin Cup is prohibited from entering the facilities at the U.S. Open. A uniformed gate guard refuses to let Tin Cup pass beyond the gate, at which time the two engage in a physical confrontation before he is finally allowed to enter. .

Roy's friend and sometime caddy, Earl, played by Dennis Burkley, wears several shirts from TCU throughout the movie. That is where Burkley went to college.

There is a brief scene during the final round of the tournament where Corey Pavin and Fred Couples (actual PGA tour pros) discuss who the unknown Tin Cup is and the amazement that would come if he were to win the tournament. Earlier in the Film it was said that Roy(Costner) and Simms(Johnson) attended the University of Houston and won several titles together. In real life, Fred Couples and CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz, who also appeared in this film, as himself, played golf at the University of Houston. Had there been even more attention to detail in the writing of the film perhaps Nantz or Couples could have mentioned knowing Roy from their college days.

The actual location of Salome, TX appears to be the town of Rankin, TX, which is located south of Midland, TX, and in between Fort Stockton, TX, and San Angelo, TX, based on the opening credits at the intersection of Texas 329 and North/South 67.

During the press interview following the third of the U.S. Open, Roy McAvoy (Costner), is asked why he went for the green on 18, a "low percentage shot". He replied "So am I. ", and goes into naming his sponsors. Among the list, he says "Woody's Steak House". If you look at the shirt he's wearing, it says "Wally's Steak House", and not "Woody's".

Rex Linn worked with Kevin Costner in "Wyatt Earp" (1994) and "The Postman" (1997). Kevin Costner worked with Ron Shelton in "Bull Durham" (1988).

John Leguizamo was considered for the part of Romeo.

Kevin Costner and Dennis Buckley appeared together in the hit movie "No Way Out" in 1987.

Janine Turner was considered for the role of Molly Griswold.

Reunites Kevin Costner and Linda Hart who appeared in A Perfect World(1993) together

The scene at the end of the movie where Roy hits the shot into the water hazard again and again was based on an actual event. Gary McCord, the commentator with the handlebar mustache in the movie, is an actual commentator and pro golfer. In a 1987 tournament he had a shot similar to Kevin Costner's. He needed a birdie to win and went for it. He hit the water over and over again and finally made the shot, but it cost him 15 strokes. In the movie Costner gets it in 12. The scene where Roy wins a bar bet by hitting a golf ball at a pelican also was based on a real life incident from McCord's career.

Roy (Costner) pars out the second nine holes of his US Open local qualifier after breaking all of his clubs except for his seven iron. His score for the round was 29-36, 65.