Frightening & Intense Scenes (5)

  • Moderate
  • All scenes involving twisters are intense due to character's proximity to twisters.
  • Opening scene where a father is trying to save his family is very intense as he shouts and screams trying to hold the door closed and it opens and he is sucked out into the twister, this scene may frighten young viewers.
  • A group of researchers are driving through a field and onto a road when another large group of cars are cut off by them, it is out of nowhere so it may startle you.
  • A few scenes from the movie "The Shining" are shown, which are intense and very scary clips.
  • Two men are driving in a truck closer to a tornado, the tornado sends a ladder through their windshield. It then picks up the truck and spins it around then drops it causing it to explode, killing them both.