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  • The best points of this sci-fi/mystery/thriller, I thought, were: 1 - very good suspense; 2 - a different-angle story; and 3 - an involving "whodunit" story; 4 - and a fast- moving for a two-hour film.

    Another big plus: John Dahl directed this, and in his prime. This movie came on the heels of Kill Me Again, Red Rock West and The Last Seduction.....all of them very entertaining films.

    This would be best for the first-time viewer, but I still have enjoyed it the three times I've seen it. I just wait about 4-5 years between viewings so as not to remember everything. One thing unusual: Linda Fiorentino actually plays a nice lady! Usually, she's brutal! Ray Liotta, Peter Coyote, Christopher McDonald and David Paymer all provide good male performances with Liotta playing the central character.

    Be warned that this story is a bit unbelievable. It's pretty far out, and it can get on the gory side, but it's different and will keep your attention.
  • I was really surprised at the quality of this thriller. Ray Liotta stars. Why didn't I ever hear about it? What a thrilling surprise. Try it if you like sci-fi new-formula medical stuff that requires intelligent imagination. Lots of twists and turns. Buy the premise and you'll love the movie.
  • There have been harsh words about this "unforgettable",probably exaggerated.This could be some kind of update of "spellbound"(1945) and it recalls sometimes" D.O.A. "with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan (1988) ,and even "Jennifer eight"(1992)with Andy Garcia (the latter for the murderer's identity).Except for Hitchcock's classic,of course , the movies I mention had disastrous reviews.And however,they have much more imaginative scripts than ,say,"die hard" (one,two or three,take your pick,they are interchangeable)

    Script for "unforgettable" is more polished than it has been given credit for.It's stunning when,in the end,the two stories come together,this time recalling "dead again" (K.Brannagh ,1991),another movie with an unfairly mediocre reputation;only 2 stars and a half on the Maltin!OK ,the plot for "unforgettable" is far-fetched,but it has an intern logic,and anyway,is it less credible than B.Willis singlehandedly taming a whole bunch of terrorists ?(Die Hard is rated 3 stars!)

    Ray Liotta is an actor whose parts are not always worthy of himself.He's convincing here:during the whole movie,his face remains sad,wistful,as if he were waging an almost lost war.He rarely smiles,except when he's with his daughters.Linda Fiorentino,once she's provided Liotta with her drug,is not very important for the action (definitely not Ingrid Bergman in "spellbound").And we will be very thankful to Dahl for sparing us the umpteenth love affair between the patient and his doctor.More,we have here a very original ending,marred by the syrupy eponymous song though.It might be a happy end,after all,and which justifies the title.

    All in all,it's an entertaining movie,mixing smartly sci-fi,thriller,and whodunit.It could become a sleeper.
  • I do not know why people tend to rate this film low. Of course, I am slightly prejudiced as i always thought that Ray Liotta may be a cousin until I found out he was adopted. That doesn't take away the quality of his acting, especially in this film.

    He really has to lay it on thick as he takes the mind of others through an experimental drug developed by Dr. Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino) in an effort to find out who killed his wife (Stellina Rusich).

    Fiorentino (Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) does a really good job as the research scientist who helps him through his ordeal.

    The film had other favorites: Kim Cattrall and Peter Coyote, who added to the mystery and suspense.

    I really like Liotta for his range and you could do a lot worse than spend two hours with him as he catches a killer.
  • John Dahl's Unforgettable plays around with a trippy high concept premise in which people's memories can be accessed by using an experimental, controversial drug. Ray Liotta plays the troubled Doctor whose wife has been recently murdered. He desperately reaches out to the scientist (Linda Fiorentino) who synthesized the compound, and the two set out to use it unofficially, in order to retain his wife's dying moments, see them for himself and establish who her killer is. The serum takes its toll on his already stressed mind though, and soon he's questioning his own reality, his trust levels towards those around him dropping considerably. Director Dahl is beyond proficient when it comes to thrillers, usually taking on crime pieces with a noirish vibe. Here he tries his hand at science fiction, coexisting with a classic whodunit narrative, and the result is quite good. Liotta relies on the information that his detective friend (Peter Coyote) gives him, and combines it with the knowledge he absorbs from his deceased wife's brain, beginning to piece the puzzle together. There's also a troublesome detective played by Christopher Mcdonald he must deal with, and a violent thug (Kim Coates) involved as well. Liotta is usually tough, capable and would normally be found playing one of the two cops, but the doctor on the run without a lot of tactical skill suits him and allows the guy some work other than just cops or psychos. Watch for work from David Paymer, Kim Cattrall, William B. Davis, Callum Keith Rennie and Garwin Sanford as well. The premise may be too far-fetched for some folks, but for others with imagination it'll be a blast. It's also fairly violent and graphic, which may seem gratuitous for such a cerebral outing, but I find it gives it a stylistic edge and raises the stakes, just like Total Recall. Great flick. Not Total Recall, I mean this one. Well Total Recall too, obviously. Yeesh.
  • Let me preface this review by saying this movie started off great with a great original idea. In fact the movie treaded on a good path besides a few stumbles here and there.

    The movie is about a doctor, Doctor Krane (Ray Liotta), whose wife was murdered. The case was never solved although he was tried for the crime but acquitted. Later he comes across another doctor, Dr. Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino), who has a highly experimental drug that can transfer one person's memories to another person.

    Well, Dr. Krane uses this drug to try to track down his wife's killer. At first the movie was rolling along fine, in fact is was down right captivating. But somewhere along the way it got predictable and then they didn't know how to end it. And when I say predictable, I mean reeeeally predictable.

    This movie could have done itself justice by not being as long as it was and by not making the culprit so obvious. It made out to be just an average movie after all.
  • Faena24 June 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ray Liotta as a forensic examiner who discovers he can experience and thereby solve his wife's murder by injecting himself with cerebral spinal fluid from those involved. Dahl's direction is leaden and every character is dull. Linda Fiorentino fans will find nothing here. By the time it's over you may wish you can siphon some CSF from people who saw a better movie that night and mix it with some of Fiorentino's cocktail, grab a syringe, flex your arm...

    Seriously though, it's a pretty cool story that would have been more successful as a novel. Hey, what's with Kim Cattrall playing a non-sexpot supporting character?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Linda Fiorentino has played a couple of self-absorbed seductresses, in "Jade" and "The Last Seduction", and she was extremely good, especially in that last, semi-comic role as an exploitative nympho. Here, she's a scientist investigating the transfer of memory by means of fluid extraction from the brain one the donor into the arm of the receiver. She's pretty good here too, and it was a surprise because she'd seemed made for the more treacherous roles. No kidding. As the principled doctor here, she's sometimes frightened and often wide-eyed with bemusement. Not exactly Alice in Wonderland but not Selene either.

    Ray Liotta is the medical examiner whose pregnant wife has been murdered and he begins to self administer the serum in order to recapture the experiences of the murder victim. It leads to more than he bargained for. It puts all sorts of unbearable strain on his heart and he undergoes all the emotions associated with being murdered. (Evidently, your life flashes before your eyes as you expire.) It's an interesting premise. I wonder if it wasn't inspired by a controversial experiment done in the late 50s or early 60s (I'm too lazy to look it up) involving flatworms and a Y-shaped maze. The experimenters trained a flatworm to find food at the end of the maze, then they chopped up the flatworm and fed it to a second flatworm in a kind of Planaria pate, and the second flatworm learned the maze more quickly than controls.

    The premise is full of promise but the story is knee-capped by its obvious desire to become just another action thriller with blood splattering all over the walls and pokers bashing in heads and Ray Liota taking the drug and writhing all over the floor like Jeykll turning into Hyde.

    The story is sometimes confusing too because, at times, Liota's own flashbacks are interpolated into the flashbacks of a couple of murder victims, so it's hard to tell whose memory (or insight) we're witnessing. Too bad it's so sloppily done.

    It ends with a monumental explosion and a house afire and Liota trying to rescue an unconscious body and a tape recording at the same time, while Fiorentino and a gorgeous Kim Cattral watch helplessly. At the final fade, Liota gets to spend an indefinite amount of time playing with his two cute little girls in such sunshine as the Seattle climate allows.
  • Ray Liotta is convincing enough in this mystery film with scifi overtones as Dr. Crane, an accused but acquitted suspect in his wife murder whom steals an experimental mind- expanding yet incredibly dangerous drug from scientist Marta Briggs (Linda Fiorentino) in order to solve the crime and deduce the true killer.

    The film is able to keep up a tense mood throughout despite it's more fantastical conceits and I enjoyed myself. While it may be far from perfect (one or two of the supporting actors drop the ball, the movie as a whole seemed a touch derivative),, it's still perfectly adequate,

    My Grade: C+

    Where I saw it: Instant Netflix
  • Warning: Spoilers
    By that I mean that bad movies fail at the box office. And, make no mistake about it, this is a bad movie. The basic premise is simply ludicrous and it would have been a better movie if the device employed was something simple and magic.

    As far as the actors, everyone is over the top. Liotta punches his way through the film like he's still a gangster. Peter Coyote starts out at a tolerably restrained level, but shifts into high gear by the third act. Everyone else is either non-existent, or in your face.

    The bad guys seem to know (and anticipate) everything. There's a major red herring, but you'll see through it immediately and identify the real bad guy, so there's no suspense to speak of. And the violations of law enforcement and investigative procedures are absolutely ludicrous.

    The real show-stopper for me was the deceased wife.


    So, this guy is still terribly in love with his wife, even after she's murdered and he is tried for (and found innocent of) her murder. Turns out that she was having an affair with one of his co-workers, got knocked up by the co-worker, and decided to get back together with the cuckold when she started to show. She doesn't tell him she's pregnant before she's killed, but her helpful friends and family carry on the lie by telling the husband it's his kid she was carrying. How's that for a sympathetic character? Yeah, a real angel.


    So, basically, this movie is not good. FX are OK and photography is acceptable, but just a bad story, bad script, and bad acting.
  • This film is unforgettable, and I give it a 10. This is a murder mystery with a twist where the man who needs his name cleared tries a experimental drug which gives the user other peoples memories. A lot better than Matlock, seen it done it before story line. Quite the surprise ending, and watching the drug's affects make me cringe. Rent this one.
  • Bob-459 January 2005
    "Unforgettable" has a great first first hour, as Ray Liotta tracks down the man he believes to be his wife's killer. He is greatly aided by Linda Fiorentino, playing against type as a slightly mousy scientist. Linda has developed a drug which, when mixed with another person's spinal fluid, enable Liotta to experience key traumatic experiences in that other person's life.

    Unfortunately "Unforgettable" becomes so convoluted in the second hour, a viewer may lose interest. I certainly did, though stuck it out for the fairly predictable conclusion.

    I give "Unforgettable" a "6".
  • gridoon4 March 2001
    A bungled whodunit that had good potential but was poorly executed by director John Dahl. He relies too much on cliched gimmicks (mainly "shocking" illusions and dreams), and his plodding pacing only induces impatience on the viewer's part, which is the last thing a good mystery needs. But this isn't a good mystery anyway; the villain's identity is way too easy to guess (if you think about it afterwards, you'll realize that the plot follows practically the ONLY possible path to make the resolution "surprising", although it's far from that.) Ray Liotta is not particularly good here, but Linda Fiorentino, unexpectedly sweet, at least wins our sympathy. (**)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a stylish and effective thriller from director John Dahl, containing a level of intelligence in the script that is usually lacking when compared to bigger budgeted thrillers - sadly this is the kind of film that gets forgotten about and relegated to late-night television slots when in an ideal world it should be celebrated as one of the finest films of 1996. Then again, this situation gives me the opportunity to view an undiscovered gem and thoroughly enjoy every plot twist and every surprise. The scripting is excellent and takes a not-too-scientifically-implausible premise and creates a great storyline around it. The atmosphere is one of darkness and violence and the film primarily works through the depth of characterisation offered.

    Instead of opting for a directly science fiction-style approach, this film works primarily as a murder mystery, with Ray Liotta's obsessive hunt to track down the murderer of his wife. Liotta demonstrates his own unique brand of acting here and is perfectly cast as Doctor Krane, an intense, paranoid man on a mission of justice whose experiments with the unknown matter lead to a rapidly deteriorating physical condition. Once again we find Liotta in top form in one of his best acting jobs as a sympathetic but flawed lead and his realistic but dramatic performance holds the film together nicely. Linda Fiorentino is cast against type as the mousy, shy scientist and also does extremely well with a fairly subtle part. Veteran Peter Coyote also lends weight as a fellow detective helping out Liotta, plus there's a great psychotic turn from Kim Coates as a sadistic serial killer/criminal.

    UNFORGETTABLE is technically proficient with some well-staged action sequences to recommend it. The pacing is excellent and perfectly balances exposition with action to create a satisfying whole. The story is gradually played out at exactly the right level, so that the suspense gradually builds up as the pieces of the jigsaw fall together. The Hollywood-style fiery climax also works nicely and ties up what has come before. I would recommend this film to all cinema fans looking for intelligence and style with their thrills and spills. A cut above the rest.
  • Very interesting Sci-Fi thriller directed by John Dahl. A forensic expert(Ray Liotta)accused of murdering his wife injects himself with an experimental serum that may help identify her killer. Use of flashbacks provides the "meatier" part of the movie. Some scenes are not only vivid, but stomach turning. Liotta does well with the role and leads a very solid cast featuring: Linda Fiorentino, Peter Coyote, Christopher McDonald, Kim Cattrall and Kim Coates. Fiorentino was my main interest in watching this worthwhile and a little far-fetched mystery.
  • Dr David Krane's world caves in when his wife is murdered and he is a major suspect. For legal reasons the case falls apart but the shadow hangs over him. When a colleague develops an experimental fluid that allows users to experience the memories of others Krane starts to use it to try and piece together what happened to his wife. However with the drug impacting on his heart he only has so long to uncover the truth.

    Some thrillers manage to have good ideas and spoil them with a bad film. Some turn bad ideas into good films, but many are spoilt by a bad idea. This thriller works well for much of the investigation by Krane – but when it relies totally on the memory drug to move things along it really is very weak indeed. The direction is good enough to give the illusion of pace and excitement but really it never manages to shake off this central terrible idea and the film suffers as a result.

    Liotta is always OK in most things but really hasn't much to work with. He does well despite the material. Fiorentino was great in The Last Seduction but only because she had a great character in a great story. Here she has no character in a dumb thriller and it shows. Support from McDonald, Coyote, Kim Cattrall and Kim Coates vary between average and good but really they are mainly all red herrings to try and sustain the interest.

    Overall this is enjoyable in most parts but where it relies on the memory drug heavily it falls down a bit. Goes to show that you can't make a purse out of a pig's ear and this film never manages to shake off the fact that it's central idea is just plain dumb.
  • jzappa2 December 2006
    I was surprised to like it as much as I did. I only saw it because I think the director, John Dahl, is outstanding in the field of creating a cozy, fun little caper. Now, Unforgettable hardly compares to Kill Me Again, The Last Seduction, or Rounders, but as a thriller yarn, it holds its own. Ray Liotta's hero, a notoriously edgy forensic investigator and ex-drunk haunted by his wife's unsolved murder and taunted by the fact that he'd passed out in the bushes when it was happening, is the perfect tortured soul of a protagonist for a dark, moody thriller like Unforgettable.

    To be admitted are that its title is not exactly catchy, or very many feet away from cheesy, its villains are Shane Black clichés, the inconsistencies of a few plot details---though it's a sci-fi film---are very questionable, and the coziness of Kill Me Again, Seduction, and Rounders is hardly anywhere to be found through the majority of the movie. I understand that you have to be careful with your choices when it comes to this kind of movie, the thriller, because a lot of them suck and almost all of them are page-by-page rehashes, and I'm very careful with the movies I see. Every so often, I stretch my boundaries a bit to see a cluster of slasher films or corny thrillers, just because you can get in those moods sometimes. The movie didn't turn me off. It has its flaws, but it doesn't give in to formula love interests or comic reliefs or deplorably mock-clever dialogue. Those are what turn me off.
  • I love Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino. Great actors. If not for them, this movie would have been completely unwatchable. I would have given this an average 5 stars, but could not do so, as this just dragged on and on and on. This movie was almost 2 hours long. And most of the scenes were dreary lab/hospital scenes, with needles and injections, and repetitive flashbacks of crimes having been committed. Very little in the way of cinematography, sound track, or witty dialog. The murder mystery was okay I guess. But again... it dragged. And, did I mention that I really do hate seeing people shoot themselves up with needles? I really love "atmospheric" type movies, and this was advertised as such on netflix. But, hospital rooms/labs/blurred crime scenes are not what I'm looking for in "atmospheric" movies.
  • This is a great movie with a great script. Ray Liotta gives an outstanding performance as the movie deserves. The film centers on Liotta who is a medical examiner and works with the police. He has got a bad reputation in town that everyone believes he murdered his wife. Linda Fiorentino heard about him and she wants to proof her research that the brain stores its memories in a spinal fluid. And as a university researcher who makes experiments about the brain, she tells Liotta that if she can transfer Liotta's wife fluid to him then he can also proof that he is innocent. But there is a risk of a heart attack in this experiment..... The film captured me with the story and will capture you too.
  • geenam2 February 2014
    I recently saw this movie although it was released in 1996. I was pleasantly surprised by Ray Liotta's performance. Usually he plays such a bad guy. However, I enjoyed that his character showed some emotion.

    There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie and you will be surprised at the ending. The storyline is far fetched, but you will enjoy it.

    However, the movie at two hours, is a bit long and they could really have cut out a half hour. There were times I thought the movie could have ended, but it went on and on...

    All in all, a good movie.
  • This is an excellent movie from start to finish.I've never been boring during the movie.Ray Liotta is awesome like always and the villains are chosen very good also.The director&composer made an wonderful atmosphere to this movie.I will check if they collaborated to other movies also. I also liked the twist that was on the end of the movie. John Dahl is a very good director.He directed also The Last Seduction in which stars Linda Fiorentino also.In Unforgettable Linda Fiorentino didn't shine like in The Last Seduction but it isn't lame either.So i recommend you all to sit back on your bed and watch an entertaining movie like this which is unique.It was a fun thrilling ride.
  • kosmasp4 October 2020
    Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino - if those names ring a bell or make you ecstatic with joy, you probably saw a few of their outputs (with Linda it was mostly in the 90s). Now she is in this but her character has to be a bit ... tame and while helpful in one sense, also blocking our main character in some ways too. So the main focus of this, is not a love story but a murder mystery. As such I would think that quite a few watching it now, are savvy enough to see through most things. You could call it predictable.

    So while you may not know the exact reasons or backgrounds of why things happened the way they did, you can draw your own conclusions which mostly will be right. Great actors overall make this more than worthwhile though. Watch this and enjoy it for the "romp" that it is - with some interesting Science Fiction ideas concerning the human brain. Never mind the flaws and coincidences if you can, to enjoy it as good as you can.
  • Ray Liotta is great in this movie, he uses an experimental brain serum to find out who killed his wife. He goes to the morgue and steals dead peoples brain fluid, and then injects it in himself. This allows him to relive their last memories. A side-effect of the drugs causes him to have a heart problem, but he keeps on injecting himself anyway. The story is outrageous, but it's fun to watch.
  • This movie could have been a great Argento film, except for the fact that it was written and directed by someone else. So, instead, you have an entertaining diversion that you will never have to see again after you see it the first time. Some people would call that "economical" but I call it "distraction."

    There's nothing wrong with distractions. Sometimes, they call to mind more pleasant experiences and sometimes they just help you pass the time, but its sad when you can see the potential a premise has, and its just not fully realized.

    For some reason, this movie called to mind Cat O' Nine Tails, Bird with the Crystal Plumage, and Deep Red. All of them, including Unforgettable, have characters obsessed with solving a murder and all are built around an outlandish premise but whereas Argento uses his premises to introduce a myriad of bizarre and unforgettable characters all with something to hide as well as giving us a visual feast of graphic and sometimes outlandish murders, Unforgettable never allows any character to even share Liotta's spotlight.

    In fact, it could be said that the main character in Argento's films is the spotlight, often times chasing shadows and sometimes illuminating the next victim for the killer. That actually sort of happens in Unforgettable, but since the spotlight is on Liotta instead of Liotta being the spotlight, its all together less interesting.

    I highly recommend Unforgettable to people who may be new to Argento, thanks to the DVD revolution making so many of his films available for the first time in an uncut format, especially if said people would like some insight into just what they find so fascinating in his work.
  • "unforgettable" is easily forgotten and is a 1996 film. It is directed by John Dahl and written by Bill Geddie. This film is currently available on NetFlix Instant Download Streaming. The cast includes Ray Liotta, Linda Fiorentino, Peter Coyote, Christopher McDonald, David Paymer, Duncan Fraser, Caroline Elliott, Colleen Rennison, Kim Cattrall, Stellina Rusich, Kim Coates, Suzy Joachim, Garwin Sanford, Janafor Ryane, Jim Broyden, Dean Choe, Mike Crestejo, Joanna Piros, Kevin Hayes, Cheryl Wilson, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Dwight McFee, Claudio Masciulli, Bruce Dawson, Sidonie Boll, Eric Pospisil, Rondel Reynoldson and Brock Chapman. The story is odd and includes the injections of a memory solution made of chemicals and cerebrospinal fluid into the forearm vein to solve forgotten murder perpetrators. It is also a love story and a thriller, but I could only give it 5 stars. Dale Haufrect
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