• WARNING: Spoilers

    Mike Ryan (Gary Daniels) is a tough DEA agent. Ryan and his partner, John Grogan (Matt Craven) are inseparable friends. Grogan is a family man with a beautiful wife and a precious eight year old son. Ryan has become part of the happy family, being more like a brother to Grogan than just a friend.

    But the happy family crumbles when a drug raid goes horribly wrong. Grogan is ambushed and ruthlessly killed. Ryan tries to console Grogans wife and child, but they turn him away and he realizes that he will never be part of the family again.

    Ryan must find Chow (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), a notorious crime lord from Hong Kong and take him in. Chow has developed a synthetic drug that will hit the streets in the U.S. in a week. Ryan finds himself embroiled in the Chinese underworld with no way out.

    Ryan starts asking questions about Chow in a Chinatown bar where he meets Jade (Julie Nixon). His questioning, however, goes nowhere and he is ambushed by a gang in a dark alley. Ryan takes them on with his martial art skills. Ryan falls for Jade and she vows to help him find Chow.

    Word spreads on the streets that one man beat the White Tiger Chow is hunting. The Crime lords in Hong Kong begin to have doubts about Chow and dispatch an assassin.

    When Chow hears about this rogue cop's vendetta against him, he sends out another hit squad to take Ryan out. Chow knows Jade and asks her to deliver Ryan to him.

    Ryan continues to fight single-handedly against Chow's men while figuring out who to trust. Jade is the assassin sent by the Honk Kong crime lords to kill Chow. She has set it up so Ryan will kill Chow for her. When Ryan reveals he has know Jade's plan from the beginning. Jade is captured by Chow. The fight is on for Ryan to get his chance for revenge in a face to face confrontation with Chow.