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  • "All Dogs Go To Heaven-The Series" is without a doubt one of the best animated series of all-time IMHO. I've loved it since I saw the first episode in September of 1996. I remember getting excited seeing the previews for the series in late August of that year. I couldn't wait 'till it premiered and when I finally saw the first episode I knew it was worth the wait! (: My favorite character in the series of course is Sasha LaFleur (I've loved her since I first saw her in ADGTH2). My favorite series ep. and song have the same title "The Perfect Dog" (ep #13). If you're a fan of Sasha, you'll love this ep (as well as eps. 1, 4, 8, 9, 17, 18, 21, 24, and 25..among the many ADGTH eps she makes an appearance in..). Right now, the show is off the air...but with some fan support, It could be brought back to TV.. I hope that many more people can find out about this wonderful series that has meant so much to me..

    Thanks, JPJr. (The Sasha LaFleur Fanatic!!!)
  • All Dogs go to Heaven : The series rules!! As Charlie's #1 fan, I was thrilled to hear about it's TV show. However, Red ( ADGTH2) is not in this. My recommandation is the episode where Charlie rendezvous with Belladonna... again. But , unfortunately, that show is gone.Please,YTV, put it back on the air. Please,for us millions of ADGTH fans. Please, so the world can hear the show's famous theme song again. Please, for Charlie's classic misadventures.But most importantly,for your former audience.Please,"find a little heaven" and put the show back on!!!
  • I remember the first time I heard about the series . . . I was elated to learn that there was more to the All Dogs media than the three movies! :-) This is a great series, with great songs and almost all the old characters! (Flo and Anne-Marie are the only main ones missing.) That means that my fav, Killer, is in it! And, oh, speaking of Killer, you've gotta check out the TV show ep "Sidekicked"! If you're not a Killer fan, this ep just might make you one! :-) Well, I guess from my overly-enthusiastic comments, you can tell that I'm really pleased with that series and recommend it!
  • This airs on Light TV and it's the best over the air program.
  • darkwave201226 December 2003
    yet again, new voices. kids don't appreiciate that! yet again a bland storyline, non-indepth story, bad animation, and sappy songs. NOT something that the average kid would like... AT ALL...
  • I am a big fan of ADGTH. The first movie was a classic and I don't think any of the other ones quite lived up to it or had the same tone as the first. I was probably in the minority of people who actually liked the second ADGTH despite it's flaws. And when I saw this series I thought it looked lame and decided not to watch and to just stick with the first two. However curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch the first episode. I was surprised, much like I was with the second movie. The voice actors are all pretty good here with Steven Weber taking over as Charlie Barkin and Dom Deluise remains the voice of Itchy and basically all the other same voice actors from the second movie. The Animation could be better, not the greatest, but it's not terrible, I've seen much worse. So all in all the series is pretty good and if you liked the second movie then you'll probably like the series. The series has to be much better than the All Dogs go to heaven Christmas movie, that movie pretty much tanked but I do like the series.
  • I really like, if not completely love, the first All Dogs Go to Heaven especially for the animation, characters and how touching it is. I always have felt however that it does get a little clumsy and too dark in places and I don't care for the songs. On the whole though it is one of Don Bluth's more memorable movies. All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 has a lot of problems like the poor animation, the rushed storyline, Annabelle's voice irritating me and the fact that Carface is reduced to a bumbling sidekick, but it did have some pleasant songs, a great score, good voice acting and I do like Sasha. Plus it is far better than the Secret of NIMH sequel, that is awful. All Dogs Christmas Carol I thought was good, it was a nice twist on the famous story if not on the same level of the original film.

    This series is also good, I'd say it is the best since the original, if not as good. The animation is nice and colourful, not the dark lusciousness of the original but much less scrappy than the second. The songs on the whole are lovely, some are more memorable than others but the overall standard is sweet and not too sickly. The dialogue does have some corniness but is mostly amusing and well-meaning and the story-lines are engaging, not rushed and sometimes touching. I've always liked the characters and I still do here. True, Carface for my tastes could have been more ruthless and calculating but this didn't actually bother me anywhere near as much as it did in the second film. However, Itchy and Killer are very funny, Annabelle while not as angelic as in the original is much less irritating, Charlie is still the rough-around-the edges but likable canine we either warm to or know and love and Sasha is very appealing as ever. The voice acting is very good, the standouts are Dom DeLuise, Sheena Easton and Ernest Borgnine, though Steven Weber also does a good job, Charles Nelson Reilly has good comic timing and Bebe Neuwith is much more subtle than she is in the second.

    Overall, a good series. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • well I still love the first two movies and they are very charming and fun to watch the Christmas Carlo was Adequate and I am sorry to people who loved the Christmas Carlo that I rated it a 1 out of 10 I will rated it a 3/10 not a 7 or a 6 just a 3 because it was not all the good now for the series I have never Herod of the series before I think I saw tiny bit of an episode of it but because I was into Thomas the tank engine at the time when I was 5 when I saw it don't foiled by a person that likes Thomas but now for a good series like this was fun and some good songs played by a favorite characters My favorite Sasha and Itchy I like how they return in the series after the two movies I like this series not love it just like because it had a few problems like Sasha breaking up with Charlie in one episode I think that was bit mean but I still like her a lot This show is great for kids and maybe teenagers you don't have to grown up soon you can be a boy and a girl any time you like okay its corny for Adluts but kids will feel in love with it I give it a 7 out of 10.