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  • Overall Gotham Nights isn't as good as The Animated Series. For starters the show has been over sylized, so much so that it loses the heart and feel that TAS had. Some key examples of this would be the new Batmobile, Joker, Poison Ivy and Harley. The Characters don't have the depth they had in TAS, they come off as silly little cartoon characters. And the Joker keeps coming off as a common thug, not the Psychotic genius he should be. Bruce Wayne is too cold and calculating instead of a tortured soul fighting for justice.

    But the show has its ups, Some of the storylines really benefit from the increased flexibility offered by WB. The crossover with supergirl really shows this. And the inclusion of Nightwing is awesome, he really adds some much needed depth to the show. His struggle with Bruce was really well handled, with the exception of Bruce being so cold as mentioned above.

    Overall the show is still better then 99% of TV today, but doesn't quite live up to the greatness that was TAS.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I LOVED the original TAS. I simply liked New adventures. There were just so many nagging things in the new series that annoyed me.

    1. Batman's new dark attitude made him less appealing--that goes for Dick too. Their characters made this leap into a dark and much too serious tone for my tastes. Seriously? Where was the fun? The quips. Gone.

    2.I did not like the new designs. Especially for my favorite villain (the joker). The new designs were just so sharp and pointy and it was really hard for me to get over the fact that the joker had no pupils and everyone pretty much had no chin. I could go on forever but I'll make it short and sweet--thumbs down on the "art".

    3.The story lines were still almost as good, but the the characters didn't follow up. Barbra Gordon seemed slightly out of place whether it was because she was the only character (besides Tim--but he wasn't in the original...thankfully) that retained the positive hero mentality that I loved so much in the original. The voice acting was stupendous as always though thank you Kevin Conroy,Mark Hamill and Mathew Valencia. I don't like Tara Strong's voice but she did fine. Anyway, I think "The Creeper" was one of my favorites from this series because it seemed to go back to a more lighthearted feel. The part were the Creeper totally just punches Batman without looking was hilarious. That and Harley and the Joker get some of their infamous banter that wasn't as dark as in "Mad Love". "Joker's Millions" was much better than "Mad Love" because it shows that Harley's not a complete pushover when she haha 'reprimands' the Joker for trying to replace her. There are moments when the episodes just click, but then the terrible art and the way Batman acts (or doesn't respond at all) just ruin it.

    Anyway, As far as the story lines go as a whole I think the ones involving the Joker and Harley were the best because that stayed more true to their characters from TAS that I loved so much. On the other hand through out the entire New Adventures series Batman is completely out of balance he's just this cold calculating mess that can't cope without THREE OTHER SIDEKICKS. Batman should have had more lines and actually REACTED to what was happening around him. Instead of standing there with a frown on his face 24/7. Batman lost so much dimension in the new series. Dick is well, to put it bluntly--a dick. Barbra serves almost no purpose simply because she's poorly written into the cast except for "Over the Edge" which I thought was a brilliant use of Barbra's character. Tim Drake is overkill and simply there until "Sins of a Father" when you suddenly realize oh he's here for a reason--to star in this two part thingy. Yay. Not so much. In BTAS Robin wasn't there when his character would be useless but Tim Drake was so relentlessly useless-AND ALWAYS THERE. On a little side note, if Tim Drake's hadn't been cast so young he may not have been so irritating to me. Seriously,he was like:'Tim Drake the toddler'. Too small.

    4. Overall, it was okay. Without the bad art I might have been able to tolerate Batman and Dicks new extremely cold and negative attitudes and the really annoying addition of Tim Drake. I don't know why they decided to so drastically change everything about the original. The new adventures story lines could have been just as new and fresh without the blah art and the complete revamp of the characters attitudes. So,it's worth the watch but just as fun and dynamic as I would've liked.
  • As much as I love Batman and Batman:The Animated Series(one of the best animated shows in general), while there are some undeniably good elements there are one too many frustrating ones too.

    Pros: The voice acting is superb, Kevin Conroy is the embodiment of Batman and always has been. Mark Hamill brings menace and gravitas to the Joker. There are some effective villains too, Penguin, Nightwing and Scarecrow were the best ones for me. Likewise with some compelling story lines, the overall standard is not as dark or complex as Batman: The Animated Series and some of the animated movies but there are some well-written ones, Old Wounds, Joker's Millions and Sins of the Father were a few of the standouts. The dialogue has its sharpness also, and the action has some exciting moments.

    Cons: The animation is a disappointment. Everything here looks too bright and pointy. The brightness jarred with the dark, haunting atmosphere often associated with Batman, which I also found generally lacking in The New Batman Adventures, and I hated the designs of Joker and Catwoman. The characters vary in terms of interest, more leaning towards the disappointing end of the spectrum, Nightwing and Penguin are the most interesting, however Joker is too thuggish often in manner. Batman occasionally is dark and brooding though this is more on Conroy's part than the writing but he also comes across as too cold. Tim is annoyingly childish and Barbara Gordon feels out of place.

    As an overall whole, has the voice acting, a few of the villains and some good story lines in its favour but the animation, lack of atmosphere and the way some of the characters are written makes the show inconsistent and frustratingly so. 6/10 Bethany Cox
  • Oh where, oh where is Batman...

    I loved Batman's portrayal in the 1992 animation and in JL/U, but here we hardly see anything of the conflict/problems of being Batman and Bruce Wayne.

    And this Tim version of Robin has to be one of the most annoying sidekicks ever. They're trying way to hard to make him cool to ten year olds and his presence has made the show virtually unwatchable. The show seems to think we're more interested in him than Batman.

    Also, as others have said, I don't believe Batman would let such a little kid help (and with so little training).
  • The New Batman Adventures is the sequel that The Animated Series deserved, and its style-differentiation is justified yet it still feels like the sibling to its predecessor.

    The New Batman Adventures has more stylized character designs than before, and while that may be off-putting to some, Batman has never looked sharper than he does here; at least I say that with a lot of love.

    Batman has always been empowered with rich stories and The New Batman Adventures continues that tradition beautifully. It is a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series, but it stands its own ground just fine.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked it... just that... i liked it, not like the animated series... i love it!!!. The fact that this make less appealing is that we all try to compare and not to appreciate, but this cartoon was awesome, but it really didn't like it that much. There's too much people talking about Bruce being so cold, but if this is around 5 years later, anybody in a crime-fighting gang would get this angry and darker attitude, so to me it isn't a flaw. Batgirl was awesome she really fit there, as there isn't more Dick Grayson as a robin, batman needed a good teammate, not like the new robin, he is just a child and you cant rely that much on a child. But heres what didn't work: The new artwork... it isn't horrible but... to me it does'nt work in a series like batman. This is a dark character, with a maniac killer like the joker, so you cant put this kind of artwork in this cartoon, The joker isn't a bad design but i still like the past joker (but to me the BEST joker ever was the one who appeared in batman beyond:return of the joker) , so this joker isn't near as good. The good thing about the joker is that it still mark Hamil voice. My favorite character: Harley Quinn (im in love for her) They put an awesome episode for her: Mad love (to me the best episode of this series). Here we finally know how she turned Harley Quinn, and how the joker twisted her mind, and it feel that atmosphere that you feel in the animated series, darker, no happy ending, brutal fight with the joker (but too short), this is how it was to be ALL the series. BUT in general i didn't like how she made Harley in this series... in almost every episode they put funny but in a ridiculous way, she get punched, she say nonsenses, she make flaws... c'mon she is funny in a way you can laugh with her, not from her... and here they put ridiculous (like i said the only episode where i don't think that its in mad love and beware of the creeper) So in general its a good series, it has it upsides and downs, the drawn could be better ( MY GOOD!!! KILL THAT CATWOMAN!!!!) nice sound effects, nice music, nice voices and nice episodes: my favorites, Mad love, Jokers millions, Old Wounds, Sins of the father, and Cold comfort. If you enjoyed Batman:TAS you can watch this but don't spec too much, in the other hand if you didn't watched TAS, watch this first and then watch TAS in that way you're really gonna love TAS :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The New Batman Adventures (also called Gotham Knights) takes place 5 years after the final episodes of Batman: the Animated Series (B:TAS) and only aired for 24 episodes. This isn't a horrible show, but it just isn't as good as the original Batman Animated Series. I'll start with all the things that I found not to be very good.

    First thing's first, the animation itself: Gotham isn't dark anymore, the sky is always bright red and orange, B:TAS did this also, but it was drawn on a dark palate, so the colour of the sky was more ominous, in this show, it is too bright. It all just looks like any other kids show and doesn't seem unique like Batman: TAS did with it's dark, cool art style on Gotham. The art style is good, but doesn't remind me of Batman anymore. Every character is comprised of straight lines, squares, and triangles making characters look less human-like. In the original series (B:TAS), characters look more like drawn versions of real people. The animation may be more consistent here than in B:TAS, but it definitely isn't as good.

    Next: some of the episodes seem too dumbed down and childish, but some of the subject matter is even stronger than in B:TAS.(Two-Face attempting to kill Tim Drake/Robin 2, and some villains get some pretty harsh treatment). This leads me to my next point.

    Because this is supposed to take place in the future as well as the final episodes of the Batman Animated Universe, many villains do meet their demise or leave forever. Poison Ivy apparently drowns when a cruise ship explodes (though she returns later in Static Shock); Two-Face nearly kills Penguin, Killer Croc, and himself, so he's moved to Arkham forever; Joker falls into the exhaust tower of an industrial plant (though he will return later in the Justice League Animated Series); Catwoman moves away to France leaving Batman, etc... Just because the series is ending does not mean that they have to get rid of some great characters! The villains' motives are pretty bad, too; For the most part, there are none! In B:TAS, we learn that these villains are mentally tormented and their lives are ruined, that's why they act the way they do, in this show, the villains are just committing crimes to progress the story. It's like Batman just doesn't even care about saving whatever sanity there is left in the people that he fights, he just beats them senseless. This Batman is a colder and meaner version of the character, but since he's been doing this job for years, I can see why he is so harsh.

    Next, the redesigned character models: most of them are awful. Gordon slimmed down about 100 pounds... is he sick? Many villains look STUPID (Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, and Killer Croc are among the WORST). Although, I do think that some characters look better (Bane, Scarecrow, Batgirl). Harley is about the same, and Ivy (who is even hotter now) has pale green skin.

    With the series having some faults, many of the episodes are great- Over the Edge, Mad Love, Beware the Creeper, Girls Night Out, Old Wounds, Legends of the Dark Knight, and Never Fear are my favourite ones here. All of the crossovers featuring Batman in the Superman Animated Series were great, also.

    The part about this show that really irritated me is how the creators say they love the animation of this series more than the original. On the DVD features of the original Batman Animated Series, they talk about how proud they were with the art style, and how difficult some characters were to animate, but they did eventually succeed with (the difficult animation necessary to animate Clayface, for example). On the DVD features of the New Batman Adventures, the creators essentially say that they preferred this cartoon to the original because of its tighter animation. When the creators casted away the amazing art style of B:TAS it really annoyed me!

    It's not a bad show, it is very good, but it is not as excellent as the original animated series. At least this show doesn't talk down to its audience, so for that reason, I still commend it. And about 75% of the episodes in this new series are fantastic and worth watching more than once.

    Superman: the Animated Series, and Justice League: the Animated Series are great follow-up shows to Batman: TAS and The New Batman Adventures, so give them a watch as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If this series supposed to be an improvement over Batman - The Animated Series, I, for one, think it failed terribly. The character drawing is lousy... (Catwoman, for instance, looks awful...) But what really annoyed me is that it made Batman look like a sort of wimp who just can't take care of himself in a battle, without the help of two, even three sidekicks. I mean, he's Batman, for God's sake! I know the comic books, I know that Nightwing and Batgirl are supposed to be Batman's allies, besides Robin, but still... making Batman say that he needs help from them... What, he can't handle a few punches? In BTAS, he could face a dozen adversaries without any problem... He's getting old? Come on...

    And another thing: I really don't think that Batman would allow a kid like Tim Drake to go into battle that soon, without years of hard training. One, it's irresponsible (and Batman is everything, but irresponsible), and two, it's not what happened in the comics, if we are to remain faithful to them.

    Batman - The Animated Series made history, with its animation, its stories and its characters... That really was a legend of Batman. The New Adventures series turned the legend into just another Batman flick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two years passed and mostly everyone looks different, some for good and some for worse. I still enjoyed as much as I did the original though.

    Some flaws they had though like changing the Joker he now has no red lips and looks like more blackish hair and black pupils, hes still voiced by Mark Hamill which is a plus I guess. They made Poison Ivy more white hinting that she is becoming more like a plant and Catwomen looks much different and not as "attractive" as she was in the original.

    Though costumes like Batman, Batgirl, Killer Croc and Scarecrow look badass, especially Scarecrow.

    The show isn't as dark as the original because Batman doesn't work as alone as he used to. Most of the time working with Batgirl and the new Robin, Tim Drake. While NightWing(Dick Grayson) comes to the rescue often. Batman gave up the yellow logo and with the black wing on his suit and seems like he got a bit bigger but still kicking tons of ass.

    The show isn't as good as the original mostly because of some of the revamped characters but the stories are as exciting as ever and the dialogue is still elite. "Over the Edge" might be one of the greatest Batman episodes ever so make sure you check that out.

    Overall 8-9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being a huge Batman fan, and a huge fan of B:TAS, You have to be a fan of TNBA. But although it's a good series, it doesn't match the sheer brilliance of the original.

    I like the look of this show. It's certainly a lot smoother, and I love the red night background that they used. However, I'm not a big fan of the big character changes. The only exception being Batman himself. He looked pretty cool. The Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, and even to a degree The Scarecrow, I feel they didn't really need a re-vamp as they looked perfect as they did back in the original. One of the problems I have with the series. And The Riddler, they changed everything about him yet never even had a Riddler episode, which disappoints me, as he is one of the more interesting villains.

    But having said all that, some of the episodes are fantastic, and make up for some of the problems with the series, "Over the Edge", "Sins of the Father", "Cold Comfort", "Legends of the Dark Knight", "Mad Love", to name a few. Furthermore, the character of Nightwing is really well portrayed, and really shines in the episode "Old Wounds".

    To sum up, this series has more not-so-good episodes than BTAS, but as mentioned previously, there are few stand-out episodes which at least match the brilliance of the original. Which sums the show up, not as good as the predecessor by a long shot, but is still an essential for any Bat-fan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to admit, I did have to try to get used to the new look of all the characters, since I was used to how the Batman series was portrayed by Fox. But once I got used to it, I fell in love with this series. I actually felt some were given better looks than some others. In this particular series, it says that two years have passed since the Sub Zero video movie. I wasn't crazy about Batman's new (or should I say old)look. I never thought Batman would ever return to the original black bat emblem and a pouch shaped utility belt. I did however feel that Bruce Wayne looked much better, even though he is now portrayed as a man who never smiles and is nearly impossible to make laugh and he is revealed to be a perfect taskmaster. In addition, Kevin Conroy as of this series, used the same voice for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I this series, Batgirl is now a regular team player and a member of Batman's crime fighting team.

    While I like the Tim Drake version of Robin in the comics, I didn't care for him in the beginning of these episodes, when Tim was probably 12 or 13, but I got used to him by series end due to his voice changing.

    I love Nightwing. Dick Grayson's reborn identity. I also like that he and Batman do not get along or at least, there is miscommunication between them.

    As for the villains. the only thing I did not care about was Joker having no red lips. The Penguin is now a legitimate business man, who operates a club called the Iceberg Lounge. Yet it seems that all the villains have changed radically.

    As for favorite episodes, mine were" Holiday Knights, Sins of the Father (murder of Tim's father and how Tim suits up as Robin for the first time). Cold Comfort (even though turning Mr. Freeze into an insect body that attatches to a mechanical suit is a bit much), it was still eerie to watch. Over the Edge (what if Batman and Commissioner came to blows), Any episodes with Nightwing (sadly, they only made four of them). Beware the Creeper and Mad Love were superb as well as Legends of the Dark Knight with different variations of Batman being told by several kids.

    Perhaps my all time favorite episode of this series, is Old Wounds. Where Nightwing tells the new Robin of his final outing as Robin and his falling out with Batman. That is one episode you need to watch. In it, we see Dick Grayson's last adventure as Robin before quitting. One more episode to remember was Girls Nite Out, a Batgirl/Supergirl team up. I only wish they could have made more than 24 of these episodes, though we did get one DVD movie animated in this style. I'm also glad this series is not only out on DVD, but it completed Batman: The Animated Series, over 100 episodes. Give this series a try.
  • First of all I must admit Batman: The animated series is the best batman series by far. We watched it when it used to be on TV. I didn't realize that there was a season four. Actually there wasn't. BTAS ends with season 3, and it should have stopped there.

    Why did they have to mess with a good thing. Catwoman and Poison ivy now have terrible grey faces. The Joker looks beyond scary, it seems that each time they revise his appearance he looks more and more creepier. He doesn't seem to have pupils anymore, and now he doesn't even look remotely human (although he is).

    Bruce Wayne is voiced by Kevin Conroy who does the best batman. Although he now looks like superman. There is nothing that sets him apart because they both look the same, Bruce Wayne now has blue eyes.

    Night Wing really needs a haircut, please! Alfred just has pupils from eyes, looks more like a character from the 80's.

    I have watched three episodes from Disc 1 in the series and I already find that this version is more violent and graphic (there is blood in every episode).

    If you are a fan of Batman: The animated series, there is no batman season 4. They just included this series as season 4 for marketability. If they just released it as The New batman adventures I don't think as many people would have bought it.

    Save yourself the disappointment and stick to seasons 1-3.
  • Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of the "Batman" episodes that aired on FOX (when the show was under the title "Batman: The Animated Series"). It's just that the animation in these late '90s installments are better. Since Warner Brothers owns Batman, I like the fact that they could finally have more creative freedom on the WB network than what they had on FOX.

    For example, when the show moved to WB, we finally got to see the pyromaniac Firefly (Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed appear on B:TAS while the show was running on FOX). He appeared in only two episodes ("Torch Song" and "Legends of the Dark Knight"), and should have been featured more often like many other Bat-villains (Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman, etc.). I would also have liked to see Firefly take on Mr. Freeze (in a "fire and ice" conflict). That would have been a clever face-off, don't you think?
  • One guy called this show the TV equivalent to a bad sequel. I couldn't disagree more, but say what you want about this show... it is still better then every single one of the Batman movies. Nightwing is introduced on this series and hopefully in the next couple of years Bruce Timm will make a Nightwing series. Tim Drake is cool personified. Batgirl on this show is really good and she is the star of one of the best episodes of all the Batman Shows(including The Animated series). In this episode, she is drugged by the Scarecrow and has a dream that she dies and her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, makes a vow to have Batman killed. For a minute I actually thought that Batgirl had really died and it wasn't until the end of the show that you find out it was all a dream. That was a superb episode. Bruce Timm and his people should be the only people allowed to make animated Batman cartoons. I give Gotham nights a 15/10. It is that damn good.

    Batman in all of Bruce Timm's incarnations are great. If the movies would have followed this cartoon even a little, they would have been aeon's better then they were. A word to anyone interested in Batman. You want to see real Batman movies? The rent Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero, and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. and watch them in the order that I named them. You can't go wrong. And while you are at it, get Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker!
  • Op_Prime14 January 2000
    This a great update of Batman: The Animated Series. Batman is back after a few years of reruns and he is just as cool as ever. Dick Grayson is also back, but he is now Nightwing. Replacing him as Robin, is Tim Drake. Batgirl is also seen more in this show. The animation doesn't measure up to Batman: The Animated Series, it is more similar to the Superman cartoon. But who cares? The show has great stories and is wonderful delight, as opposed to many of Kids Wb's lame toons.
  • This show needed a lot of improvements. While the first show had great animation and story line, this show has bad animation and replaces story lines for action sequences. What I did like about this show is that it was faithful to the comics even though they did skip Jason, the second Robin, but that is understandable since Jason does get killed by the Joker.
  • This is so to say a sequel to batman the animated and it is pretty much as good as it to and for all the same reasons it has lots of action in it the storyline to it is good the voice over actors are really good such as Kevin Conroy as batman, Mark Hamil as the Joker, etc. The villains are really good such as The Joker, Two-face, Catwoman, Clayface, etc. So i am sure you will not be disappointed with the new adventures of batman because it is really good. So make sure that you watch it on TV or rent or buy the collectors edition because it is really good.

    Overall score: ********* out of **********

    **** out of *****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this series when it was on Kids WB, I didn't believe that there was a Batman spin off seeing as the original show ended in 1995 and this show came in 1997. First of all I loved the idea of Robin leaving Batman to solve crime on his own. It was an interesting perspective to their relationship. I also liked the addition of Tim Drake in the series, and once again like it's predecessor this show had great story lines, great animation (better then the original), fantastic voice work and of course brilliant writing. The only thing that I didn't like was that was when it was in the US it would often run episodes in a 15 minute storyline. I just wish some of the episodes could be longer. My favorite episode of any Batman cartoons comes in this series, and it's called "Over the Edge", in my opinion as good if not better then "Heart of Ice" and "Robin's reckoning." Overall a nice follow up, along with Superman this show made my childhood very happy.
  • The show is by and far worse than the previous Batman. The animation is much worse,the drawings lazy. All the new designs (except for the Scarecrow) are lazy, too square or too cartoonish. They cut corners with the coloring making everything black. The joker used to look so twisted and menacing, now he has no character. Tim is annoying and way too cartoonish, and Batman looks as if he was drawn entirely with a straight edge ruler. And would somebody please kill Batgirl? She has no pace here.
  • Picking up where "Batman: The Animated Series" left off, Dick Grayson is now Nightwing, Tim Drake is now Robin, Barbara Gordon is still Bat-Girl, and Bruce Wayne is still Batman, but now sports a costume similar to his 1940s counterpart rather than the more common one with the yellow circle against the bat insignia.

    Not a bad continuation, but not nearly as good as "Batman: The Animated Series". Stories a bit more rigid and not as engaging as before. Animation's not as life like either.

    It had its moments, though not many. The voice actors still held up their end of the bargain though. You gotta love what Kevin Conroy does with Batman.

    One of the more memorable episodes had a guest spot from Superman where the Man of Steel masqueraded as Batman while the real deal was missing in action, captured by Brainiac and used as a pawn in the mad robot's quest for world domination.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being a long time fan of the Dark Knight,I must admit this(and BTAS) are probably the most superb representation of the dark knight outside of the comics.This has everything.Excellent plots,great casting,and great animation.This is probably the greatest cartoon ever made.I have looked through a great many cartoons and haven't found anything near as great as this!A must see!The plots(especially for ones like Cold Comfort and Mad Love)are particularly excellent!The cast(most especially Micheal Ansara and Mark Hamill) terrific!The animation was very well done with a lot of atmospheric shots rather than just plain position.The storyboard artists really took their time!This is the best that Batman has to offer outside the comics!Highly recommended!
  • This SECOND Batman series (made TWO years later, would be like considering Chris Nolan's Trilogy as #5, #6 #7, ) is, sorrily second-RATE.

    One would rewatch THE series before going back to this. There is NOTHING on the level of Christmas With the Joker, Feat of Clay, Heart of Ice, Lock-Up, I Almost got 'Em, Trial TO START WITH--any ONE of these worth THIS WHOLE SERIES. Only Mad Love and Judgement Day come CLOSE .

    Batgirl, BADLY, was in this so much at insistence of toy company sponsor--producer ADMITTED it, quickly covering, "We love Batgirl"--in first series she didn't debut to LAST season opener, then given LAST episode WITHOUT Batman, disdain definitely on display for her shown fighting crime because she was b-o-r-e-d, made FOOL out of by Catwoman. She was a drugged-on-danger ditz compared to Bruce and Dick driven by the MURDERS of their parents, just ALL about the thrills and kicks FOR HER. Girls' Night Out with pure product placement--sponsor sold toy set called that--Over the Edge over RATED, was a cartoon con-job, just hallucination hoax, Scarecrow's presence giving it AWAY

    The censors of the first series made Robin college student to avoid charges of child endangerment by Batman. One here had NO such concerns, 12-year-old DIM Drake, infantile impostor running about at night ALONE. In feature Batman Beyond Return of the Joker he will, AGAIN at night out ALONE, be captured and brutally brainwashed by Joker into malevolent mini-me, Batman as morally guilty as Joker was legally.

    The animation was deliberately downgraded to fit in packaged program hour in Superman's second season with DISASTROUS results, excruciatingly especially the Joker, a facial FIASCO, the worst EVER done in the DCAU, lost all his expressiveness face frozen mask, HARD to look at.

    Tragic Victor Freeze was terribly turned into They Saved Hitler's Brain, head jarringly in jar (Cold Comfort).. OTHER bad ones FOR STARTERS, Critters, Love is a Croc, Animal Act.

    Sadly Summer Gleeson WAS GONE, half dozen unbilled seconds. (Chemistry, Mad Love) She was cruelly cast aside for DC to cynically sell comeback of sunk-in-SIX-issues comics CATASTROPHE from 30 years before, the Creeper--even though he had been considered, for the first series AND REJECTED. Both show and comics debuted SAME month (September, 1997) can't call THAT coincidence with JERK Ryder rotten at reporting, stiff , dull, actor hardly bothering, made one realize how GOOD Summer was. By the time he finally became title Beware the Creeper, the next-TO--LAST episode (November, 1998) for readers it was DIDN"T BUY the Creeper, new comics HAD FAILED.

    Without comics consideration the DCAU, just, justice, for Summer, also animated abandoned him, just cameo, few seconds of unbiled walk-ons. What was done TO her was unfair, unjust, bright character, much missed her Snatched Summer Show ALWAYS season highlight. HAD she been here candidates been Cold Comfort, one facing Freeze NOT JERK, hung up with lab losers; Over the Edge instead of HamilDULL (as in D-U-L-L) Hill horror hostage of Scarecrow he took over Summer's show to emit fear signal to terrorize Gotham, send crazed population out to tear town apart; Chemistry, kidnapped, cloned, by Poison Ivy to make Batman love HER, learn his identity.
  • timothytoliver20 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm giving The new adventures of batman or batman the animated series season 4 10 stars because the first time I saw it on sale I didn't give it a chance because saw the change in the animation on the pictures on the box. And I'm looking at other user reviews on this site and nobody is off the bat saying how much they really like it. I can say that it wasn't what I thought it was in a good way I thought that they had turned robin into a kid but no hes a new side kick Tim drake red robin ,there's night wing who was the original robin. but there are those changes in the animation some pro's well more pro's in my opinion than con's .Scarecrow doesn't look like a pushover anymore he actually looks like a nightmare.OK This series turns up the adult content in episode 1 season 1 batman gets shot in the arm nobody ever got shot in the first 3 seasons there is an episode explaining the origins of Harley quin. where there's obvious sexual reference that you really notice as an adult. there are other sexual things in other episodes the dare devil lady.on the rocket with batman vocalizing sexually.the sound effects hit hard oh yeah and people bleed. wonder how the networks and producers got comfortable and turned up the violence and sexuality with this series.i liked killer crock in Grey skin in the first 3 seasons they changed bruce wayne he has blue eyes.they changed poison ivy.batgirl is all over this series.there's evan supergirl in one episode basically I give it 10 stars because if your a fan of the first 3 seasons and you look at pictures of the animation and get disappointed because its changed from the good stuff your used too that you didn't feel needed any change. I can say that this fits perfectly as being called season 4 of the animated series. if you liked the first 3 you will like season 4 if you've seen all the first 3 complete your batman the animated series collection with season 4 it is incomplete with out it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So a lot of people do not like the direction taken with certain redesigns of some characters and Batman's cold attitude in this one. I agree to a point but this series was pretty damn excellent. First of all it's worth noting that I consider this and BTAS the same thing (TNBA was pretty much the final 2 seasons of BTAS) Just with redesigned animation style and characters.

    Now, some of the characters new designs were terrible (Catwoman, Selina kyle, Poison Ivy etc.) But some made the characters better in my opinion and some looked a lot more streamlined. For example, Batman's new outfit gave him a much more dark and serious look. Batgirl's outfit was made to look like the way she does in the comics and I think the colour scheme is better. Penguin actually looks like a human being in this one.

    Storywise, TNBA has some pretty strong storytelling. Such as ''Over the Edge'' which depicts Batgirl's death (It turns out to be a dream don't worry) and ''Growing Pains'' when Robin looks out for a lost little girl (It gets quite emotional).

    Another thing I admire about TNBA is the fact that other members of the Bat family got more attention like Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. It's a shame that the series didn't go on for longer because I quite liked the episodes that brought out other characters (Like ''Girl's Night Out'') and I feel like they didn't get enough time to get their stories told before the plug was pulled on TNBA.

    Overall I wouldn't say either BTAS or TNBA was better because they were both great in their own ways and both opened up the DC:AU and spawned many great stories(and also as I said I consider them both to be the same thing)You can't argue with the talent of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill who both deliver brilliant performances. This series had a great run and I wish it was on a bit longer to give the other characters some air time. Wasn't a huge fan of Batman Beyond and I honestly would have preferred for this to have been continued.
  • How many movies, shows and books will this boring 1 dimensional bat get? This show was so boring. 2 boring episodes is enough my unbreakable mind can endure.

    People think he's versitile but truth is... He's not. Every show of the bat is the same (dark, punch, parents getting glock'd).

    All these bat shows are just to wh0r3 out batman to children and nerds to sell toys and shirts with a bat shadow on it.

    WB tried to be creative by giving the "bat family" some time of exposure. In the end it's all about batman punching, talking and being a jerk.

    20 years later. Batgod continues to bore television and movie theatres. The dude couldn't save the DC universe.

    Verdict: batman is boring. WW2 was hash.
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