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  • dveiga6221 August 2000
    It's a shame that FOX had to end such a funny show. I honestly think it could have lasted at least two seasons. My favorite character was Kadeem Hardison's and the fat guy (I forgot his name). I would always watch this show on Thursday nights along with "Living Single" and "New York Undercover". The reruns should come on USA since every other short-lived sitcom ends up on that channel.
  • What happened to this show? I liked these brothers and their mates. I remember in late '99, watching this. They used to put it on, around 11 p.m., whatever. The show's music score I loved. I only saw a couple of shows, but I was hooked. They were genuine down to earth characters. Rusty James, the weather man was a hoot. My only regret was not seeing more episodes. I would loved for Fox to bring this show back. It was one of the better black sitcoms. It had heart, and genuine performances. You so much wanted to be part of their group. The two contrasts were great, hard working doctor and relaxed playboy, though really Rusty the weather to provided most of their laughs. Although obscure to more well known black comedies (Good times, The Jeffersons) if you can hunt this one down and find it, it's well worth the quest.