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  • Eireann12 April 2004
    This comedy is fun. It's not meant to education; it's meant to entertain. Mark Paul Gosselaar shines as a comedic actor, and his talents were further evidenced after he was an NYPD Blue addition (a HUGE contrast from DMOC, obviously.) The premise is unique, and the acting was good. Yes, it may lag a bit in the 2nd act and the writing can become a tad labored, but nonetheless, this is a totally fun movie with great performances and hijinx. If you have not seen it, get a group of friends together who actually have a sense of humor, get some good eats, and have a blast.
  • I own this movie and watch it several times a year. Why? Because when you are studying for exams you wish your school had a policy like this (and you could fake a death because who really wants a roommate to die?)

    I find people are over-analyzing, and you have to take any movie with a grain of salt. All movies require a suspension of disbelief, as much of this is unbelievable, but it's a freakin' comedy! Not a statement on life. It pokes fun at a situation where many of us have been: most of us go through a slacker phase where the world is just too tough and you have to forget, just relax a little... still don't get how if we all need this there are still so many consequences but I digress.

    Most of the intelligent stuff has been said already so I won't bore you by repeating the same sentiments. However, I do recommend this movie for when you can't get papers/exams out of your mind but you still need a break (or if you just feel like reliving that part of your life). It's better than "The Perfect Score" but that movie is also good for study breaks.
  • This film is one of the most underrated films i have ever seen. The film follows 2 roommates Coop and Josh and there plan to have a roommate kill himself so they can achieve straight A's. Although that storyline only comes in the second half of the film for the first half we just spend the time in college with the boys. The chemistry between the 2 leads is great and Mark Paul Gosselar sort of plays his role as Zack from SBTB for a more adult audience ( which i thought was genius), his charisma meant that I was never bored.why he never broke into the A list I don't know. but its all politics. It is one of the most quotable films i have ever seen,with so many great characters The comedy here is not for everyone but if you like films which don't take themselves seriously then this is for you. The soundtrack is also great and has Dust Brother as executive producers would you believe it (they did the soundtrack for fight club among others) The icing on the cake though is Cliff O Malley the insane party Animal who really should have got more screen time, he makes every scene he is in and I was just crying with laughter, he really is a match for Bluto. This film is great to watch with a bunch of mates I give it 9/10
  • I've seen some of the bad comments that the users gave and was quite surprised.Seriously folks,this is one REALLY entertaining movie.I was laughing throughout the movie. I believe that Mark and Tom really played their parts superbly.Being a university student,I really could relate with what was happening and I think that made it funnier to watch Cooper and Josh make plans only to find that it fails :-) Obviously,this is not some kind of serious,thinking movie....and thank God,it doesn't try to be.Full of humor and sarcastic jokes,I am sure you'll enjoy this movie especially if you're a college/university student....I've watched it 3 times and still laugh when watching it! The music is also superb,considering the fact that it was produced by THE dust back,relax....after a hard day's of studying/whatever the hell u do in college....and watch Dead Man On Campus! Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • I'm an idiot. I loved this movie. Not only did I watch it MORE than once, I bought the DVD so now I have the benefit of watching this highly underrated piece of trash anytime I want. Let me do a brief description of Dead Man on Campus for those out there who don't know: An uptight med-student Scott (Werewolf in Paris) moves in with constantly partying Gossellar (you guessed it, Saved by the Bell) and starts to loosen up a bit. In the midst of all the all-night beer blasts and sex, the two start flunking out. They hear from a drunk, that if a roomate kills himself, then the other will be awarded a 4.0 grade-average. So starts the search for a suicidal roommate.

    Now the premise is nowhere near as funny as it thinks, but what really gives this one staying power is its assortment of characters. Everyone loves Cliff O'Malley and his "I got some beers....Let's drink em'!!!" and who can ever forget the pseudo, British goth-boy Matt Noonan. His hairbrush scene is a riot and worth a rental in itself.

    This is a no-brainer movie people and it's exactly what you would expect from an MTV production. The only thing missing is the gratutitus nudity that was so prevalent in the slew of college party-comedies of the 80s. What the hell, you can't have everything right? This one has almost enough laughs to make up for it. Call the boys over, crack open some Coors and laugh your ass off.
  • I rented this with my friend one night, some years ago, I still consider it the best comedy I've seen in my entire life. We were literally in pain all through out the film, we laughed so hard that for most of the movie we were on the floor holding our stomachs! Then we watched it again right after and then the next day and laughed as hard as the first time. I remember Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved By The Bell, I had no idea he could be this funny. The cast is diverse and completely wild, especially the possibly-suicidal-roommate candidates that the two main characters are trying to lure to stay with them. Corey Page (from Heartbreak High) is completely phenomenal as the over-the-top angsty, brooding goth-rocker Matt and Lochlyn Munro (Charmed) is just too much as the crazy frat guy Cliff, these two guys gave us the best laughs. Also I liked the relationship between the main characters, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tom Everett Scott. It's that kind of "lets go do something stupid together" kind of thing and you can also see they really care about each other. As a hilarious comedy, the movie also has a little depth to it towards the end, which i really liked.

    Also for Buffy fans there is Alyson Hannigan who is a great comedic actor as you can see from the American Pie-movies and of course from Buffy.

    If you like the Pauly Shore-type of humor, and crazy ideas and general crazyness, you should love this film. There wasn't a moment during, that I wasn't completely thrilled to be watching it. I give it 10+!
  • I started to watch this movie not expecting anything other than a few laughs. It turned out to be a lot more, Hilarious is the word I'm looking for. Basic plot revolves around 2 collage students, both roommates, one is smart(Josh) and wants to do the best he can in his exams, he studies and doesn't party. The other(Cooper) is intent on doing no work, doesn't go to his classes, likes his bong and late night party's. Cooper slowly pulls Josh into his world of Partys and Beer and it starts to show on his Collage work. Then comes the wacky loophole that if they have a roommate that commits suicide then there other roommates automatically pass there exams. Now, Enter the wacky roommates, handpicked by Cooper and Josh, that are all "on the edge". The rest will have your sides splitting. All the Characters play their parts well, especially the insane roommates, but none more so than Cliff. He steals the show and whenever the film was getting boring and uninteresting, he would pop back up and bring this hilarious comedy back to life. Typical Teenage comedy packed with laughs but a rather far fetched plot, Cliff's wacky ways of dealing with cop car chases and putting out hair fires make this stand out above most.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Dead Man On Campus" is a film about two guys who enroll at Daleman College, and become roommates. Josh enrolls via a scholarship, and is studying to become a doctor, and Cooper, well, he's just there to avoid having to clean toilets for a living at his father's business, and of course, to goof off and party. Josh eventually decides to party with Cooper, and as a result, starts to fail every class he's in. He winds up failing his mid-terms, and he finds out that he needs to maintain a B+ average if he wants to keep his scholarship.

    One night, while the boys are at a local bar, they find out that if your roommate commits suicide, you get straight As for your grief, so they decide to move a suicidal roommate into their dorm! In my opinion, the best roommate they find is a no holds barred psychotic named Cliff O'Malley (played by the underrated Lochlyn Munro). Cliff is my favorite character in this film! He's so wacky, and he completely lacks sanity or a conscience! Most of his dialogue and facial expressions in this film are priceless!

    As for their other roommates:

    Buckley: He's a computer nerd who's paranoid, suicidal, and thinks Bill Gates is after his brain!

    Matt Noonan: He's the "depressed" goth rock star who acts happy and likes to sing show tunes when no one's around!

    In the end: For off the wall teen comedies, this is as good as it gets. This movie originally bombed at the box office when released in August of 1998, and seems to be forgotten nowadays, but trust me, it's funny, and the character Cliff totally makes it worth the admission! It's bound to become a cult classic sooner or later.
  • Dead Man on Campus is incredibly underrated. If you pick up the case in a movie store, or if you see the trailer, or perhaps if someone tells you the premise of the movie, it probably will not sound like a movie that is worth watching. Luckily I caught this on television once and got into it, because I doubt I ever would have watched it. I'm glad I did. I own the DVD and have watched it several times, and it doesn't get old. I typically do not rate comedies very high, but there are a few exceptions. I believe Office Space and American Pie are among the best comedies ever made, and I think Dead Man on Campus is just a notch below that level. Give this one a try. If you have a sense of humor, you certainly won't be disappointed. It starts a little slow, in my opinion, but give it some time. It's well worth it. 9/10.
  • A friend dragged me to this film when it came out at the theater, but I had absolutely no desire to see it. I left pleasantly surprised, but over time I began to wonder if it was just my mood or my low expectations that made it seem halfway decent. I watched DMOC again the other day, curious as hell, and found that I liked it just as much the second time. This is definitely not an academy award winning movie, but it is quite a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I was afraid I was going to get stuck seeing that wacko Cliff guy make an ass of himself and the other two for 90 min., but luckily he was only in it for a minimal amount of time. Instead, the movie focused mainly on the relationship that develops between Cooper and Josh, as they both take on aspects of each other's personalities. It's a pretty relevant film for anyone living in a dorm; most college students should be able to relate to at least some of the situations Cooper and Josh get themselves into. And, unlike a few others who have commented, I did find some humor in several of the scenes. How could you not laugh when that "depressed" musician pulled out a brush and started singing "cabaret" into it? Overall, if you're not expecting much, you won't be disappointed. In fact, you might actually LIKE it.
  • I can see why though. When this flick was released in theatre I thought it looked like garbage. Zack is back, I thought oh great. But then six months back I watched it on pay. Needless to say I was blown away. This movies has some unique characters. Cliff O'malley has some choice jokes and Buckley is great. I mean just look at those self portraits on his wall. One thing I expected was some lame Saved by the Bell jokes, which obviously isn't the case. The dark humour is fantastic. The cast fit each other so well, this helps you forget the ridiculous premiss of the movie. Dead Man shouldn't be taken seriously, that wasn't the writers intentions. It's a fun movie that I would like to see more of in the future. By that I mean a teen movie which doesn't suck. The soundtrack was also a great high point. Any soundtrack with Supergrass is terrific. The fact that it was full of great music that hasn't been pounded into your head by MTV deserves some respect. The chef recommends Dead Man on Campus. Forget the trailer, it wasn't marketed properly.
  • Picture the scene, a quiet straight A student from a small town in Indiana, meets a loud beer drinking weed smoking toilet cleaner. Obviously they become best friends, so close in fact that many think they are gay (there is a great scene in the bushes "Cooper, they probably thought we were making out back here.") The toilet cleaner leads the straight A student astray and the bob's your uncle he fails his exams, and struggles to keep his scholarship. Cue another hilarious scene in the pub with the "Some people eat bugs. Ergh!" man, and they find out that if their roommate commits suicide - automatic A's. Cue hilarity as they try to find the perfect roommate to push over the edge. From the goth who laughs (**scandal**) and Buckly Schrank who thinks Bill gates wants to steal the other half of his brain (half of it went a Newark airport) But the stage is stolen by Lochlyn Munroe as Clifford O Malley, a psycho! ("His name is Cliff, brother of Joe, he's got him some crack, he wants him some ho!") A great title sequence and an excellent soundtrack, this film has it all. Big stars such as Mark Paul, Tom and Alyson [Hannigan] are vastly overshadowed by the virtual unknowns who play their hapless victims, Corey's 'sperm' is haunting.

    A brilliant film. I give it just what Josh needs, no not a bong hit, no not a study buddy, no not a jemmy (classic) 4 a+++!

  • If you appreciate comedies as much as I do, you'll agree with me in that Dead Man on Campus is among the best ever made. I would say it is the best movie ever made, but I'm not one to compare apples to oranges. Everyone involved in the making of this film; the writers, actors, director, obviously know exactly how to walk the edge between incredibly funny and incredibly stupid. And, as I've come to realize, that is a very fine line. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is my personal favorite in this movie, but his character would not have been funny if he hadn't had Tom Everett Scott to play off of, whose comedy is equally as genius as Gosselaar's. Together, they create the perfect balance between immaturity, stupidity, and intelligence, leaving the audience no choice but to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it all. In what other film can you find night-time robberies, Bill Gates in a conspiracy against Kurt Kobain, and a depressive, suicidal, rock singer singing cabaret songs in a bathroom. No one who has seen this movie can deny that it is hilarious, but I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't enjoy going to the movies for a good, hard, belly-laugh.
  • cptinramius11 September 2003
    Okay okay let me see if you saw this too.

    This movie and 'The Curve' are exactally the same movie. No way you might say? I dare to compare.

    Both movies involve the same plot. Two roomies who hope that their third roomate dies so they can get A's because of the 'dead roomate' policy. They both also have the one 'nice' guy attracted to some attractive girl. See thing is its so much better in 'The Curve' a darker storyline and the ending is to die for.

    If you liked DMOC (Dead Man on Campus) then you should enjoy 'The Curve'

    Btw they both came out in the same year. Kinda creepy huh?
  • DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS is by far one of the top ten comedies I have ever seen. This type of humor is impeccable. Pure genius. And Mark Paul G was enthralling, easily mastering the subtle nuances of a stoner student gone bad. My God. I really would like to sit down and have some beers with the creators. And, the guy that played Cliff. He should only play that role for the rest of his career.

    See this movie. And if you don't laugh, you're just not on the right page. I'm sorry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ironically enough, Mark-Paul Gosselaar gave a hilarious performance in Dead Man On Campus! This is strange not because he is necessarily a bad actor, but because the only seemingly out of work TV actor who is less likely to make a comeback than Gosselaar is Rick Schroeder – I didn't expect to ever see either of them again, and I STILL don't expect to see Schroeder any time soon. Gosselaar excellently portrays Cooper, a college kid from a rich past who has no interest in studying (having been kicked out of several colleges already, only to have his way paid into other ones by his father, a successful businessman), and only wants to party all day every day. I think that the idea to cast Gosselaar in this role was an excellent decision, because not only is it a unique casting choice (as well as fairly risky, given his heavily type-case iconography), but also because he just fit the character so well.

    Playing the other half of the odd couple presented in this film is Tom Everett Scott, who is not exactly a tremendously appealing actor either. He is Cooper's primarily unwilling roommate Josh, who is seriously intent on keeping up on his studies so that he can keep a prestigious and hugely important scholarship. Josh is the straightforward student here, the Jack Lemmon of the two guys, if you will.

    After having discovered the joys of partying, Josh scoffs at the hard-core studying life, parties a little too much, fails his midterms, and discovers that there is no possible way that he can ever get a high enough grade on his finals in order to keep his scholarship. Evidently, at their University, it seems that there is a rule written somewhere in the back of the school's charter that if a student commits suicide, that students roommate's will receive straight A's, as they are not expected to be able to keep up with their studies with all of the anguish that they must be going through. The majority of the film is spent watching the Josh and Cooper search the campus for people who look like unstable, and then try to get that person to move in with them before they kill themselves, therefore saving Josh and Cooper's grades.

    Clearly, the story here is nothing brilliant. The film is literally full of cheesy jokes and goofy situations, but it is still funny because it doesn't pretend to be something that it's not. There are even hilarious bits of dialogue that almost seem to be actively trying to remind the audience of the type of mindless comedy that this was meant to be (`I can hear my heartbeat through my penis!'). Besides that, we are given a side-splitting performance by Lochlyn Munro, an endlessly amusing actor who seems to have been born to play the nutcase that he played in Dead Man On Campus. This guy flawlessly gives some of the funniest lines that I've heard in a movie in years – `They wanted to kick me out for not obeying quiet hours? Well, they can just suck my quiet COCK!' Sophistication? Class? Definitely not. Tear-inducing hilarity? Absolutely. This is some funny stuff.

    (spoilers) The film also redeems its childishness at the end of the film, in which Josh and Cooper's plans to manipulate their way into getting good grades are discarded and a healthier course of action is taken. It's amazing that a film that is dominated by this questionable plan to get straight A's is able to turn around and actually deliver something resembling a good message, and it is yet another quality of this great comedy. Dead Man On Campus has some of the same stupid characteristics of idiotic college comedies as American Pie and Road Trip, but it works on many other levels, and it doesn't sacrifice its dignity to get a few laughs. It's a low-brow comedy that respects itself, and that's a rare quality.
  • Picture the scene, a quiet straight A student from a small town in Indiana, meets a loud beer drinking weed smoking toilet cleaner. Obviously they become best friends, so close in fact that many think they are gay (there is a great scene in the bushes "Cooper, they probably thought we were making out back here." The toilet cleaner leads the straight A student astray and the bob's your uncle he fails his exams, and struggles to keep his scholarship. Cue another hilarious scene in the pub with the "Some people eat bugs. Ergh!" man, and they find out that if their roommate commits suicide - automatic A's. Cue hilarity as they try to find the perfect roommate to push over the edge. From the goth who laughs (**scandal**) and Buckly Schrank who thinks Bill gates wants to steal the other half of his brain (half of it went a Newark airport) But the stage is stolen by Lochlyn Munroe as Clifford O Malley, a psycho! ("His name is Cliff, brother of Joe, he's got him some crack, he wants him some ho!") A great title sequence and an excellent soundtrack, this film has it all. Big stars such as Mark Paul, Tom and Alyson [Hannigan] are vastly overshadowed by the virtual unknowns who play their hapless victims, Corey's 'sperm' is haunting.

    A brilliant film. I give it just what Josh needs, no not a bong hit, no not a study buddy, no not a jemmy (classic) 4 a+++!

  • Dead man on Campus is one of those movies that need not be taken seriously. As with all Mtv production films, it is completely full of stupid jokes and played out clichés. However, in this case, the casting of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell) and Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do & American Werewolf in Paris) was a brilliant choice.

    Gosselaar plays Cooper Frederickson, a wise ass, no studying slacker who goes to college only to distance himself from his toilet-cleaning father. Josh Miller (Scott) is Cooper's roommate who is studying to become a doctor. At first he is all about studying, but very soon after meeting up with Cooper, all those studying thoughts drifted away. Cooper and Josh party like all the other 33% of college students, and forget all about studying.

    After Josh fails his mid-terms, he finds out that there is absolutely no possible way for him to accumulate the B+ average to keep his scholarship. With the help of a patron of the local bar, Cooper and Josh devise a plan to move a suicidal student into their room so that when he kills himself, they will receive straight A's.

    The film shows Josh and Cooper `testing' a few students and trying to get them to kill themselves. There are many scenes of this movie that had me laughing hysterically on the floor. Lochlyn Munro (Scary Movie & Night at the Roxbury) plays Cliff, a crazy, partier who looks like he is about to do something stupid and get himself killed. He is so funny in this movie!

    I like this movie very much, and not just because some of it, the scenes on the bridge, were filmed about 3 blocks from my house in Modesto, Ca., but because it stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It is very unclear to me why his career has never taken off after Saved by the Bell. I hope to see him more in the years to come. This movie should definitely be watched by anyone attending college and thinks that their grades are bad.
  • It's definitely not worth the money it cost to see it in the movie theater, but if you want to rent it on video, it's good for a laugh. The concept is a funny idea, but the execution could have been better. The film's redeeming point? Just the fact that Alyson Hannigan was in it! Although why Alyson picked this movie is beyond me. Mark-Paul Gosselarr is pretty good in his role, but the rest of the cast (with the exception of Alyson) needs to be re-cast. But if you're not expecting much from the movie other than a few laughs, go ahead. Rent it. You know you wanna. :)
  • I thought "Dead Man on Campus" was okay. The plot was cheesy, of course. But it didn't ruin for me. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tom Everett Scott were good. It has some funny moments and the ending was nice. Nothing special.
  • rosadorico19 August 2006
    In this film two college roommates, Josh(Tom Everitt-Scott) and Coop(Mark Paul Gosseler), find out there is such a thing as having TOO much fun in college. And with Josh being on an academic scholarship, and Coop's father threatening a future in the family toilet scrubbing business. Realize there's nothing left to do but....that's right, get drunk. While in their stupor they enter a conversation with former alumni from their college. And are enlightened to an old rule stating that any student who's roommate commits suicide, gets an automatic 4.0 GPA. And since neither wishes to "take one for the team", set-out to find the most suicidal person on Campus.

    This is a great comedic film. While campy in some respects, there are a number of great characters especially that of Cliff(Lochlyn Munro)who basically makes the movie. And the chemistry between the two leads is phenomenal. Viewers be wary, though. This movie does tend to get less funny after the thirtieth time you've watched it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie had a very good storyline. It was just executed poorly. The actors were OK, but I thought Gosselaar was kind of annoying. The funniest part was one of the mental guys they brought in who thought Bill Gates was trying to kill him. He was pretty funny, but they didn't have him in a lot of scenes. I didn't think it was close to Animal House, but then again, it is just my opinion. I thought the ending was pretty clever and kind of funny. That's about it for me though. I won't say it's overrated like many other people, because it's just my point of view, someone else might think this is the best movie ever. I wish they would have executed it a little bit better, it may have turned out kind of like Superbad. As I said, the plot was very good. Just some better dialogue, and maybe different actors. It would be kind of cool to see something like a remake. But that usually only happens with famous movies. Anyways, pretty boring.3/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film had some funny lines in it, but for the most part is one of those films you won't remember any of the lines from the next day, and a month later will have you wondering if you saw it or not at the video store. Some of the funny scenes were likely unintentional, such as having a bunch of actors nearing 30 playing 18 year olds. One of them even gets carded at a bar and pulls out a long succession of fake ID yet it is obvious he is over 21. Probably the funniest scenes involved the crazy roommate, such as when he pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the police during a high speed chase, "They hate it when you do this". But other than that, it was a good idea wasted on a boring script.

    It has it's moments, so it is a good time waster. But it is no where near as funny as other College movies such as Animal House. The jokes often seem tired and overdone, there was very little unexpected humour. Many of the lines are telegraphed from a mile away. Ho hum, not really a bad movie, just not a memorable one.

  • Flip P26 November 2002
    I had low expectations for "Dead Man on Campus", a MTV-produced comedy that showed all signs of being a mediocre teen flick with predictable sexual innuendo and sight gags; the only reason it ended up in my VCR was because it was either the video or studying. :)

    The protagonists (serious student Tom Everett Scott and hedonistic reveller Mark-Paul Gosselaar) of the show certainly understand the horrors involved with the latter, desperately seeking a suicidal roommate to invoke the long-forgotten school rule of "roommate offs self, traumatised surviving student gets straight A's". While the ads seem to predict to a series comic situations arising from the search, the film also reveals itself to be a buddy flick, and surprisingly, a contemporary fable.

    The gags are standard fare, with occassional moments of unexpected hilarity from psychotic roommate-candidate #1, played by Lochlyn Munro (Scary Movie). The theme of the film is low-brow, but the absurdity of the situations bar the audience from any feelings of guilty conscience. In addition, instead of descending into immorality, there is a surprising show of heart by both leads, the first choosing to resuscitate a friend who really does attempt suicide, and the other declaring his loyalty when the former attempts to jump off a bridge. Ultimately, that's what the theme of the film boils down to: friendship.

    "Dead Man on Campus" is a affable college buddy flick disguised as gross-out-teen-gagfest, though it manages to amuse and warm the heart without being overwrought. One of the better teen movies to date.
  • I didn't rent this. I bought it.

    It was one of those movies in the wooden crates at the video store that are cheaper to buy then to rent. So I bought and I was really surprised. For starters, I thought that it would suck considering that Zack from Saved by the Bell was in one of the leads. Whenever a movie tries to cast a star from the early 90's/late 80's sitcoms, the result is almost always disasterous, but not this time. He was funny, fresh and almost unrecognizable with the black hair and new attitude. Tom Everett Scott is also funny and perfectly cast as the college roommate, intent (at first) on making the top grades and becoming a doctor. Only problems is Zack who creates a minefield of temptations, including drugs, girls and late night out which quickly sink his grade point average to failing. This leads to the plot: If your roommate dies, you get straight A's. Of course, none of the above mentioned want to die, and since murder is out of the question, they start to look for suicidal candidates, with they can a share the dorm room with.

    This is where the movie gets fun. The candidates are all great characters with one exceptional one. A guy named Cliff. Cliff has to be one of the funniest characters I've ever seen, and especially in a movie like this, where the acting has to be taken with a grain of salt, he's a true standout. He alone is worth watching this film.
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