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  • I have seen most of the episodes from the two seasons of "The Hunger" the audacious project in sex and horror of the Scott brothers. Most of the 30 minutes episodes are based on well known horror stories from such terrific sources like Graham Masterton, David Schow, Poppy Brite, Karl Edward Wagner, Brian Lumley, Kim Newman (to name only a few), while directors are often very famous, like Russel Mulcahy or Tony Scott. First season was hosted by Terence Stamp, while the second by David Bowie. Most of the stories have a strong sexual element and almost all of them (especially in the second season) have one or more sex scenes, nudity and very often also graphic violence. Several of stories are really disturbing and among them there also a few masterpieces, like "Wrath of God", "Sin Seer" and "Week Woman" from season two, "Anais", "Necros" and "Bridal Suite" from season one. Apart from a few real turkeys, most of the stories are at least enjoyable for the horror fan and several of them are worth repeated viewings
  • Gluck-326 October 2001
    Not having cable, I recently discovered this series on DVD... the well-done horror based series is not easy to find, TALES FROM THE CRYPT being an exception, but this one seemed to deliver... some of the time. The DVD only featured four episodes from Terence Stamp's reign (David Bowie sounds like a promisingly good replacement, as at least he was in the original movie) and although not every segment packed a punch, a couple were pretty good... in particular, "Necros," directed by Russell Mulcahy. It was also interesting that the scenes involving passion were on the forceful side, as the typical Hollywood movie usually depicts such primal action as slow, tame, and loving.
  • "The Hunger" is a tour de force of passion and lust. Each tale, poetically introduced by Terrance Stamp in season one and David Bowie in season two, brings us into a world of unbridled, un-inhibited passion. The show preaches no self righteous moral, no great and uplifting message is hidden away and more often than not the ending is far from happy. "The Hunger" illustrates how lust is an essential part of our lives, that it need not be denied but is always dangerous.

    Episodes range from the comedic ("Matter of Style"), to Gothic horror ("Necros") and to the perverse ("The Sloan Men"). Based on stores from such talents as horror maestro Graham Masterton ("Bridal Suite" etc…) and directed by a range of highly talented auteur. "The Hunger" is a master class in style from directorial legends and brothers Ridley and Tony Scott.
  • This horror/SF/fantasy/soft-porn series, produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, is a kind of Twilight Zone for adults. There were two seasons on Showtime, the first with Terence Stamp as the host, the second with David Bowie.

    This show does emphasize style over substance and as with any anthology series there are a few clunkers in the bunch. Overall, the segments with the hosts (both Stamp and Bowie are superb) are reliably fascinating, at least visually. The stories vary from excellent to perplexing. As the series progresses the material becomes stronger and is frequently worthy of comparison to the revivals of Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, although there is more emphasis on horror...

    ...and there's plenty of rough-and-ready sex, which will be off-putting to some viewers. There are a few episodes in which the obligatory sex scene seems tacked on, but most of the time the sex has something to do with the story and is not gratuitous.

    There are 11 DVDs with four episodes apiece, containing all 44 episodes. These discs are hard to find; I have never seen them for retail sale except on Amazon, although my local Hollywood video had some of the discs for rent. The first disc is so under-produced it doesn't even have a menu! I highly recommend tracking these down if you can. Even if you don't like the story, the host sequence is worth the price of admission... and the theme song is dynamite. I only wish I could find a soundtrack CD; I doubt that one exists for a series this obscure.

    The Region 2 release features two season boxes, available on Amazon UK. If you're in Region 2 or have a Region 2 player, this is obviously the way to collect the series.
  • Brookic02 September 2009
    I have just discovered this anthology TV series. It's sort of like Masters of Horror (well it's an anthology series with different stories in each episode, but besides that they are not really that similar). I prefer this much more than I did Masters of Horror b/c it doesn't rely on gore to tell the story. Don't get me wrong I enjoy gore every now and then, but I felt MOH relied a little too much on it. Plus these stories are well thought out and I haven't found one yet that has been just flat out boring. I'm only half way through the first season and so far the stories that have stood out to me were The Swords, The Secret Shih-Tan, Bridal Suit, and the Sloan Men. A lot of these were short stories by really great British authors such as Graham Masterson and a few of the stories may of been from Canadian authors(not sure). Watching these even led me to look up some of the stories online and I found a great little book series of short stories called Hot Blood. I will say that I really enjoy reading Graham Masterson's short stories and I really wish they would of done episodes based on Changeling and Sex Object (although I guess that one would of been hard to duplicate onto the TV screen). I must say I love horror anthologies and this has truly been a hidden gem that I've discovered. Too bad that it didn't get much critical acclaim in the USA b/c I feel it could of been a huge hit with advertising. Possibly the next Twilight Zone or Outer Limits with a touch of horror and erotica. I love this and wish they'd make another horror/erotica anthology based off the Hot Blood series. There are some wonderful stories in those books. It's sad that we no longer have an anthology series airing on TV since they discontinued Fear Itself (which was okay, but it should never have been on regular TV programming it should of been on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax etc. that way it didn't have to be so dulled down). I just hope we don't have to wait too long until someone makes another anthology series, I don't even mind if it is more sci-fi like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits as long as we get a new one. I like having new twisted little stories every week, however I guess when I finish this series that I will have to rely on books to get my fix. Another thing I have learned is that the British have a lot to offer whether it be their novels/books/short stories or their TV shows. I had already fallen in love with The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and now I have discovered The Hunger and all these great authors. I just wish they'd bring more of this to the USA, I mean they get to see a lot more of our (the USA) media than we do theirs (British).
  • With a chocking story and a tastefull combination of erotism and horror they've created something never seen before.

    The story might not be the best, the actors might be poor, the the idéa is truly good, and the show is always enjoyable! What they show is not only fantasy, but sometimes an image of our darkest parts, which makes us tremble with excitement as we watch.

    Watching this is like looking deep into the eyes of a coldblooded murderer, the reflections of our world is not as they should be, it's charming but far out of our control.

    I'll not say this is the best thing I've ever seen, but it's certainly one of the things which has made me think the most.
  • This one sentence sums up the TV series 'The Hunger':

    Big budget softcore aimed at pseudo-intellectuals who cannot admit that they watch porn.

    Imagine the worst excesses of mediocre film students: pretentious dialogue, fast cutting, jumping backwards and forwards through the story, endlessly repeating visuals and dialogue, blatant weird sex - and attach it to a generous TV budget. It's TV Hell for anyone with taste. Someone needs to grab hold of the directors and slap them... hard (on second thoughts, they'd probably film it as an episode, so forget it).

    Do you think that crass and unsubtle plotting and dialogue linked to gratuitous sex makes interesting points about human nature? Are you deluded enough to think that throwing a camera around fast enough to induce epilepsy and hide the shoddy editing makes you a modern and talented director? If so, The Hunger is for you. Everyone else can go and rent some Playboy tapes - at least they get to the T&A quickly and don't make you feel seasick.
  • Thirty-minutes TV plays in the soft horror genre, elegant, witty and for the most delicate, with kinky, and, with to some degree creepy points.

    The DVD publications (York entertainment)is not at all complete, and messy too, bad edited, with no menues or contents, printed or digital. One of the best stories, "The Sloan Men", are unfortunately not available on DVD, and so "Anais", with host Terence Stamp at his most impressive. I find Terence Stamp much more amusing and icely-ironic than mr. Bowie. Sartorio, Copenhagen
  • This is a Canadian/British anthology series of erotic tales about every conceivable hunger. Terence Stamp hosts the first season and David Bowie does the second.

    I only have the first season although the Jennifer Beals episode from the second season is on the web. Stamp really camps it up. There is a bit of fun from that. There is an inverse relationship between the requirement for nudity and the ability of the actresses. The series starts off well with a memorable sword lady. The second episode has Lena Headey and Daniel Craig filming in Britain. After that, the show declines with a few exceptions. Often, it is the non-acting B-actresses who are willing to strip. The stories lack a certain drive. This is a cheaper series of the late 90s cable softcore era.
  • Scott Free produced this series based upon the Tony Scott movie 'The Hunger'.

    The meaningless stories have talented directors like Russel Mulcahy or the Scott brothers. Unknown actors and actresses play among the soft-sex, soft-horror elements and the impressive production design.

    So if you want sex, see something else. You like mystery? See the 'X-files'. Looking for crime? Stay tuned with 'Columbo'. But don't even waste your time on 'The Hunger'. Unless you want something called 'art'.
  • Serial ' Hunger ' have created on motives of the film of Toni and Ridley Skott with the same name. This surprising, bewitching narration about love and sex, treachery and death, secret passions and the deep feelings destroying a body and a soul. The new fascinating anthology of all forbidden and strange is removed on motives of the selected products of the best writers of the past and the present - Edgara Alan Po, Robert Bloha, Bryan Lamli and the founder ' Rambo' David Morrela.

    This serial the best in the genre. Looked all series of two seasons and could not admire with TALENTED directors, actors, the scenario. It is excellent also soundtrack, sounding in the end of each series! I even have created a site about a film and a serial "Hunger"! This site in Russian (and partially th English) language, but you may be to look a photo from a serial and a film under On page (GALLERY) Фотогалерея: The The site address: Come on a page! Best Regards, Igor
  • I wish I could rate this cheesy piece of crap so that I could let the world know how pathetic it is. This is not horror, it isn't even camp. It's a hodgepodge of cheesey dialogue, cheap horror props and lots of T&A. If you are looking for T&A with a campy horror edge, try The Bare Wench Horror instead.