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  • Metalfairy19 January 2005
    I was hooked on this programme when it first came out and now I have it on DVD, I can see just how fantastic this series is. Its a completely different take on the usual crime solving programme and the solutions to puzzles are absolutely amazing. I was constantly baffled and thought it was very clever the way Jonathan worked out some of the clues. Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin were absolutely fantastic in their parts, and I thought perfect for their roles. When Julia Sawahla replaced Caroline, I was dubious at first but she too was great in her role, despite not being the ultimate replacement for Caroline. I did not think any of the mysteries were at all daft, just very very clever and the chemistry between Alan and Caroline was fantastic.

    The guest stars were great in their roles, Annette Crosbie was particularly good in the House of Monkeys episode and it was a joy to see Bill Bailey pop up in the later series. I think, providing the mysteries keep coming, this programme can continue for maybe one or two series more.
  • For years now, I've heard my friends and relatives in the UK singing the praises of "Jonathan Creek". Unfortunately, I had never gotten the chance to experience the genius that is this show. But thanks to BBC-America, I can savor each and every mystery on Thursday afternoons (we get 2 episodes back-to-back!). I realize that, especially in the past 3 years, American television has consisted of a lot of very bad reality shows, and little else. Anything of substance is quickly taken off the air.. so that two more Real World/Survivor/Bachelor clones can take its place. There are millions of Americans who are starving for intelligent, thought-provoking entertainment. Of course Americans can handle "Jonathan Creek" -- why else would BBC-America continue to air it? This is an amazing show, and I truly wish our television big-wigs would realize that these kinds of shows work. Alan Davies is the ultimate anti-hero. Davies is gorgeous as the shy, rather nerdy, Jonathan. (I've developed a bit of a crush on him, to be honest :D) Maddy, played by the amazing Caroline Quentin, is the kind of role-model American women need: a tough-as-nails every-woman, who looks nothing like the malnourished actresses and models we see every day. The Americans who love this show are intelligent and witty, and we know good television when we see it.. and this is by far the best show I've had the pleasure of watching in a very long time.
  • I think Jonathan Creek is a wonderful show. The mysteries are excellent, much better than boring police dramas, and the charaterisation is superb. Obviously some episodes are better than others, but they are always good.

    I can't really see many reasons for people not liking the show. It's funny and cerebral at the same time which keeps you interested, also the way the story builds up very slowly is clever. The clues are always there for you to see, but I rarely ever get the mysteries before Jonathan tells me at the end. Jonathan and Maddy are the best team, and hopefully the next series will feature mainly Jonathan and Maddy solving the mysteries.
  • I never miss an episode of Jonathan Creek. This is one show that captures your attention from start to finish. It is brilliantly written, and equally brilliantly acted by both actors playing Jonathan and Maddie. I hope that this mystery is around for a long, long time. It would be a shame for it to end. It is better than any show made in the U. S., and the only one that comes close to it as far as total entertainment is CSI.

  • This has to be the best series made by the BBC for many years. The stories are well written, the acting by Alan Davies is great considering he's a comedian rather than a proper actor. The stories keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing till the very end.

    The earlier episodes are the best with Caroline Quentin as his tough as nails sidekick. The more recent episodes with Julia Sawalha from ab-fab fame are still good but they have become more predictable and silly at times - with the writers seeming to run out of ideas and Davies seems to be getting bored with it all, which is a shame because theseries is one of the most watched shows in Britain and is a change from the usual mind-numbing Saturday night crap:Pop idol, Blind date, Lotto show, casualty and many others.

    Please let this show continue for many years to come!

    My rating for earlier episodes 1997-2000:-10/10

    MY rating for recent episodes 2001-present :- 8.5/10

    Overall 9/10
  • Yes, I admit it, all my comments here are coloured by the fact that I loved this high quality, well written, funny, intelligent, crime-drama-comedy show since the pilot episode (The Wrestler's Tomb).

    Jonathan Creek is one great show: seemingly impossible murder mysteries combined with an interesting sexual tension between the two leads (at least, it was in the first 3 series when we had Maddy, not that I disapprove of Julia Sawalha) and some good comedy. The writing was great, the acting was likewise, and the show saw Alan Davies become a new "thinking woman's sex symbol" almost overnight. :P

    But seriously, Jonathan Creek deserves not only its BAFTA but also a place in the UKTV hall of fame.
  • I agree whole-heartedly with our other reviewer. This is an excellent series, and the chemistry between the lead characters is subtle and tangible. As of this writing, the series is currently airing on BBCA, and I would encourage viewers to check it out.
  • Barring two or three sitcoms it is the best show ever made in the UK.

    Words can't really describe how good this show is. In fact it is the only show made in the last ten years in England that would make you give up an entire Saturday night out for. Staying in to watch it would make it worthwhile.

    It keeps you on the edge of your seat from the start, continually guessing and playing detective and how Renwick comes up with the a different storyline each week is as incredible as his talent to do the same with One Foot In The Grave.

    To the people who were gripped by Sixth Sense and failed to guess the ending. Watch this and you'll see proper suspense. If you don't enjoy Jonathan Creek I really don't know what you expect from a TV programme. This show covers so many genres.
  • I loved this series with Carolyn Quentin as Maddy. However, after she left, it simply wasn't as charming. Maddy provided comic relief and believability in her character as unique and "real folkes". I watched the entire series. I am American and we seldom see really Smart TV series. Unlike most UK Series that I watch repeatedly, (on my 5th viewing of New Tricks & Dalziel) for their character driven shows, JC sold out after Maddy was replaced with a different type of female lead. Maddy and Jonathan were quirky and unique. As the show progressed it became "a sell-out" to American type-casting, pretty blondes all in a row. The following UK Series illustrate the wonderful beauty of realistic, "non-blonde stereotyping" and/or "pretty people" characters that I love. You can't beat Warren Clarke as Andy Dalziel in Dalziel & Pascoe, truly rare and beautiful in my eyes. Alum Armstrong as Brian in New Tricks. New Tricks, an older mature character driven series gives us a real Blonde role model. (America has only come close in The Closer and Major Crimes). Blonde Amanda Redman as Sandra was not at all typical, she was a real tough, non apologetic, non whinning, non flirting, character. Endeavor, Morse, Lewis, Frost, George Gently and more...all of these intelligent series have flawed real people as characters as real people. Jonathan Creek lost that when Maddy left the show. Jonathan turned into an odd unrealistic sham of a character after that and the show suffered. I finished the series only in hope that Maddy would return and Jonathan would return to his original "nerdiness" Maddy made the series and required me to research her SWEET choices in life.
  • I have to say that I really enjoy this series, but I did prefer Caroline Quentin to Julia Sawalha. Quentin could just deliver a better comedy performance and was less stilted. Not to criticise Sawalha's performance though, she was still a brilliant sidekick for Jonathan.

    The basic premise of the series is that magicians assistant Jonathan Creek and in the first 3 series writer Maddy Magellan are invited to solve seemingly impossible murders and crimes. Jonathan uses his skills of logic to determine exactly what happened, and it is usually the most complex set of incidents. What makes the series so good is the comedy moments. Quentin and Davies are the perfect coupling. My favourite episode would have to be "Ghost's Forge". It is brilliantly written, and has a twist where Maddy gets her own back on Jonathan and leaves him with a mystery to solve. The shocking twist at the end though where the mystery is solved was a great case of misdirection. Personally I think it could survive another couple of specials and a series, but much more and the stories will start to dry up and it would lose it's edge. It would be great if a series was made for this year then Caroline Quentin could return for a one-off Christmas special and then put an end to the series, it would be able to go out on a high that way.

    Overall I would say this is a fantastic series, but a warning to the writers, you can have too much of a good thing!!
  • Jonathan Creek is an excellent British Television series - all about mystery and the why's and how's. It was written by the great, David Renwick, who wrote One Foot in the Grave and like that he manages to make unlikely scenarios very believable! Full of comedy - this is true classic Renwick humour and true classic British humour.

    Creek is a laid back unassuming man, who is the clever mind behind a magician's illusions. His friend, Maddie is an investigative journalist who seems to walk into mysteries, persuading Creek to work it out for her. The part of Jonathan Creek is played by the well known stand up comedian, Alan Davies, who can be seen in the quiz show QI and Maddie is played by another well know comedian, Caroline Quentin. This makes very clever TV with some very clever plots and mysteries.

    Well worth watching this programme on one of the repeat channels or buying on DVD -you'll love it.
  • I have nothing but praise for this programme. Each episode is a unique challenge that keeps you guessing to the end, and is a fantastic talking piece for weeks to come. The fantastically clever script is brought to life by an extremely well chosen cast, with Caroline and Alan and the rest providing a subtle yet and suitable humour that brings each programme to life and helps provide yet another reason to view. All i can say is give it a go, you will soon find yourself hooked, and trying to playing detective, unsuccessful though until Johnathan provides us with that final part of the mystery.
  • akbrown18 September 2001
    One of the most appealing things about this series is the disarming charm of Alan Davies as Jonathan Creek. My husband and I discovered this show on BBC America a few weeks ago, and have been addicted ever since. The character of Jonathan Creek, in spite of his very unique job skills, is so shy and unassuming that he could easily be the quiet neighbor next door. There is no pretention about him, as seen in so many other classic detective-style protagonists. And Alan Davies, with his classical Dickensian-features delivers this remarkable character beautifully and credibly. He is a joy to watch, and endearing to the audience. Jonathan is also a wonderful straight-man for the flamboyant Maddie, played by Caroline Quentin. Maddie is fun, resourceful, and all that much more enjoyable because she's not some twiggy fashion plate. Like Jonathan, Maddie is a very credible character with very human frailties and aspirations. The romantic tension between them is marvellously well paced as they work together, solve mysteries and otherwise drive each other to distraction. The characters are well developed and far more than 2 dimensional detectives, and the plots are nearly impossible to second-guess.

    Of special note is the presence of Anthony Stewart Head playing Adam Klaus at the start of the series. American audiences may mostly recognize him as Rupert Giles on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. But he was deliciously smarmy as the self-indulgent stage magician Klaus, and absolutely wonderful to watch in this series.

    Overall, if you're a fan of puzzling whodunits mixed with very fun and unique character concepts, Jonathan Creek is well worth a watch!
  • O.K, I actually haven't seen the whole series, but from the one one season I've seen this is the best mystery TV series ever made, and its writers' ability to invent new mysterious situations all the time makes them, in my opinion, to the modern version of Agatha Christie. In addition, the writers succeed keeping the series' special sense of humor even in the most thrilling scenes. I've never heard of someone that could figure the mysteries out by himself before Jonathan and Maddy reached the real solution. A breathtaking original series! The best one by the BBC SELECT! Absolutely a Must-See!
  • Can't they do a Johnathon Creek special like they did for The Office? They can't leave it so open-ended! I want Jonathon and Maddy to ride off into the sunset together!! I need closure and I need it now!!! * NOTE: They have book tours in England, why can't Maddy just suddenly show up for a book tour and meet up with Jonathon--then they can get things together, finally, so I can stop watching the old episodes crying in despair (lol) that it will all 'end badly'--I think that the ABFAB kid is okay but she doesn't have the on-screen chemistry with Alan Davies (going out or not) That Caroline Quentin had with him. So her leaving the acting world shouldn't put a damper on the plans...and I'm just babbling on so I can fill the ten line requirement.
  • lookintx1 November 2018
    I loved the first three seasons when Caroline Quentin was his costar, I would have rated it 9! It was funny, there was a bit of sexual tension, just all around more imaginative and interesting. After she left the series he was given a now married ex-girlfriend as his sidekick and it was such a let down. Then he gained a ton of weight, got married and it slid even further downhill. Boring, unimaginative and hard to watch.
  • First 3 episodes were great. I loved the series. Boring with the last two characters of Adam and Joey disappeared and up popped a wife. Disappointed after that. I could only watch a couple season 5 episodes. The appeal and chemistry of characters vanished.
  • Hooked up on the series quickly, very funny and love how they are thinking through the impossible crimes. However after Quentin left it's not as funny anymore.. She made Creek interesting. Otherwise I would have given a 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is in the English tradition of the « independent » investigator who helps the police solve some bad criminal cases essentially with their mind power and their observation power. The great model of them all is Sherlock Holmes but many more were invented and developed in detective story literature, especially female specimens like those of Agatha Christie. In this case the main mind, Jonathan Creek, is associated to a woman who is a reporter or writer of some kind. They are only interested in complex cases, especially having to do with some surreal or super-real elements. Jonathan Creek is by profession the technical inventor of a very successful magician, a certain Adam Klaus. So there is always the disappearing of a criminal or of some artifact, or some illusion that has to be placed back in context, and that cannot be explained at all with normal physical considerations. In other words magic. Then the stories always add a personal element about the victims and the people around the victims that is strange too and has to do with some kind of mysterious business often shown as a scam. The object here is to show that most "magicians" are nothing but crooks who pretend they are performing something supernatural, only when they are performing a sham, an illusion, a treacherous dishonest act. The stories are extremely inventive and the situation in which Jonathan Creek and his female associate finds themselves are often hairy and frightening. Generally it ends up in the hands of the police except from time to time when they decide it is worth a special treatment. The second Christmas special is typical at that level. Satan's Chimney really is Satan's Chimney. Of course not the Satan you may think of, but quite a different one that has not been living since the Middle Ages, but one of blood and flesh today. That Satan is so perverted that he leads some people into doing some so unnatural things that the name of Satan is by far miles away from his reality. The second quality of this series is that, being a BBC production, it has no advertising and an hour is an hour. I must say that is slightly different from the one hour American series that are reduced to a small 45 minutes, when so much, because of the advertising that is interspersed in the show. The extra fifteen minutes gives the story some depth because they just have the time to build that depth and there is only one enigma in each episode which makes it possible to concentrate on the details, and that once again is a major difference with American series in the field, today imitated by some European series, particularly French series. That's definitely a positive point. If you add to that the acting that is perfect, even at times more than perfect you nearly have a totally admirable picture. But in fact there is another essential element that is 100% British. It is humour (note the spelling of course). At times it is gross, at times it is subtle, or sexual, or political, or whatever but it is humour all right and it gives the series a catching look that you cannot miss. You laugh in the midst of the worst details of the worst crimes you can imagine. Finally we will note the police is practically always shown under a non-negative light, often positive, and some times not too swift. There is a nasty copper from time to time just to spice up the vision. This series is worth the numerous hours it covers at least 1,000%.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Paris 8 Saint Denis, University Paris 12 Créteil, CEGID
  • Jonathan Creek is not your normal mystery series. Its ideas are inventive and the cases are as ingenious as Jonathan is himself. The real strength of the show comes from the budding relationship between the two main leads, Jonathan and Maddy. If you're a fan of mysteries, you'll love it; and if you're not a fan, it will convert you.
  • Jonathan Creak is a great comic who dun it in the great mold of The Thin Man. Alan Davis is wonderful as the title character who always get himself in the worst of predicaments, and Caroline Quentin is also great as his partner in crime. Great mysteries with a great flare of comedy and magic make this the best British import since Cracker (Which By the way air back to back On BBC America if you get cable)

    Can't wait for new episodes.
  • Doctor-391 October 1999
    I first found about this program on a visit to London, where I found it to be a rather interesting twist on the reluctant detective character. Now imagine my surprise and joy at finding my local PBS station is now playing one more enjoyable program.
  • Toppy23 November 1998
    I was introduced to this program through PBS about 6 months ago. I don't think I have missed one since. I find it sweet, cute and refreshing. It is fun to watch two people enjoying problem solving and each other.
  • This is one of the best in the genre of murder mysteries. From the casting, to the script, to the haunting theme music of the Danse Macabre, this series continues be consistently entertaining. The inventive mysteries test your lateral thinking.

    The use of a magic designer to help solve unsolvable crimes is unusual, and pairing his quiet introspection with the overly enthusiastic ramblings of the writer who tries to talk him into these mysteries is quite simply excellent.

    Watch and try to figure it out before Jonathan Creek, all the clues are there on screen.
  • I've watched Jonathan Creek since it began in 1997, it's well written and the actors manage to successfully balance both drama and comedy. Alan Davies plays the part well, as does Caroline Quentin and later on in the programs history Julia Sawalha. The show has had appearances from some very well known actors and other Comedians in the UK, like Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Maureen Lipman, Jack Dee, Rik Mayal and Adrian Edmonson. David Renwick uses similar humour to the Sitcom 'One Foot in the Grave' (which he also created). The comedy in Creek is usually about the normal things that occur in life that can turn out to be completely stupid in practice. Definitely worthy of another series.
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