• Richard Peplinski23 January 2001
    Excellent Show
    This show is one of the few that I attempt to regularly tune into each week. I'm not a die hard fan analyzing every sentence/glance/breath of every character, but I certainly enjoy the show. A person who says this show has poor acting or poor character/plot development is most likely disappointed by every TV series and not being fair to the genre. This show says more with a moment of silence than most shows say in an hour of dialog. It is impossible for a show that has run as long as this one to dot every "i" and cross every "t", of course there will be holes. But by and large the show remains true to itself and at the top of it's genre. The acting and action are appropriate, the plot works well enough to be create a suspension of disbelief and the character development is the best I've witnessed from any long term series.

    Thank you for creating a thoroughly entertaining show, I will miss it greatly after this season.
  • slr42912 November 2004
    No need to trash this series - it was fantastic!
    I totally disagree with the first comment. The TV series "La Femme Nikita" took the premise from the original French movie and went in a different direction. It had a new look, feel, and style from what most audiences were used to - and the cast, writers, and crew did a great job.

    My favorite is the 1st season. I think the storyline went off the rails after the 3rd season (Michael with a wife and kid), but I still tuned in every week! The interest in LFN the series was global - many Web sites were created and dedicated to the show's characters and actors who portrayed them. I hadn't seen such enthusiasm for a TV show in a long time, and it was great.

    It was my favorite show of the 90's, that's for sure, and the show has definitely made an impact on other TV series and even movies.
  • Kyrian321 June 1999
    What TV Shows should be like...!
    I think this is one of the best written shows on television today! The creators of this series are really in-tune with what a tv "series" should be like. They are not afraid to have really good character development.

    But each episode is also great on its own! They have got an incredible blend of character development and action and intrigue all blended together in each episode (granted with differing amounts in each episode).

    The cast is truly amazing at creating the complex relationships (so that you never see the "same old" interactions all the time). And each episode delves a little deeper into at least one character (and not just the main one or two characters, but there are six relatively majorly developed characters).
  • sychonic5 October 2000
    Dark, violent, cool
    It seems that one genre of film has rarely been successfully translated to tv: The spy film. Can't think of one off the top of my head--except the cartoons like Lancelot Link and Danger Mouse. I suppose in the sixties--Man From Uncle, Mission Impossible.

    But here comes La Femme Nikita, a very stylish show, no question, with a certain ruthlessness about it that seems cold and dangerous. Everyone in it seems to adequately convey the sense of dangling over a precipice, waiting for the stark harsh powers to send them to their doom. But until then, they combat various and sundry international terrorists.

    While the acting never really rises above adequate--the dialogue really doesn't allow it, the characterizations themselves are rather enjoyable. Megalomaniac Operations, icy Madelaine, zombie like Michael, etc. There's a certain menace that hangs in the air, as if even humanistic Nikita wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in you were the situation to require it.

    I'm not suprised this show draws a devoted following--probably some who put it in the same late nineties genre of women wandering around beating the hell out big bad men (see VIP, Xena, Buffy, etc) But it's rather a bit more than that, the plots are routinely more complex than most spy movies--the last few James Bond movies in particular, maybe they could donate a few writers to the cause in bringing some life in that series.

    The endless maneuvering for advantage, the incredible withering amorality, the sudden violence ... and don't forget the clothes, all give this a pretty slick, sexy feel to it. Like a very shiny, glistening new gun--lethal, but undeniably attractive.
  • mjb16067 December 1999
    Great Show.
    When "La Femme Nikita" premiered I thought the show would be a typically cheesey USA show: no plot, lots of naked women. To my surprise I genuinely think the show is among the best on TV.

    The show's plots are complex and well-thought, taking the usual conventions of the action genre and turning them on their head. Even Peta Wilson, who looked like she was originally cast in the title role solely on her looks, has turned out to be a talented actress. She lends an emotional depth to the role of Nikita that is surprising.

    Very good.
  • TxMike1 January 2001
    Uniformly fine TV series, a mix of bad/good people make for exciting viewing.
    The TV series, "La Femme Nikita" is a spin-off of the fine early-90s French film, "Nikita". Although it does not try to look like the original, it has spun its own look that is every bit as captivating as the film, for a TV series. Peta Wilson who stars a Nikita is so perfect for the role she has created that it is impossible to imagine anyone else playing it now. She is all-in-one beautiful, sensitive, tough, loyal, in a superb acting job. I suspect the real Peta Wilson is not too far away from this character.

    I find the series so captivating because of its mix of good and bad. "The Section" exists to foster good in the world, but any means justifies the end, and a lot of people, both innocent and crooked, get in the way and get "eliminated". However, Nikita and Michael both have consciences and in every episode there are ambiguous situations that their characters must deal with. You can't watch it and not ask what you would do in a similar situation. The dark tone of the show, the clandestine operations, the high-tech tracking and communications, the action - it all blends to pull you in and keep you in its grip, until the episode is over. Today, 01/01/01, USA network is running a "Nikita" marathon - 12 straight hours of the best episodes. Very compelling watching.

    DEC2004 update: I am watching the DVDs for season one, very nice set.
  • mowzerific27 April 2001
    Superb Noir Highly Developed Characters
    This series is unique. Unlike the banal witty dialog in all of today's action series...this one was quite different and pleasing. Finely emotionally nuanced so that communication takes place by a glance or a turn of the head. This series is the antidote for all other series where everything is conveyed via dialog and nothing by character development. An organization dedicated to public good, but using evil techniques. Are its principals evil themselves or simply amoral? Characters have everything money can buy, but freedom or individual destiny. Nikita herself flourishes at Section, and is redeemed from a meaningless life on the streets..but is this redemption worth it? Does she lose herself or find herself? The moral contradictions alone are spellbinding. I recommend following director Joel Surnow's work for similar treatment of new series.
  • mishabri-130 July 2006
    The best t.v. show ever!!! If you liked Alias or 24, watch this....
    La Femme Nikita was groundbreaking and would've been on a lot longer had it aired on a major network. This was really the first time a female was given a strong, intelligent starring role on a t.v. series. The writers/directors of this show have gone on to write and direct for the popular "24" starring Keifer Sutherland, and several actors from Nikita show up in "24". The technology used in the show was incredible for the time. The actors are all first rate and it's the characters in the show that keep you coming back. "Alias" was a direct ripoff of this series, but it wasn't nearly as well done as Nikita. The fan base for this show was huge, and still is even though it is no longer airing. Roy Dupuis (Michael) is a huge star in Canada and his take on the role is perfect. His minimalistic style is what you would expect from a member of the world's most covert anti-terrorism group. Peta Wilson (Nikita) is believable in her role, unlike many females in physical roles. All of the supporting actors are great and many have had vast and varied careers.
  • oceanair312 April 2005
    Roy Dupuis-World Class Actor - Best series I've ever seen...
    Get ready for a series that is a class act. This is top notch entertainment at it's best. I only hope to see a series as good as this again in my life. Bravo! Roy Dupuis has made his own that which is hidden in the core of all human beings but discernible in few actors to this degree. This man is connected interiorly in a way that makes him beautiful to watch: beauty in motion. Some actors acrobatics of technique without depth, leave me feeling flat and uninspired. They lack a digested understanding of who they are. Roy Dupuis is the antithesis of this. Deeply connected to himself, an almost unspoken spirituality is conveyed through his eyes. Without saying a word this actor has the power to deeply effect you. A humble strength emerges from a deep inner awareness of who he is mixed with a humility that has to be owned before it can be acted. And to the viewer understood before it can be seen. Anyone writing this actor off as not noteworthy is probably also walking by the perfume of roses, saying there is no beauty or heavenly fragrance left anywhere. Roy Dupuis is an enormous boon to the best series I've ever seen in my life. What is so captivating about this show is that it fills that human need to see who we are in the fullness of our humanity when that very thing is stripped of us and not allowed to be. At first glance it may appear all the key players in Section One are ruthless, uncaring human beings. However, the reality is these actors, especially Roy, (because of his choice of characterization) have had to shut down and hide their humanity in order to survive the Section, while still letting us see who they are. Cloaked in his "dark" Euro-slick wardrobe Michael is cool incarnate. How cool? It's never been this cool. There is a reason there is such a demand for this series. When life and death hang in the balance moment by moment, and still you see Michael and Nikita willing to die for each other, you feel your own humanity touched a little, and you want more of this series that takes you a little deeper than the rest of what's on the market for our viewing. Like I said, get ready for a series that is a class act. This is top notch entertainment at it's best. Bravo!
  • F r a n z18 June 2000
    Anti-terrorism at its best on television
    La Femme Nikita is a show for all the "secret agent" fans out there. With a well constructed on-going script, excellent believeable acting, and awesome settings. It's a show that I can't bear to miss every week. One of my all time favourite series'.
  • mellow407 May 2004
    Not 24
    True, La Femme Nikita is no "24"..it's better than 24.If it wasn't for LFN there would be no 24. Joel Surnow creator of 24 was a script writer for LFN. It set the standard for 24 and Alias. La Femme Nikita had it's own style of story telling that was intriquing and left you wanting for more. The characters were complex and the actors put all their focus into giving the best performances out there. The soundtracks were outstanding and the wardrobe dept always outdid themselves. I for one think that the series was much better than both "Nikita" and "Point of No Return". It was a shame that the show had to end. Face it 24 and Alias-just copies of a good thing.
  • storm_95219 August 2005
    La Femme Nikita beats " Alias" hands down!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Having been an avid fan of Alias, I was quite surprised to see how much in common both shows are. However, as I continued to watch LFN I became more enthralled with the depth of the whole concept between the two main characters, Michael and Nikita (does he or doesn't he?). As opposed to Sydney and Vaughn, these two put relationships into a whole new category. I found myself watching entire seasons on DVD back to back. I could not get enough. The method in which the story unfolds will make you want to go back to previous episodes to see if you missed something, because it always feels like it was just there a moment ago. I would recommend any Alias fan to try LFN, so much alike yet so far apart.
  • Irina5 January 2014
    Excellent but......underrated
    "Nikita" (1990) was very interesting. Luc Besson did a great job. "Point of No Return" (1993, American remake) was decent too. "Nikita" (2010-2013) was not my cup of tea. Just my own opinion.

    This TV series is one of the best TV shows from the 90's. This version of Nikita is my favorite and always will be. Peta Wilson did a wonderfully great job. She was perfect! Roy Dupuis was stunning as Michael Samuelle. The whole cast was impressive - Don Francks as Walter, Matthew Ferguson as Birkoff, Alberta Watson as Madeline, Eugene Robert Glazer as Operations.....they all were amazing!! NO exaggeration here.

    The story line and pacing were intriguing PLUS many intense/suspense moments. The series keeps getting better with every new season.

    Brilliant series!!!
  • jcdc354 January 2006
    Great Show
    I loved this show and never missed an episode. I thought it was suspenseful and well written. I was fully involved in this program. It will be sorely missed.

    I cannot understand why we don't even get re-runs. I think the acting was well done and the characters detailed. I think the relationship between Nikita and Michael was intense and riveting. I have seen repeated episodes of garbage shows on television and I do not understand why no network thinks this show is worth repeating. I was hoping they would make another movie perhaps letting us know what happened after wards. I guess the actors have moved on. I think the original movie was very good and think the television show was a testament to it.
  • isikmater26 December 2005
    One of the Best Shows Ever, deserves much more attention!!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    First of all i'd like to tell you that i watch lots of TV shows, so i'm kind of an expertise on this area. In my opinion, La Femme Nikita is unique, this show touches people in a very different way, i mean the plots, the characters, the soundtrack they're very different from the other TV shows which we used to watch. For example, have you ever seen a blood tear in a TV show??? You can see this kind of extraordinary stuff a lot in this show. About the characters, Nikita is very sweet, very nice, totally gorgeous and brave, Birkoff the genius one, he's a very special and a good guy, Walter; he's very funny and flirty :)). Operations; i know lots of people doesn't like him but for me he's kinda good guy, his biggest problem is being so much greedy i guess, you know that greed (avarice)is one of the seven deadly sins. Anyway, my favorites; Madeline and Michael, This two characters are the ones that you can never see on a TV show. Madeline; She is Section's second-in-command, master strategist and psych op, she's very confident, a very Strong type, very very smart and very cool, Alberta Watson did a very good job with this character. And Michael(Roy Dupuis)without him, this show couldn't affects lots of people this much. There's something special about him, this character doesn't talk to much but with one look he can tell a story, he's very very cool, maybe the coolest character in the TV world. The chemistry between him and Nikita is so strong that you can believe that they a real-life couple. About the soundtrack, you can hear Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Enigma, Morcheeba, Garbage and this kind of cool groups and the original score of Sean Callery he did a very good job (especialy in 3x16- I remember Paris).Anyway, I always wonder why this show didn't become more popular like 24 or Alias. It deserves much more attention. So my advice to you is, you should watch this show if you don't watch it until this time. But i have to warn you!! This show makes addiction, once you watch it you can never leave it :)) 9.5/10
  • poisondel23 September 2009
    Wonderful Show
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've recently seen this show and I want to add that I love the plot, the show atmosphere and the characters complexity, not to mention that the suppressed attraction between the main characters, Nikita and Michael it's breathtaking and intense.

    I think Peta Wilson was wonderful for Nikita's role, she's very beautiful, but her beauty isn't fragile. She's perfect, first of all because she is a tall strong woman. If she were to be an anorexic fragile lady it wouldn't be too believable that she could actually kick down trained big muscular men.

    Not to mention Roy Dupuis who plays Michael, he's acting was amazing. The character is cool, strong and icy cold and he hides incredibly well his humanity. The fact is he feels a lot, his look says all. I'm stunned by his performance on the show.

    I'm not yet sure which is my favorite episode, I guess there are more.

    I had some minor disappointments; for example when season 3 started and most of the characters got a haircut. They looked terrible, like some evil hairdresser caught them all, Nikita was the only one who avoided having her hair cut for the time being, by some evasive maneuver, I'm sure.

    One other thing that was not too great is the way Madeline and Operations go down. This characters have strong personalities, they are very intelligent and always follow their interest, planning webs in manipulating everyone else. It's not too believable the way they end. It seems rather rushed. In fact season 5 doesn't have the same approach and feeling as the other seasons. I don't know what happened here, why they hurried, but in the end at least remains credible, it could have been worse.

    I think that old TV series, "La Femme Nikita"s show, as well are better developed then the new ones. These days most of the series seem shallow, with some exceptions of course.

    Other things I like about "La Femme Nikita"'s show was the technology they use, considering the series is filmed in the late 90's and early 2000 it quite stands for our days.

    The soundtrack is great too, the songs fits perfectly with the scenes they're added to enhancing the moments.

    In one word this series has become one of my favorite. So if you like the "Secret Agent" theme, suspense, romance and espionage go for it. Everyone in it did a great job and it's worth it all.
  • margotgabriele15 January 2003
    That's two you can meet outside....
    It really isn't fair to compare the American dud, 'Point Of No Return' to the amazing show that the Canadians have made in 'La Femme Nikita'. Having been a fan that has followed the series to a convention-goer for 'Close Quarters Standby' and everywhere in between, I can tell you that, from all aspects, this show was far superior to its current imitators. Alias, She Spies, and all of that other dreck are simply wanna-bes, as has been commented by many critics. And obviously it was worth it to even see one more season. Hey, some fans even *paid* for it! We were in TV Guide, for crying out loud! Don't see anyone doing that for most *major-league* stations. What does that tell you?
  • CATKNSN-210 September 1998
    This is the best show on television
    Some friends talked me into giving this show a try and I have never regretted it. This is as intelligent as television gets. Sure, you can watch and enjoy it just as what it is on the surface - a stylish spy action /drama crossover - but when you go beyond that, this is a show that dissects human morality and interpersonal relationships with a frightening precision. You never quite know what is right or wrong, who's lying and who's telling the truth, and just when you think you've figured out a character, another surprise is thrown at you. Plus the acting is just incredible - there isn't a weak link in this cast. If you're not afraid of a show that will challenge you, check out La Femme Nikita.
  • jdohearn6 October 2003
    Best TV Show Ever - no contest !
    The best show ever - there will never be another like it!!! This says it all - there are no further comments necessary! All main characters portrayed are perfectly executed ! I have all 96 episodes on tape and Series 1 on Digital Video Disc. Now only waiting for the rest of the series' to follow. Hopefully soon.
  • bogus_fn8 September 2011
    One of the best series ever made (maybe spoiler-ish)
    Warning: Spoilers
    LFN is one of my all time favorites. The cast is absolutely wonderful, the writing is brilliant and the soundtrack is exceptional.

    The series altogether is exciting, unpredictable, luring and very sensual. At first glance you might think it's only some blonde chick blowing up buildings, but there's a great depth to all the main characters that slowly unravels throughout the series. The use of innovative technology is quite striking for 1997 which makes it even more appealing.

    Aside for being drop dead gorgeous, Peta Wilson does a wonderful job in bringing great vulnerability and emotion to the character of Nikita. The progress of the character throughout the series is credible and convincing. Roy Dupuis as Michael is absolutely fascinating. Alberta Watson is amazing as well as the supporting cast. Most importantly, the chemistry between the actors, especially Peta and Roy, is mesmerizing and just a joy to watch.

    The only reason LFN doesn't get a 10 from me is S4, which almost from the start suffered greatly from bad writing to the point of ruining most beloved characters, as well as its finale which was horrid for most LFN fans. Luckily they salvaged what they could with the short S5 which leaves you with a good taste. S2 is the absolute best in my opinion although the whole of the first 3 seasons is excellent. If you watch S4, be sure not to miss S5 though :)

    I believe this series is wonderful to watch even in 2011 and I highly recommend it as one of the best ever made.
  • dushieblue24 March 2008
    A gem! *one possible spoiler*
    Warning: Spoilers
    Let me just first the state the lesser aspects of this show: It was clearly all shot in Canada. Nothing against Canada, but this is supposed to be an international anti-terror organization. Also, somewhere in the 4th season there were some pointless developments. For instance: killing off Birkoff only to have him be replaced by his twin with a terrible southern accent. Why? Also, the 'bad guys' were not well developed. They didn't seem to have a coherent plan or ideology.

    Now the good stuff: Amazing, amazing writing and acting. Like I've said before: the 'bad guys' were not well developed, but to be completely honest they were really not needed, other than to show Section 1 actually doing it's job and fighting international terrorism. The focus was much more on the internal affairs within Section 1. Lines between good and evil were blurred or didn't exist at all. Moral issues were raised. For instance: how far is too far when fighting terrorists when their goal is to maximize civilian casualties. What I liked most about this show was that it raised moral issues without showing a political preference. Even a pacifist could relate to the difficult decision raised time and time again: kill one to safe a hundred? When do you have the right to make such decisions, and at what point do you go from being on the 'right side' to become like the ones you're trying to stop? Also, what makes us human? A large part of the show deals with the very essence of what makes us human, either it being having emotions and acting on them or not having them at all for the sake of others.

    Another amazing aspect of the show is the acting. Peta Wilson does an amazing job of mixing emotion with the ruthless world Nikita lives in, while she tries to figure out just what amount of compassion will let her save as many people as possible without becoming a robot. You also see a gradual development in Nikita's character throughout the show. She becomes more aware of her environment, but still holds on to that little spark of humanity. Roy Dupuis is also amazing. Many have commented on his wooden acting, but that was the whole point of his character. When Nikita joins Section 1 he has been there quite a few years and has learned that showing any emotion will be regarded as a weakness. Even the development of the relationship between Michael and Nikita is superb. Throughout the show right into season 4 you always keep wondering if Michael does really love Nikita or this is part of some grand design. He saves her life time and again, but then plays around with her emotions for the good of the mission.

    Operations and Madeline are also brilliantly played. Madeline always has this air of warmth over her, yet when you come to know her better you realize she's not much more than a calculating robot. Operations is also played to perfection. He seems to have some humanity left in him but doesn't seem to let him stop him. He also comes across as hungry for power, but within the barriers of fighting terrorism. Watching the show from beginning to end always keep you wondering if you will ever see a weakness in these two.

    As for the last episodes of the show, season 5 did feel a bit rushed (although we can't blame the writers for that), but did conclude with a satisfying ending. The reason this show worked in spite of its small budget was that the writers didn't treat the viewers as complete idiots and weren't afraid to make loved characters do things that would be considered 'bad'. Nikita had compassion but shot someone when needed. Operations and Madeline ruled Section 1 with an iron fist, but also had to be at the very least as good as the other side in order to save people.

    I simply loved this show, it wasn't simply entertaining but also made you wonder. Wonder about motivation, about morality and about the world being a grey area, rather than black and white.
  • soundandvision27 November 2002
    Absolutely fantastic.
    I think the actors are very convincing in each of their roles. I like the held back controlled demeanor from each of them and think that it is necessary to convey the tension among the characters in the series. The plots of each mission are very well laid out and intricate with great twists and sub plots. I prefer Peta Wilson as Nikita. I like everything about the series, down to the music and directing. I was actually surprised to hear that someone could speak so poorly about it, since I obviously admire it so. La Femme Nikita makes a very wonderful show and I urge anyone who liked the movie, or who just enjoys exciting plots and characters, to watch the show for themselves.
  • pocono16 May 1999
    This is must see tv
    I never thought that I would be interested in a show like this but if you are not a fan of Nikita you should be. One of the biggest things with this show is the suspense. The writers can leave you on the edge of your seat with interesting story lines and different fastballs that prove that as much as you think you know about the plot line that it is NEVER enough. And who could forget about the acting? Peta Wilson is a diamond as Nikita, the strong willed women who will do anything to become one of them. And then there is Roy Dupris as Michael, the dark cold and calculation man who might be in love with Nikita but you would never know. Dupris brings so much depth to the show. Out and out I leave you with the fact that if you don't like this show yet just watch it one time and you will be hooked as it is Must See TV
  • Mar-mx8 August 2001
    The quality of the show was great
    I have always though that the quality (calidad) is very important for everything and i only can said that that tv serie always mantained that. I will always remember LFN because of a great music, a great locations, great actors, that not only trapped me (and many others) with their lines but with their expressiones, their looks (specially Roy Dupuis, who proved to be a incredible actor), the scenery, the make-up, the great clothe, etc. And all the stories that made us watch the show for 5 years.

    It was a fantastic show that i really recomend.
  • W_P_C9 October 1998
    Wonderful and Intelligent Television
    I just love this show! USA has done it again! This show does not treat you like you are a moron. It is exciting, action-packed and edgy. The characters are complex, interesting, and like all humans, flawed. If you are looking for a great show on Sunday nights-Here it is! The cast is amazing. It's a must see for me!
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