There was never any paper used in the Section.

The show ran five seasons. The season number determined the number of words in an episodes title (i.e., all third season episodes had three words in their title).

The series' original cancellation in 2000 was due to a dispute between Wilson and the producers of the show over Wilson being offered the role of Jean Grey in 'X-Men' (2000) and asking to be released from her contract early so she could participate. The producers refused and Wilson refused to renew her contract.

Don Francks (Walter) originally read for the part of Operations.

According to creator Joel Surnow, nobody liked Roy Dupuis ("Michael") the first two episodes because of the slow way he interpreted his role and his lack of emotions, but by episode 3, people understood he'd made the right choices for his part.

Peta Wilson was the second or third actress who read for Nikita. She was selected after they had auditioned some 200-300 actresses, according to Joel Surnow.

In the first episode of season one, "Nikita", footage taken from the movie Point of No Return (1993) is used while Nikita is sliding down the garbage chute when she's in the restaurant.

Eugene Robert Glazer was one of the first actors who auditioned for Operations.

Composer Sean Callery was made to listen to "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop and told by Joel Surnow it was "the heart and soul of the show". Callery drew inspiration from it and from European techno-pop to create the score for LFN.

When Nikita works undercover, she always uses her real name.

In the original film as well as the remake, Nikita murders someone and is found guilty. In the TV show, she did not murder anyone, and is found guilty anyway.

For the first seasons on the French version, the Quebec broadcast had Roy Dupuis dubbing himself in a Montreal studio and was sent to Paris for final post-synchronization with the French cast. However, at one point, the actor was not available for dubbing his voice, the voice of Jean-Philippe Puymartin was heard in French for the remaining of the series.