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  • Rich Brown was so funny as Frank Hope! I have even met him in person and he's the coolest guy I have ever known! No one is funnier than Rich. 'Oddville' was a one of a kind show and it is a shame that MTV took it off the air. I would highly recommend trying to get copies of these shows any way you can. And I can't wait to see what Rich's next big venture is!!!
  • flint_fireballs16 November 2006
    This show was complete garbage, and I'm pretty sure that's why they only made a few episodes. Not to say MTV makes great shows, but this was just one of many they seemed to try out for a few weeks, and finally bombed out. The host was uninteresting and had an annoying voice, the silent guy with the bald spot was boring, and the guests were usually a hoax. About half the time, the guests were authentic people with "odd" pastimes, abilities, etc.(still not interesting), but the other half of the show's guests were obviously paid to act that way. You could always tell which ones were the fakes. You'd get authentic guests like someone who was double jointed or something, then you'd see the completely fake, paid-by-MTV type guests who showcased their dance routine based on the underdog cartoon character. These phony guests were usually really bad actors, so they were pretty easy to spot. Then at the end of the show, they would have some struggling band come and play, while all the guests and other assorted retards would dance around. Long story short, it was painful to watch. I should basically be shunned and ridiculed for sitting through more than one episode.
  • When I watched the show on MTV, all I saw was the same boring things. There was a host who always acted in a nervous manner, a guy who just sat there and didn't talk, pointless interviews (the interviews weren't even interesting because they seemed to be so short), and a bunch of losers being brought out to showcase their talent. I remember seeing a guy do bad impersonations of celebrities while he was laying down on the floor.