[to Eve]

Chris Ramsey: You are the most attractive, intelligent person I know... next to me, of course.

[to Livvie]

Chris Ramsey: Your family tree is a fruit tree.

Rafe: Loving someone with your whole heart is never wrong.

Ed: All young people think that their love is the greatest love story of all time.

Rafe: Well ours is.

Eve Collins Thornhart: You're a good friend, Chris.

Chris Ramsey: There goes my reputation.

Rafe: People spend forever searching and looking, on a journey to nowhere. And you now what? I guess that could've been me, except I found you. And now I know that my journey began and is going to end with you.

Rafe: There's not another face in all the world that... and for weeks it just kept calling out to me, shining like some kind of light in the darkness. The first time I saw your face... or the first time I remember anyway... it was like there was something in me sleeping that was waking up. And I just... I had to... I wasn't thinking, not for a second. I just did what I thought was right and that's why I kissed you. Not to bring you back, but to kind of bring me back to life.

Alison: You were my life.

Rafe: Were?

Alison: Don't you see that?

Rafe: Don't you? When we were locked in the attic together, don't you understand how much I wanted you? I want you now.

Lucy Coe: The wedding has definitely been called off.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: I would hate to waste a perfectly good minister.

Lucy Coe: What are you gonna do, Caleb... have him for your evening snack?

Cass: I'm getting tired of seeing this punk in our faces anyway.

Rafe Kovitch: Oh, yeah? Well... your music gives me a headache.

Lucy Coe: What's wrong?

Kevin Collins: Nothing, Lucy-just my face accidentally ran into Jacks fist!

Eve Collins Thornhart: The man you've been referring to happens to be the man of the cloth.

Chris Ramsey: A priest?

Eve Collins Thornhart: No, a fashion designer Of course a priest!

[Eve is talking about her unborn child]

Eve Collins Thornhart: He's almost here.

Ian Thornhart: How do you know it's a 'he'?

Eve Collins Thornhart: Only men cause this much trouble!

[Finding her purse in Danny's playpen]

Eve Collins Thornhart: Look, I did not put this in the baby's crib!

Ian Thornhart: I told you not to teach him to accessorize at such an early age!

Rafe Kovitch: Caleb Morley, you son of a bitch!

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: For the record, Frank... I am capable of killing you.

[throws a flaming newspaper into the room]

Alison: Rafe!

Reese Black: Going somewhere, Goldilocks?

Alison: Reese.

Reese Black: You should have worried a little less about Jack... and a bit more for your own safety.

Alison: You need to stay away from me.

Reese Black: Or what are you going to do... whine and cry?

Alison: I'm warning you.

Reese Black: All you want, little girl... but as soon as I sink my teeth into that scrawny little neck ...

[Alison grabs a chair and knocks Reese down with it, then runs off]

Reese Black: Round one to the princess... but the fun is just beginning.

[she takes off after Alison]

Alison: [Alison, pursued by Reese reaches her apartment. She enters and closes the door] Thank God I lost her... finally... safe and sound.

Reese Black: [Reese appears] Not quite.

Alison: Oh, God!

Reese Black: Well... I am your personal angel of death, and that's God-like enough. Welcome home, sweet pea.

Alison: Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me?

Reese Black: Because... you hurt my feelings, Alison. I'm very sensitive. You told me I was disgusting. You told me I wasn't worthy of being loved. Do you know how that feels? Never to have been loved? Never to have been worthy of love? Can you even imagine?

Alison: No.

Reese Black: Well, then you're about to find out. It's time for you to become one of us.

Alison: Oh, please don't... don't do this to me... please.

Reese Black: Let's see how your slayer boyfriend feels when he can't even bear to look at you because you're as disgusting as I am.

Alison: [Reese grabs Alison and prepares to bite her] No, Rafe! No, no! No, please don't do this to me!

Reese Black: Shut up! Shut up! This time you can't stop me, Alison!

Alison: No!

Reese Black: [Reese tries to bite Alison but is unable to do it] What are you doing to me? I'll kill you with my bare hands if I have to!

Alison: No, please, don't! Rafe!

Rafe: Alison!

Alison: Rafe!

Reese Black: [Rafe grabs Reese and throws her away from Alison. Reese hits the wall and lands on the floor] Oh-oh!

Rafe: [Rafe draws a stake and goes over to finish off Reese] It's your time now, vampire! You're banished from this world!

Alison: [Alison prevent Rafe from killing Reese] No, don't! Don't.

Rafe: Alison, what are you doing?

Alison: Rafe, don't. Just stop it. Please. Don't.

Reese Black: You lose, slayer.

[she vanishes into thin air]

Alison: Rafe ...

Rafe: What? What is it? Why'd you stop me?

Reese Black: Jack's a big boy. Why don't you let him play like one?

Alison: Because I don't trust you, and neither should he.

Reese Black: What, you're afraid I'm going to bite him?

Alison: Well, that is what you do, isn't it?

Reese Black: Well, you don't have to worry about that because it's too late.

Alison: What?

Reese Black: I already have.

Jack Ramsey: You know, Caleb... my one regret when I thought you were dead was that I wasn't going to get to kill you myself.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Good line... how long have you been waiting to use that one?

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [Referring to her looney tunes family] The whole family tree is full of lunatics, ready to kill!

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: [after fighting it out with Rafe] Give your God my regards...

[stabs Rafe with a stake]

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Tell Him... thanks for the exercise.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: [to Rafe] Let's clear one thing up... I'm not afraid of anything, halo boy.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Wait, don't tell me... you have garlic around your neck, Jack? Oh come on!

Jack Ramsey: But how...?

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Stories...


Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: I love linguine carbonara, extra garlic with a little sprig of wolfsbane on the top... wash it down with a big mug of holy water.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: This being a shadow of my former self really bites.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: I like you, Chris. You are completely amoral.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Jack says... that you're a vampire.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: A vampire? How dramatic. He really said that?

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: What's the matter... bat got your tongue?

Rafe: Joshua has a Bible.

Ian Thornhart: Well, see? Maybe he's not all bad.

Rafe: Oh, correction... it's a book of Satanic rituals *disguised* as a Bible.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Jack, you're just jealous. Caleb loves me with a passion you just could never understand.

Jack Ramsey: Or, it's more like the rest of us sees it... one psychopath finding another psychopath.

Ian Thornhart: Okay, I'm a vampire-I'm a vampire

[Opens a bottle of Irish Whiskey and pours himself a glass]

Ian Thornhart: But I got one thing going for me... I'm a *Irish* vampire.

Alison: I hope you die.

Joshua: Been there, done that.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Who in their right mind would help us?

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Are you saying we're not well liked?

Alison: [Referring to having been drugged by Joshua] I just feel cold and sick.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Joshua had that effect on lots of women.

Alison: I almost believed you there for a second. You really like picking on me, don't you?

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: It helps pass the time.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [to Rafe, referring to Alison] Oh, she's just throwing another one of her drama queen fits.

Alison: Oh, please! I'm a drama queen? You're the definition of it.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Oh, I'm just an amateur compared to you.

Alison: It's really pretty. Where did you get it?

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: That's none of your business, bitch.

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Alison's cell phone. Hello? Hello?

Rafe: Caleb? You bastard. What'd you do with Alison? Why do you have her phone?

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Oh, you'll have to speak up. These cellular connections...

Rafe: What have you done with her? If you do anything to hurt her or harm her, I swear...

Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: I'm sorry. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?

Alison: [Alison and Livvie switched personalities because of a wish made with Caleb's magic ring] Admit that you are trying to get Rafe back into your bed.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: That's not true, I love Caleb.

Alison: Oh, I'm sure you do, don't you? And I bet your love is just as bright as the sun, and as deep and wide as the ocean, and as fluffy as a little lamb, and blah, blah, blah... if I was a diabetic, I just might keel over.

Kevin Collins: [Referring to Caleb being a vampire] I know this sounds farfetched...

Ian Thornhart: Far fetched? It is a little bit. I think Caleb is dangerous, yes... but I don't think he's hanging in the rafters in his spare time, do you?

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [Referring to her crazy family] The whole family tree is full of lunatics, ready to kill!

Ian Thornhart: Okay, I'm a vampire-I'm a vampire

[Opens a bottle of Irish Whiskey and pours himself a glass]

Ian Thornhart: But I got one thing going for me... I'm a *Irish* vampire.

[He downs the glass]