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  • When this GENERAL HOSPITAL spin off first hit the airwaves in the summer 1997, it had originally centered around a new group of young interns living, loving, and working at General Hospital. To inspire GH viewers to watch this show, longtime GH characters Scotty Baldwin, Lucy Coe and Kevin Collins crossed over to PC. About four years later, the format switched to story arcs, and vampires, angels, demons, and werewolves abounded. Lucy Coe, one of the long-running characters on GH became a vampire slayer on this show. One of the characters on this show was Livvie Locke, who was the long-lost daughter of Kevin Collins. Alison Barrington, granddaughter of Port Charles' society maven Amanda Barrington was also a presence here. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled way before its time.
  • I have watched Port Charles from Day One and I have been consistently amazed by the highly credible performances of the energetic and charismatic cast of young performers, such as the consistently credible Nolan North as Dr. Chris Ramsey, Sarah Aldrich as Courtney Kanelos, Colton James as Neil Kanelos, Lisa Ann Hadley as Julie Devlin-Ramsey and Brian Gaskill as Rafe Kovich Sadly, I have also watched Port Charles fall from a high rating of 2.7 to the bottom of the barrel at 1.5. The fault lies NOT with the performers but with the story direction - the storylines are often murky at best and and just plain dumb at worst! My Direct TV Guide STILL claims that Port Charles is a show about 'young doctors and nurses as they pursue their careers.' But, at some point, this idealistic beginning (which garnered a 2.7 rating) got lost in the shuffle, as Port Charles sank deeper and deeper into a morbid fixation on 'pure evil' and journeyed off into an attempt to see how many bad horror movie rip-offs they could get away with foisting off on the public! In those instances when Port Charles threw away the fixation on evil and let a little happiness creep in - the ratings rose accordingly - 'Miracles Happen,' which showed Julie returning to bid an emotional farewell to her true love, Chris - received a 2.0 rating - the highest that Port Charles had received since veering off into the strange territory of 'Nothing But the Supernatural!'- in storylines suddenly called 'arcs.' With their talented cast of young performers, Port Charles COULD have been great. While the TV Guide promised a show about doctors, nurses and their careers; and ABC promised that ALL ABC shows would be 'returning to their core and delivering more romance; and Soap Net promised to be the channel that delivered 'Love, love, love' - Port Charles ran aground on the dangerous reefs of 'Too Many Broken Promises.' If only ONE of those promises HAD been kept, Port Charles would not only STILL have a 2.7 rating, they would be an hour show by now and be named FREQUENTLY when Emmys are being handed out. If only the stories being told by Port Charles had ever lived up to the brilliant cast, Port Charles would have had it made! Sincerely, Heather, Sangre de Cristo, Colorado, USA
  • I watched this show from Day One, and it took a little while to get going, but once it hit its stride, it was a marvelously smooth machine. I hate one-hour soaps, more filler than plot, and hadn't watched a soap regularly since Ryan's Hope went off the air). Once we got to murder and business intrigue and mismatched couples, the show took off. Unfortunately, the ratings did not, and the producers took the low road and decided to scrap all credibility and introduce supernatural storylines. Well! I thought the time travel arc was @ least well-written enough that it had a modicum of credibility (for all its fantasy elements, the storyline was fueled by Frank searching for his "lost" love). After that, it was all downhill. The vampire saga was sub-retarded, and it lasted for not one arc but TWO. I suffered through the angels, but stopped watching completely once Eve was killed. I even stuck w/ it a couple more weeks just to make sure she didn't come back as a zombie--which could have happened on this ridiculous potboiler. The core cast has always shown extreme poise under the conditions in which they are expected to perform, and I would gladly return to a show with problems that involved real human beings. If you're going to rip off another soap, at least have enough couth not to steal from the worst of the worst "Passions"! Good heavens, do these people know nothing?! If this is being a soap producer, then where do I sign? I could pretend to be as dumb as the people who drove my beloved little soap into the ground. There: tirade over!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I ever saw an episode of this show, I thought it was dumb that they were doing supernatural things, especially having a vampire on the show. But a friend convinced me to watch it and boy was I hooked. Even through all the supernatural things they did, it was the classic elements that made the show so good. Wonderful acting, although they wasted their best talent (which most soaps do actually) in Nolan North as Chris Ramsey; strong ties of human relationships (including a heavy importance of family and friends, which isn't really seen often on soaps but adds so much). If ever a soap did supernatural the right way, it was this show.

    The later arcs got a little tired but their "classic" time, being the arcs of Tainted Love, Tempted, and Miracles Happen, kick butt. Kudos to ALL the actors in these three arcs; they made this show what it was.

    The last arc was promising though, and rumors had it that the next planned arc would have shown more of the Ramsey brothers together, which I always ached to see more of. I love familial relationships, especially between siblings, and tire of seeing soaps use the dead plot of ruining family relationships over love. That's why I was happy to see Chris and Jack's relationship do just the opposite. It's things like this that made me love the show so much and value so much the tapes I have of this show.

    I just want to say one more thing about the acting: what a superb ensemble cast. All the actors had chemistry with each other. No matter who was on; be it Chris and Jack, Kevin and Lucy, Ian and Eve, Frank and Karen... even people who didn't have a whole lot of scenes together (Jack and Eve or Chris and Alison), they still worked together beautifully. That is why Tainted Love and Tempted were so successful: these arcs demanded that of the actors.

    What a shame that Port Charles is gone and Passions is still on the air.
  • I believe this show was not given enough of a chance by that idiot Frons. It should still be on the air and ABC should have programmed it between "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital" so it didn't have to compete with Y&R - this was the problem plaguing shows as far back as "Ryan's Hope" in the 11:30 time slot. While I really did enjoy the 1997-2000 "regular format", the arcs were a definite bold move in the right direction - very innovative and certainly nothing that was being done by any other show! I especially loved "Time in A Bottle", "Tainted Love", "Secrets", and "Surrender". Not such a fan of the one where Alison became a vampire bride, but they were coming back. The least they could have done was a finale!!! Thanks a lot Frons - you jerk!
  • When Port Charles debuted in the summer of 1997, the show had potential and hope. Put seven interns in a hospital and Lucy Coe in her own element and you have the perfect material for a half-hour show. After The Cullingtons left the series, I really felt like the show lost it's identity: doctors in a hospital. Their workplace, what they do, how they function, what are their emotions if they lose a patient, what are their consequences if they act out of poor judgement.

    Then, came Courtney Kanelos, Rachel Locke, General Homicide and DV(four things I cringe at when I think about the show) and you have a big trainwreck. Storylines that once focused on the characters, now centered on the plot.

    I didn't really care if DV was Scott's dad or that Rachel came to town with a chip on shoulder. That is, until after Executive Producer Wendy Riche left PC, some bright genius decided to replace Riche with Julie Carruthers. Upon her arrival, Ms. Carruthers let the weak link Scott Hamner go and replaced him with Karen Harris. She put the hospital and the drama BACK into PC, where it belonged. And thank goodness, someone had the sense to turn Rachel into the town pariah rather than a Sheila-copycat!

    PC became a community under this format, storyline developed, moved at a fast pace and ended, but there was always a new chapter for the character.

    I liked the storylines under Carruthers/Harris: All American Guy who could contract HIV? Pill Popping Doctor revisiting her sleazy past? Rich bubbleheaded hospital voluneer seeks gangster with a heart of gold? Down-to-earth careerwoman competing for a board seat against a slimy therapist?

    It was good TV folks. If you hadn't seen PC during the past three years it was on the air, then was the time to tune in.

    But, some nutcase at ABC decided that Guiding Light's resident hacks, Jim Brown and Barbara Esenten, could perform emergency surgery on PC, a show that didn't need saving. Now, everything is plot, plot plot. "Screw character development. The audience is too stupid for that." I suppose they concluded.

    The book format is so dumb, words can't describe it. Isn't the purpose of watching a soap to see DIFFERENT characters? Ian, Kevin, Eve and Lucy are front burner constantly while leaving talented actors who deserve a shot at a good storyline(Nolan North, Marie Wilson, etc.) out in Storyline Siberia.

    For all this was worth, ABC should have kept The City. The plots seemed interesting on that show and they were actually beginning to gel until ABC decided to cancel it for this drivel.

    Once can only hope when someone at ABC will decide to pull the plug.
  • It took only moments for me to formulate an opinion of this show. Once again, the brilliance of acting must suffer to mind dead scripts geared toward the key demographic that is, painfully, thirty and under.

    Soap opera actors are a breed apart. They are called upon to learn pages of dialogue, just for a single show, CONSTANTLY. The actors here are no different. I can see that if they were given a REAL script to work with they could be extremely dynamic. Unfortunately, the need to work or contractual agreements kept them chained to this rehashed GARBAGE. This re-treaded idea that was sorry when it was "Xena", which was borrowed from the Hercules sagas [The Legendary Journeys] [[garbage], which borrowed from old Sinbad story lines that was campy GARBAGE back in the sixties and seventies. The actors must be positively relieved to not have to be chained to this foolishness any longer.

    You see we are in a midst of a full blown ANTI RENAISSANCE of creativity. To actually NOT blatantly "borrow" from someone ELSES ideas that worked in the past is unheard of. This generation believes that since there's about one hundred years of recorded media to "borrow" from that they don't have to "waste time" by thinking up something NEW. Young people don't see the need to ABSORB knowledge when you can look up anything you need to find on the internet. This rubbish hit me in the gut as hard as when I heard the singer Little Romeo, "borrow" from Biz Markie's song "Just a Friend" a few years ago. That "artist" had borrowed from a song barely a decade old. I'd already been forced to live through the seventies AGAIN. How soon will I find myself looking @ kids with tall, box cut haircuts and "Cross Colors" yet again?

    I've said it to friends and I'll say it to those who read this: I STILL remain optimistic that ONE DAY I will turn on a radio and NOT here music from MY past rehashed and desecrated by some blithering X or Y generation buffoon. ONE DAY, I'll turn on the television and NOT see herds of people contriving "reality" for some moronic coward living for free in his parent's basement to WATCH because he's too scared to go outside and experience it HIMSELF.

    Now.I await rebuttals against what I've written here, no doubt presented in ALL CAPS, run together sentences, ridiculous grammar and lots of sentences using lowercase " i " to refer to themselves with. You'd think a generation raised on computers would know how the spell check function works on their word suites but then again, who do you copy THAT from?
  • Ever since the show adapted its "book" format, the show has improved dramatically, both in writing, acting and quality. No longer the little stepsister of "General Hospital," the show has molded its own image by creating daring, supernatural plots that engage viewers. And the book format allows the plots to move at a fast pace, as opposed to the slow payoff for other daytime shows. The best book by far has been "Tainted Love" which introduced Michael Easton as vampire Caleb, but not Easton's back in the new book, "Naked Eyes," which so far looks promising. If you haven't checked out this show yet, I dare you to watch for week and not get hooked!
  • I have watched PORT CHARLES since it debuted on June 1st, 1997. I taped the first episode and watch it periodically. Anyway, I really enjoy the new format in which PORT CHARLES is produced. The new 12-week storylines are great. Hopefully Eve and Kevin will stay together, and Scott and Lucy find romance again. If you like GENERAL HOSPITAL, then you have to watch PORT CHARLES.
  • PNEMO28 September 2002
    This show rules! I know that it's a soap opera and most people probably think that all soap operas are dumb, and I wouldn't know because this is the only soap opera I watch! My sister got me hooked on it a couple of years ago, and I've watched it as much as possible ever since. It seems like most soap operas are always just talking about stuff like their long lost twins, or who's the father and such, but this show is more exciting than that. They've had kidnaps, going back in time, vampires, angels, magic candles, a cute angel who found his way back to his true love and a evil spirit called the Avatar! The story themes change every 13 weeks. This Friday just ended a book entitled Torn. And Monday it's going to start the next book called Naked Eyes. Before that they've been called Fate, Time in a bottle, Tainted Love, Tempted, Miracles Happen, Secrets, Superstition, Torn, and now Naked Eyes! This show is seriously under rated and you should really check it out! It's on at 12:30 pm eastern time on ABC. Once you start and understand who everyone is, you won't be able to stop! Check it out, it's really great! ~~**Amanda**~~
  • Okay, it began as a simple spin-off of General Hospital, a very famous and very good ABC Daytime Soap Opera. It began with only a few main characters, including General Hospital's Lucy Coe, Kevin Collins, and the old character Karen Wexler. The show started off VERY slowly, with storylines progressing even slower. Character developement was OKAY, but Port Charles was missing something... exciting storylines.

    About a year into the series, the writers decided to spice things up a bit with a truckload of new storylines, such as Courtney Kanelos making her way to Port Charles, and the most irritating storyline of daytime television: "General Homicide." This was, in my opinion, the writer's way of getting half the cast off the show. This was definately the worst plot I've ever seen.

    When things looked bad, new writers came to the show and saved it. They came up with GREAT storylines, such as Joe's battle with possible HIV, and Karen's addiction to pain killers. Character development was at its peak.

    Mid-2000. Enter "Port Charles Fate." NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen such a dumb thing. Port Charles has a new format. Every twelve weeks there is a new storyline that involves new characters, while the other characters are left out completely. Can you say "no?" Some of the storylines are like science fiction novels! Will Port Charles ever change back to the decent show it used to be? Time will tell.
  • cng77723 July 2003
    It doesn't surprise me that Port Charles has been cancelled. I was never a big watcher of it but I started heavily watching it during the last arc, which I believe was well I don't remember the name of the arc but it was on between about April and June of 2003. Then I started watching the next arc and then I just stopped watching because I couldn't keep up with all the tapes I had stacking up. I don't know really what to say about the cancellation. I feel that some of the actors on this particular soap can't really act. One of them is Erin Hershey-Presley. I really don't feel like her acting is superb and Lynn Herring, who's been a veteran soap star for years is lacking in substance too. Maybe the writing for them is too teeniebobpish. I guess they need to shoot some pilots and show them to test audiences. I feel like bad acting and indecent writing is the reason why Port Charles is being cancelled. What's next, General Hospital? This is another soap that is just reaking havoc on plots and characters to keep audiences interested and by telling viewers they can catch the entire episode on SOAPNET tonight is no good if 1) they don't have soapnet and 2) their cable/satellite provider does not carry it.
  • swanee255 December 2002
    I turned into PC during the end of Tainted Love. I love the story arc idea, at least each series has an ending. It's not as overpowering as Dark Shadows and it has interesting twists. The actors are colorful and the supernatural story lines are intriguing while keeping to the typical "love triangle" of ancient soaps. Brian Gaskill and Erin Hershey shine as the Super Couple. Lynn Herring is great, "Livvie" is the typical "soap bad girl, and "Caleb" speaks for himself. The show definitely needs more air time. I would love to see it go to one hour!
  • Port Charles is by far the best soap opera airing today. I rather enjoy all of the supernatural elements to the show, rather than watch the same thing over and over again, as you could see on any other soap opera. Besides Passions, of course. I didn't really care for it, it's way too unbelievable.

    I also like how PC names their storylines. My favorite, was no doubt, Tainted Love, because of Caleb "The Vampire" Morley, of course! He brought so much LIFE to the show. And I'm hoping they bring him back soon. Because, I think the citizens of Port Charles are ready for another round with the fanged menace!
  • I knows ppl thought it was crazy cause of vampires. But as a Dark Shadows fam .... It was way better than Twilight!
  • okay i really dont understand why people dont like the vampires.. i mean theres Caleb and hes so sexy. I love this show sooo much and watch it everyday.. besides sat and sun when its not on. the plot is really good and i have been watching this show since like 1998 and they did decide to do a lot of like supernatural stuff but its interesting and entertaining. plus you have jamal.. caleb.. jack.. on the show what more do you want? im really disappointed that more people dont watch this show because its totally awesome. all of you who dont like this show that okay.. cuz ur just missing out

    -L. Mathers :) **eminem is hot**
  • I hate to say this, but from its inception in 1997, the show had been screwed.

    First off, I heard that ABC was actually planning a "spin off" with two other characters from GH, Ned and Lois....a silly but fun couple on GH.

    The show was supposed to take place in Brooklyn...

    However; that fell through, so GH decided to use its other "silly couple" Kevin and Lucy. One problem....the characters and couple's history was not as developed, which quickly became evident in the first few months of the show! Kevin and Lucy were a comic relief, twice a week attraction during their days on GH. On PC, they got old very rapidly.

    The other problem with the show from the inception was the interns. From the get go, all but two of them, (Chris and Eve) were dull and disgustingly sweet! Some, such as Karen, were recasts, with little resemblance to the original Karen on GH, because of this, I didn't buy her as Karen, or care about the character! Its interesting because of all the original interns LEFT on the show, only Chris and Eve are still there after 5 years!

    The writers quickly caught onto these first two "inceptional problems" and spent the second two months trying to fix them! They killed off some of the initial interns, (anyone remember Jake?) gave some contrived prior histories (Matt a gangster, and Julie a murder) and recasted the rest, (Joe and Karen) hoping to make them "less sweet." To combat the Lucy/Kevin problem, they decided to BREAK THEM UP. Now I didn't mind them breaking up, but they ended up shoving a new, absolutely INTOLERABLE couple down our throats, the infamous Kevin and Eve. In the process of the infamous "K'eve" they completely destroyed the character of Kevin! They had him doing things like singing Karaoke in bars, and making love in a toystore, things that the Kevin from GH would NEVER be doing!

    Eventually the show deteriorated into "psychic espionage" at which point I gave up and never looked back! I'm glad I did too, because later on they imported some teens for a "teen storyline" then "vampires."
  • I highly recommend the Port Charles TV Series that was released as "books." This series is for anyone that wants to experience an unrealistic but wonderfully imaginative, somewhat exotic, unorthodox, dark adventurous romp to another world. If you go into this series with the right frame of mind, you will come out with insight into what drives us all - our emotions - love, trust, compassion, anger, jealousy, and revenge.

    You get the best of both the good (angels) and the bad (vampires and dark creatures). All along seeing the internal emotional struggle that each side contends with and the compromises that must take place. I think anyone that has an open mind and takes the time to connect with these characters, gains insight into what drives them and how their emotions help to rule their own lives - for the good and for the bad!

    Acting is good and one can fall in love with, be charmed by, be annoyed by, be enraged by, and amused by the characters. But you have to be a free-spirit, adventuresome, creatively minded, and not so serious/dull person. You have to "think outside the box" and let yourself go, to become part of this world.

    We are faced with reality and its harshness everyday why not escape to a weird, dark world where ultimately love rules and motivates almost everything! I personally love it and highly recommend!!
  • I have faithfully watched PC since December of 1997. I admit I have hated parts of it but it is very well written. Lynn Herring's "Lucy" (my favorite) steals whatever scene she is in. Jon Lindstrom is cute and he lights up the screen when he comes on! If you like the characters from GH you will love PC!
  • deb2mari10 December 2006
    My daughters and I all love "Port Charles". We especially love Caleb and Rafe. We wish that it would come out on DVD. The sooner the better! I am sure that many fans would agree with me, when I say, that "Port Charles" will never be forgotten. It kind of reminds me of what happened to the original Gothic soap opera "Dark Shadows". After it was canceled it was never forgotten. Quite the opposite. In fact, it still has active fan club functions all over the country. I think the same thing will happen with "Port Charles". Especially since a whole new group of fans is being made, as more people are watching the show for the first time on Soapnet.

    Long Live Port Charles!
  • I am very sorry to see it go. I LOVE Port Charles and the Characters. I hope they change their minds and allow Port Charles to stay on T.V. The only thing that I don't like is that it is only 30 min. I would LOVE for it to be longer. I would recommend it to anyone!! Good Luck to all of the Cast!!! I will miss you!! :(
  • This is the best soap I have seen in recent years! I loved all the actors and the plotlines. The cast of Port charles were so talented! The show was just wonderful! I really hate that this soap is being cancelled when it was starting to meet its potential. IT was nominated for 7 daytime emmy's.
  • What are so many talented performers doing in such a dumb, stupid, and utterly nonsensical show? Once upon a time, Port Charles at least had witty one-liners but they do not even have that any more!

    What a pity that Brian Frons, the new ABC Daytime Executive, saw fit to dump Emmy winning Producer Gary Tomlin at OLTL and Emmy nominated writer Richard Culliton at All My Children but seems to still be clinging to the toothless hacks who write for Port Charles!

    What on earth could be going on in this man's mind?

    Ooops! I forgot. I'll bet the joke is that NONE of them have minds at all - right?

    Sincerely, Celestina Reyes, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
  • Hey now If you watch Port Charles for the drama and loving and kissing then you need to start watching a new soap opera and quit hating on pc I happen to find the vampires angels and avitars awesome. I love the suspense that you get from watching them. I find myself yelling at the TV quite often I even get mad at the characters and hold grudges against them. I am currently mad at Caleb for kissing Alison and also at Joshua and his pet Frank... Why did he have to mess with Amanda and Jamal? But anyway Port Charles, in my opinion, has changed for the better.

  • why are none of the real players listed on the cast list..the ones that are listed..i don't' even remember them..cop number one..i mean who was that..and that person that you listed as the avatar...who was he exactly....the avatar wasn't' played by was played by one of the original cast members.

    where are the names of Michael Easton Lynn Herring Kelly Monaco and others like them..

    Eddie Matos...has now joined GH...

    i mean why aren't any of these people listed thorsten kaye you're doing a great disservice to the cast that was great and shined in it's brief run..