After the cancellation of Port Charles several cast members transferred to General Hospital as new characters and this show's storylines were forgotten. Ten years later in 2013 General Hospital at last addressed this show when Lynn Herring's Lucy Coe mistook Kelly Monaco's Sam McCall for Livvie Locke and Michael Easton's John McBain for Easton's Port Charles Vampire King Caleb Morley (attempting to stake him in the heart with a wood chair leg). The show also reintroduced Erin Hershey Presley's Allison and answered the question of Alison's pregnancy which was left on a cliffhanger when Port Charles was cancelled.

Each 13-week arc of the story was referred to as a "book". There were a total of twelve books after the series switched to that format. In order, they were: Fate December 4, 2000-March 2, 2001 Time in a Bottle March 5, 2001-June 1, 2001 Tainted Love June 4, 2001-August 31, 2001 Tempted September 3, 2001-November 30, 2001 Miracles Happen December 3, 2001-December 31, 2001 Secrets January 2, 2002-March 29, 2002 Superstition April 1, 2002-June 28, 2002 Torn July 1, 2002-September 27, 2002 Naked Eyes September 30, 2002-December 27, 2002 Surrender December 30, 2002-April 1, 2003 Desire April 2, 2003-July 4, 2003 The Gift July 7, 2003-October 3, 2003

Lynne Herring and Wayne Northrop are married in real life and have worked together on screen before. Herring took a brief leave from her role of "Lucy" on GH to work on "Days of Our Lives," which starred Northrop as Roman Brady. The two also appeared as themselves in a movie of the week about Northrop's "Days" co-star Diedre Hall.

The final episode aired on October 3, 2003.

Originally focusing on interns of General Hospital, the show soon became a more conventional soap opera. Then in 2000, it was announced that Port Charles would abandon the traditional open-ended style of storytelling, in favor of 13-week story arcs, similar to Latin telenovelas. Each arc is referred to as a "book", and has its own plot line. The approach was designed to attract more younger viewers, with shorter format being easier for many viewers to keep up with. ABC's then head of daytime, Angela Shapiro said of format change, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey, still, we need to come up with cker] stories that have a beginning, middle, and end."

Entertainment Weekly included the series on their list of "15 Soap Operas We've Loved, Lost" in their April 17, 2011 issue.

Dr. Chris Ramsay, played by Nolan North was the only original intern left when the series ended.

This was one of two proposed General Hospital spin-offs. After the cancellation of "The City", ABC reviewed two concepts for a GH sister show. "PC" was created by Wendy Riche, longtime executive producer of GH who won many Emmys for the show. However, Claire Labine, a former GH head-writer, also submitted a treatment to the network called "Heart and Soul." This spin-off centered around Ned and Lois Ashton, and took place in Brooklyn. The show would follow the lives of Lois' family and a black family also living in New York. However, Riche's treatment was ultimately chosen and first aired with a 2-hour Sunday night movie.

Nolan North's middle name is Ramsay, the last name of his character on Port Charles (1997).

Nolan North, Jon Lindstrom and Lynn Herring were the only original cast members still on the show when the series ended.

Dr. Ian Thornhart is the brother of the One Life to Live (1968) character Patrick Thornhart. Both were portrayed by Thorsten Kaye.

This was the first daytime soap opera to feature vampires and, at least, a werewolf (revealed only in the last episode) since Dark Shadows (1966). Both daytime soap operas originally aired on ABC. This was also the third daytime soap opera to deal with supernatural elements (besides ghosts) on a regular basis. The other two were Dark Shadows (1966) and Passions (1999).