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  • This Power Ranger series was weaker compared to Zeo. Although the footage from Carranger was used Turbo had a different storyline. This show picks up were the American movie Turbo left off. A space pirate named Divatox plots revenge against the Turbo Rangers for defeating Maligore, A demon who she planned to marry. Basically Divatox not only sends out monsters she also likes to use explosive on a constant basis.

    This PR series had a lack of plot with the exception of some good stories but Carrangers had the overall better storyline. Also while Carrangers had to great climax, this one had a cliffhanger which would go into the next PR series, 'Power Rangers In Space.' At least PR In Space would finally get into the kind of stories that Sentai done for years.
  • Overall, I liked how it started out in the first two episodes of the follow-up to MMPR and PRZ along with new characters taking the role as the red, green, yellow, and pink ranger, but some of the other episodes' story lines were quite weaker, but not completely unwatchable and some of the dialog is quite atrocious. The villain was OK, but nothing special especially when Divatox can sometimes can be a bit annoying. Aside from it's flaws, though, I like some of the main characters along with the sidekicks as well thanks to it's perfect acting. The fight sequences are amazing, but I think that the megazord sequences steal the show along with the two-part finale. I know some of you are going to hate me for this, but I think that PRT is a pretty decent follow-up. Not excellent, but I've seen much worse shows.
  • Not all will agree with me, I understand that...this is my favourite Power Rangers series of all time!

    Why? Elgar, this oddly shaped mutant who would dish out those amusing one liners and spoke with that Bullwinkle-The-Moose-ish voice! Elgar is my favourite television "creature" to appear on the screen in the last few decades! I just love him.

    However, there was a mixing of footage problem with Elgar. There were TWO Elgars. The one used in the American footage and the one used in the Japanese footage. The Jap Elgar was thinner in the face so it was very obvious that there were two costumes for the same creature!

    Other things that stand out with Turbo: the cool rock music playing over action scenes and the general casting for the series was rather good.

    Elgar would return in the next series - Power Rangers In Space - but he would be less used and not put in situations where he could be funny! Too bad!
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was cheesy. Power Rangers Zeo was improved. Power Rangers Turbo shifted to Reverse gear.

    I specified in my review of the second Power Rangers movie (Turbo) that it was nothing more than a ninety minute episode suitable for TV, not on the big screen. Watching a couple of episodes of this dribble proves my point. Who wrote this stuff anyway?!

    Where ZEO's episodes were improved over MMPR, Turbo reeked. The injection of new blood halfway through this show's run wasn't enough for me to give it a chance. I would rather watch a week's worth of bad MMPR episodes over a single episode of Power Rangers Turbo.

    Find a tape or VCD of this? Avoid it at all costs.
  • i was a bit shocked when This series got a few negative reviews in the user review section on IMDb. I'm not sure why people hate this season. I thought this series was one of the best power rangers seasons ever made this is one of my favorite power rangers series

    when i was 7-8 i've enjoyed power rangers turbo and i like it cause it was so funny

    the acting is great the Story was good

    the special effects and the sound effects are spectacular

    the power rangers turbo theme song was awesome

    the fight scenes and the Megazord battle scenes are Spectacular the Morphing Sequence is Spectacular

    the Finishing Moves for the Megazords are Epic

    alpha 6 was funnier than alpha 5

    Th turbo Zords and rescue Zords are so cool and fast and powerful and awesome

    the Megazords from this show are super awesome

    Blake Foster was the best part of Turbo because he made this series interesting as a kid being a Power Ranger. but i still don't get why anyone hates Justin

    New rangers TJ and Carlos and Ashley and Cassie are so cool there names are cool and tommy and Adam and Tanya and Kat were very cool

    but too bad tommy won't return in power rangers in space tommy will come back in the wild force episode (forever red) and Dino thunder

    bulk and skull are very funny as chimpanzees in the 1st half of turbo (a lot of fans thinks it was one of the worst ideas ever but i think it made anyone laugh) bulk and skull turned back to normal in the end of Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers: Part 2 and then in the 2nd Half of turbo bulk and skull are now humans

    the main villains are great and funny Elgar was one of the most funniest villains ever and hes funny when he hangs out with Divatox

    Elgar will return in Power rangers in Space but too bad that hes not funny When hes got beat up by Ecliptor and Astronema

    Divatox is so funny

    The 1st half of this series was a bit silly and the 2nd half was good

    the best Power Rangers turbo episode ever was the last episode (Chase into space part 2) this episode is not to bad but its too good the endless battle against Divatox's army was exciting to watch the rangers runs back to the command center Divatox's army enters the power chamber Elgar destroy the plasma tube Divatox destroy the command center the Cimmérien planet messenger showed up and he said Zordon has been captured Divatox and her army goes to the Cimmérien planet The Rangers's Turbo Powers are gone The Rangers goes to the Cimmerian Planet Justin stays on earth this episode Chase into space was a great way to end a good season

    well the power rangers wild force season finale was epic and great i guess countdown to destruction and the end of time were 2 of the best season finales ever made

    this series was not that bad, not stupid, not horrible, not awful, not worse then dinosaur king

    I Like Turbo.

    It's Better Than Operation Overdrive

    But A lot of people think it's the worst season in the series. Those same people say that the Second Half of Turbo is a little better.
  • When the movie came out I was pretty excited. It was good too because it had two of the old rangers in it. But after a while it started to lose its touch. Justin was a good touch. I thought it was cute. A kid being a Power Ranger. During the series they changed to new Rangers. I had to admit that it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Getting 4 strange new rangers who didn't have any experience, you never saw what they could do, or anything. But then I thought well thats how Power Rangers started off in the first place. And I have to admit they did do good. I wouldn't say they were as good as the original but they were good. Now the end was great. The last two episodes "Chase into Space" was good. I think the last 2 episodes made up for all the mistakes they did throughout the series.
  • ShaneWaldrop31 December 2006
    This show is single-handedly responsible for the downfall of the Power rangers. Everyone loved Mighty Morphin, and then Zeo came along which wasn't as good but still a good show. Up until then, most people had thought, "Hey, it's not going to win any awards, but the acting really isn't that bad and it teaches lessons without being too obvious about it." Well, all hopes were dashed with this series. It had horrible acting, was way too obvious in the "lessons" it tries to give, and the special effects are the worst out of any power rangers show to date! After Turbo, Power Rangers in Space came out, which was a good show, but by that point the power rangers had lost all credibility, and so nobody wanted to watch it anymore. F uck you Turbo Rangers!!!
  • Op_Prime20 May 2000
    Zeo improved Power Rangers. This show brought it down, way down. One reason was that the stories were pathetic and uninteresting. The villain was stupid and at times annoying. The show improved a little when they brought in a new team, but still wasn't unable to fix this show's problem. Justin was another problem. Having a little kid in a team of teenagers and in highschool (he's supposed to be a genius) was dumb. The only good episodes were the last: Chase into Space Part 1 & 2.
  • This show was awful. What is awful about it is Justin, Zordon & Aphla 5 leaving so we could see an ugly woman and Alpha 6, four of the turbo rangers Tommy Adam Tayna & Kat leave to be replaced by four weirdos and the zords were just ugly. The only good thing about the series was Divatox who was really funny and those vechiles that the rangers drove were just so awsome. This is the 1st PR's series to awful and the others are Lightspeed Recuse, Time Force, & Ninja Strom. Hopefully Power Rangers Dino Thunder will be much better. If you want to watch Power Rangers, then I suggest watching MMPR (1st best series), PRZ, PRIS (2nd best series), PRLG, PRWF, PRNS & PRDT.
  • Power Rangers Turbo was alright. The movie wasn't as good as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. Neither was the season. Even if i was only 8 years old when this season came out, I did watch every episode of the original Mighty Morphin with the original cast and everything. I loved it when i was little. I never watched much TV and that was the only show i watched really on a daily basis. I would ask my parents to record it for me if i was gonna miss it, and bought one of the tapes and watched it over and over again. Now after watching this season, i never wanted to watch power rangers again. I've seen some of the newer ones that have come out now (i have a younger cousin that watches it sometimes) and its just horrible. Fox used to own the rights to Power Rangers, now Disney does, and they seriously need to come out with the original Mighty Morphin on DVD. I'm considering not letting my kids, when i have kids, watch the newer versions of Power Rangers because they are so pointless. If Disney doesn't come out with the original on DVD available in the US, then none of the kids will know how good the original one, and thats the only ones my kids would be allowed to watch. If you ask me, they should put the original episodes back on the TV during the day, not at 11 at night on Jedix.
  • The Original Power Rangers show was AWESOME, Zeo was good and entertaining but suffered from a bad cast and too much seriousness to a silly concept. But when Turbo premiered that's when everything went downhill. The show was stupid, the cast sucked, the action sequences sucked! This show also started the HORRIBLE trend of having a new power ranger show every year. Each one getting worse and worse.
  • This series destroyed my liking of Power Rangers! I know that the movie for this was nothing short of terrible, but why drill it into the ground and make an even more terrible series out of it?

    Let's start with the "zords" first of all: they're frigging' cars! There's nothing more to do... well I stand corrected with all the other PR series at least.

    Secondly, the villain: you could've done better than a space pirate that does nothing but scream. Terrible acting, bad fight scenes, bad monster names... I could go on and on... but I won't.

    0 out of 10
  • The movie, Turbo, was horrible, hated it, but the series wasn't too bad. If there are anything negative about the Power Rangers, then Turbo is most certainly one of them. This series nearly destroyed the franchise. The only good thing about Turbo is that it didn't last anywhere near as long as the original series, but it's certainly most people's least favourite. I remember this being on Fox Kids, and it didn't look too bad, but it still was an uninteresting series if you ask me. This is one of these rare Power Rangers series I would like to forget about, especially that movie which was poor, and the amazing thing is that this all happened while the Power Rangers franchise was still pretty new.
  • Shockingly underrated followup to "Power Rangers Zeo" and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." The Turbo Rangers must stop Divatox (Carol Hoyt / Hilary Shepard Turner) and her goonies from taking over the world. The show is filled with exuberant rock tunes, a tightly-written script that does get quite silly at times, and acting that make this more than the atypical Ranger show. The second half of "Turbo" truly kicks off into high gear, introducing the core cast of "Power Rangers in Space", and the finale is truly a good one. (Hint: You'll have to see "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" to see how the Turbo Rangers got their powers and so forth.)

    Followed by "Power Rangers In Space", "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy," "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue," "Power Rangers Time Force," "Power Rangers Wild Force" and "Power Rangers Ninja Storm."
  • adamoconnell2 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    this serious lay Power Rangers down on its death bed and prepared to turn off the machines before In Space came along with a cure, but until then, we had Turbo, a really stupid Power Rangers series. I mean, yeah, Power Rangers isn't exactly the most smart of kids programs, but they had a little bit of sense and some of the more subtle humor actually still gets a chuckle out of me, i really liked Zeo, but now I watch Turbo and shed tears. its a sad, unfunny series, with horrible morphs, over-the-top action that sucks, no matter how much you put into one episode. the Power Rangers themselves were never really top-notch actors, but they got the job done, nearly right, but here, even the returning cast seem to have given up. only a few actually try, its only because I believe that they thought this series actually had potential. Divatox is one of the worst villains ever in a Power Rangers series, (yes, even worse than Lothor from Ninja Storm) and they have an additional add-on, the unnecessary and just plain awful Justin. this series was kick started by a movie, which also sucked, but the zord battle at the end was kinda cool and Justin was overplayed. I really wanted to love this series because it has a kick-ass opening song, some creative monster designs, and some really great set-ups that weren't exploited to their full potential. however, the last thing that made this series all worthwhile (did I just say that?) is the 3 parter finale Race Into Space, which sets up In Space and destroys the Power Chamber for good this time (no false scare like MMPR) and some okay action. believe me though, they really should of skipped Turbo and gone ahead into In Space because this is undoubtedly the worst of all the Saban era Power Rangers series, and only the finale saves it from being as bad as Jungle Fury. My final verdict is skip and try in Space, although if your gonna see a few episodes of this one, check out Race Into Space
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know whether it was because I was getting older or simply because the show failed to bring the same magic it had once more to the show.....But Turbo....wasn't very good..I watched the pilot...And wondered what had happened to the original cast...The series was linked to the Turbo movie, a movie that I bought and watched avidly...But suddenly Tommy and the gang were people arrived with that irritating kid..Justin! I felt saddened by the loss of those characters that I had come to love...Surely they could have given them a great storyline....letting the audience see the change of hands...or Zords...But no...we were left in the cold...
  • DKS9 April 1999
    Power Rangers were getting better with "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and "Power Rangers Zeo. But when "Power Rangers Turbo" came out it didn't start out too well. But when the new Rangers came, (T.J, Cassie, Ashly and Carlos) The shows got a little better. The only episodes, I thought were the best was the last two.(Chase into Space: Part 1 & 2)