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  • I'm right aren't I? The WB Network axed Smart Guy after only 2 years! Why? This show was funny, It reached out to teenagers. It had decent storylines and dialogue. It's very hard not to like (unless you've seen one episode about a thousand times!). TJ is quite funny and Marcus and Mo bring Teenage Guy Humour to the table. Yvette seems too smart for her on good (about the only person TJ can't outsmart in the show!) and Floyd is definently funny! This show just worked too well. The Third season saw the cast really come into their characters giving the show a more mature feel. To sum up this review I say if you want a quick comedy fix, Go with this!
  • oh my god, this was my favorite show!! i was so sad it was canceled. i watched it everyday after school! "Smart Guy" is the show of aten-year-old super-genius who copes with everything a high school student would typically overcome, such as peer pressure, school work, making friends, etc. Yvette is the Junior overachiever of the family, other than the main focused character, T.J. He is a very clever ten year old sophomore in high school. However, sometimes being a super-genius can give the kid a tough life. Marcus is T.J's only and older brother whose hobbies are writing music and, apparently, dating girls, for what I can remember. He has a passion and gift for writing and singing music, but has trouble focusing on schoolwork. Flloyd Henderson, the father, is a hardworking widower whose job is working with roofs, and works hard to keep a roof under his family's head and to keep his family well balanced and from falling apart. Morus(my personal favorite character) is a rather clueless, but has a dry sense of humor who never goes home and is the best friend of Marcus. My favorite episode, I must say, is the one where Yvette and Nina(her best friend) get a job at the local mall, but discover that their boss is racist by asking Nina to watch African-American people when they come into the store. It has a very meaningful message that a lot of people should be aware of, which is, simply, that racism is wrong. Overall, it was a fantastic show with dry humor(to my liking) and great characters that shouldn't have been canceled in the first place!
  • This show is amazing! I watch it every sunday on the "WB". Marcus, Moh, and T.J are my favorite characters. I think its funny that a twelve year old kid can out smart his father, his brother and almost everyone else, except his sister. At first, when the show first came out in 1997, I was almost jealous of T.J. Being 10 years old and in High School, and me being 13 years old and in middle school. But then I remembered that it was only a sitcom and that T.J probably doesn't write his own dialogue. The funny thing about kid actors is they do a really good job of making you believe that they actually know what they're talking about. I think this show is great for anybody over 5 years old. Its funny, and every episode is original. I give this show a rare 10!
  • I love this show and it is the best ever!! Tahj is the cutest kid ever--though the fact that he is now older than me makes it hard for me to call him a kid--and in almost all his movies and shows(Seventeen Again, Smart Guy, Hounded, Poof Point, Kim Possible) he plays a genius.

    TJ is a ten year old genius who is put in tenth grade. He is an outcast because everyone thinks that TJ is making them look bad in comparison. Marcus (Jason Weaver), TJ's brother and his best friend, Mo (Omar Gooding, who is the brother of Cuba Gooding Jr.) are both failing high school and are really funny when they chase every cute girl in school.
  • Smart Guy is an awesome TV show with good acting and actors. It is very funny ,especially Mo. Mo is the best character on the show. TJ is pretty good too except in episodes where he is supposed to be 12 he looks 8. I think Essence Atkins is pretty good at playing Yvette too. I think putting Destiny's Child on one of the episodes really gave Smart Guy a boost. All in all Smart Guy is an excellent TV show and I recommend it to everyone, young or old. My rating: 9.5/10
  • And I love it today. Just binge watched it on Disney+!! It's even funnier than I remembered. Great show! Wholesome, funny, witty, and who could resist TJ Henderson's cute little face! I'm really sad it ended so abruptly, and without a proper ending. :~( They just don't make good shows like this anymore.
  • I like this show a lot! it's funny, clever,and original. Tahj Mowry makes an excellent performance as the ten-year old whiz kid, T.J Henderson, skipping elementry school to go to high school. With John Marshall Jones as Floyd, the supportive single father, Jason Weaver as Marcus, T.J's older brother who is not a whiz at school, but a whiz on women, Essence Atkins as Evette, the clever older sister, and Mo Tibbs, Marcus's care free, clueless friend who practically lives at the Henderson house. i think this show is one of the most original T.V. shows on T.V.

    I give this show 9.4/10 stars for being an awesome show!
  • Skippy-6119 October 1999
    I'd seen previews of this show on WB, then it came to Disney and i decided to watch it. I figured it'd be corny like most Disney shows. But it wasn't, I actually liked it. Mo is my favorite, he is sooooo funny.

    Smart Guy starts off about a 10-year old genius to becomes a sophmore at Piedmont High School w/ his older brother and sister. And everything that goes on. I like it! I give Smart Guy 9/10!!
  • I honestly believe this is the best tv show Disney ever had. It's super funny and I love how all the characters are portrayed by the actors/actresses. This should've never been cancelled.
  • Just rewatched through this on Disney+. Mo & Marcus *made* this show. I loved all the actors though. Edgier than I remember as a kid, but funny still. holds up well.
  • evan-10227 August 2005
    This may be the greatest Sitcom to ever grace the television screen and it was so under-appreciated. I never met anyone who didn't love this show but for some reason it never made it. Tagh Mowry is charming as T.J.and his whole family was played very well. However the gem of the show is Omar Gooding (Cuba's little brother) who is absoluley hilarious as Mo. The show also had a funny supporting cast including the white guy Mackie and the crazy gym teacher, Coach Gerber. This show combined off the wall humor, compassion, and important lessons and is the most under-appreciated television show of all time.

    Some of the great one's are...

    -When T.J. must tutor a dumb and violent basketball star and turns him into a Gandhi worshiper -When T.J. meets a young girl Brandy and Mo and Marcus pimp him out -When T.J. and MO must marry for a class assinemnt and the guys build Yvette a bathroom
  • I love this show so much Tahj Mowry who plays T.J. is a 10 year old who skips 6 grades and transfers to piedmont high with his brother and sister Yevette and Marcus and Marcus really is the one who is having the problem because t.j. is in all of his classes and this show is very entertaining and if u live in Canada u are in Luck this show is awesome and we might see a DVD release if so i'll be happy to buy other than that back to the show it is a very good show with supporting cast like Omar Gooding who plays is a wild and goofy best friend of TJ's brother Marcus so if u slept on this show u better wake up it is better than any show that is currently on Disney and if Disney wants to bring this show that a be a great idea it has resonable value and learning values for kids and it is just so funny.
  • AmySue30 December 1999
    This show is funny!!!!! I saw it on disney and I laughed so hard I fell off the couch. TJ is funny, and so is Mo, but Marcus is a jerk that I don't like. Yvette is okay, but she isn't as funny as TJ. The dad is sorta dumb, but I like him. I give this show 9 stars out of 10.
  • myoscar198724 November 2019
    Watching this on Disney Plus gave me the old nostalgia feels back and you know it's still just as funny to me now as it was when I watched this on TV as a kid. I still love this show, Omar Gooding (Mo Tibbs) being my favorite character. And I'm still asking the same question I did years ago: How in the world did Full House get eight seasons and Smart Guy only got three?!

    If you currently have Disney Plus and you're looking for a funny sitcom you can watch with your whole family or even on your own, trust me you can do a lot worse than this, it's a fun one.
  • Watched all the episodes on Disney + it was great to watch and check out again. (spoiler)

    However the last episode you can tell they wanted to have more of a mature storyline with all the characters.

    Abruptly, the show stopped. I went back into my Disney + to see if maybe the streaming just needed me to continue watching and I didn't realize I had watched the last episode of the series.

    Kind of sad how it ended but, all n' all a great show for it's time.
  • I think Smart Guy is funny. I think what makes it funny is Mo. Mo is funny because he never leaves. I guess he kind of thinks he lives there. i think his parents kicked him out, but i am not sure. Well Smart guy stars Tahj Mowery as TJ. TJ has a sister named Evette and a brother named Marcus who is Mos friend. TJ is really smart. He is only like nine and he started paying his dads taxes at like four. He is so smart he got to skip to high-school.
  • The reason it's educational is because there's always a mortal to an episode. For example on the episode when T.J. got a job at the chow wagon but got a job at a CEO position and there was this guy who was jealous of him and he tried to make him do something wrong so he wouldn't look so perfect. The mortal for that episode was that there's always going to be someone who's jealous.They put the episodes in a way where they will be both educational and funny.
  • This is a good show! Marcus, Mo, TJ, and Floyd are my favorite characters. They make me laugh a lot. Each episode is original and different. That's what I like about this show. I'd reccomend it for kids, possibly even some teens and adults. I wish it would've lasted longer, however. I'm glad it still plays on Disney.
  • Smart guy is a very funny guy about a ten years old genius T.J. (Tahj Mowry). It is a very funny show and my favorite character is Mo. He is hilarious. I love when Kyla Pratt guest stars as Brandy, T.J.s gangster friend. I give this show a 6.5/10
  • Hello I was watching one of your sitcoms and they was a young chimpanzee in it. Are you aware that 75 percent of these animals are abused, usually destroyed when they get to large. Show biz is the worst users of animals. Please realize you might have killed a animal that is endangered. I know longer will watch your show because of that. I will tell my friends, animals have to be protected. Not used to make your show money...Please look for this chimp make sure he is okay. They are mistreated, physically hit with chains, etc. to train. Look into it, have a show on that, maybe how you made sure it was not killed or put in a wire cage for the rest of it's life. Think about others living things, please for the sake of this world we all have to be aware.
  • Lho332337013 July 2001
    My ex-classmate Steve watches this show. Tahj a 10 year old who is in college acts so strange around his big sister. I bet Tahj has passed all his subjects. There are still re-runs of this show being played on the Disney Channel. Tahj's father who is very strict always has a bone to pick with Tahj.
  • ok, this show is alright. there is one thing that bothers me on this show, why are all the white people dumb or ditzy? and there is always some sort of "white joke". i'm sure if a white person on a show made a joke about black people, there would be a big racial ackey for example or yvettes friend with the short hair (i don't remember her name). i must say, if a show with white producers were making all the black people on the cast stupid, a lot of black people probably wouldn't be to happy. i just don't think its very fair that they can make all of the white people look stupid while if we did the same thing, it would be a big racial controversy. don't get me wrong, i have nothing against black people. i'm not a racist at all. i just don't think its right. all in all ****** out of **********
  • BilltheChillThrill22 November 2019
    This was a cool and fun show, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it somehow since I wasn't around to watch it when it was on the air. Definitely remids me a lot of Family Matters and other family shows of the time, maybe if it had been on ABC it would've lasted longer.
  • Though TJ is the brainiac and the star of the show, Marcus and Mo make this show funny. I love the comradarie between those two and they are super funny when they are scheming. Yvette adds the feminine touch and Floyd is the straight guy. I also enjoy the school scenes. They are really funny, especially with the recurring characters like Mackey, Deion and Brandi. Show is super cute and family friendly.
  • SanteeFats7 May 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I found this show to be really funny, well acted and pretty wholesome. Taj Mowery does a really job as the genius kid and the rest of the cast also does a good job. The humor when a too young to be in high school kid does go is done well. The fact that his older brother who is not to gifted and his older sister both go to the same school makes for some interesting and funny episodes. The growing awareness of his developing body i.e. his growing sexuality is treated so well and is so funny that I wish I had been treated so gently when I was growing up. All in all a really good family show that I think most families would enjoy. Omar Epps does an excellent job as the muscle headed but soft hearted supporting character.
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