In the pilot Smart Guy: Pilot (1997), the house and school sets were the same ones as were used in Boy Meets World (1993).

Although she played his daughter, Essence Atkins (Yvette Henderson) is only 10 years younger than John Marshall Jones (Floyd Henderson).

Destiny's Child appeared in one episode. TJ was chosen to be in their video for "No, no, no". They also sang their version of Amazing Grace at the dance.

T.J.'s first and middle names were never revealed.

If the high school set looks familiar in this show, that's because it's the same one used in "Boy Meets World."

Although Yvette, Marcus and TJ are siblings whose ages range from pre-teen to teen, Essence Atkins, Jason Weaver and Tahj Mowry are actually seven years apart in age from each other.

Tahj Mowry is 14 years younger than Essence Atkins who plays his older sister on the show.

Essence Atkins bears a marked resemblance to Tahj Mowry's twin sisters, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Yvette's first name is actually Tasha.

Essence Atkins plays a character named Yvette on this show. Coincidentally in the show Marlon, Atkins' character has a best friend who is also named Yvette.

First success of supervising set designer Benjamin Slattery. (Uncredited) His future work would go on to include various hit movies, including two Harold and Kumar movies.