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  • AlienNation was an excellent show that really went beyond just scifi images of aliens. I was to my memory the first sci-fi show where the culture of the aliens was just as important as the actual beings themselves. To this end, often they came up looking superior or more advanced then the humans they were now coexisting with. Having that come up continuously was kind of a turn off, but here is where we see the almost perfect and advanced veneer of the aliens peel away as we explore the darkest crevices of Tenctonese society and history. The Udara: a collective of Tenctonese slaves dedicated to destroying the "Overseers" at any cost resurface in the most controversial and frightening of fashions. This not only proves troublesome for the humans as the Udara are now connected to killings in Los Angeles but the sinister history of the Udara even reaches into heart of the Francisco family. Though the formula for the Udara is not anything new the insertion of this style of subterfuge into the increasingly perfect "new age" world of the Tenctonese and their long suffering status as alien flotsom was a master stroke. It was good to see that these perfect little aliens that fell to Earth and wanted all the humans to drop everything in order to make them feel loved, needed to clean up their own houses and affairs and reflect on the injustice and horror they put themselves through for once. This was AlienNation at its most mature state and its a shame it never lasted beyond the movies.
  • gritfrombray-115 April 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was an unfortunate last and in my opinion one of the best of the five follow up films. At last we see some looks into the Newcomer Slaves' rebellion ranks, not talked about enough in the series or previous movie installments. The story of Udara and it's trained members made for great viewing. Susan Francisco's involvement and the depth of her feelings about her commitment to the cause was brilliant. Buck's decision to enlist in the Police Academy was carefully handled and Susan's reaction was real believable family drama. This family are one of the best imagined and acted I've ever seen and all work well together. Emily's and Buck's ties are real brother and sister support and works great in the story. The political angle in this was excellent and tied nicely into the story. It is a real shame no more Alien Nation emerged as this was brilliant and well crafted
  • As an Alien Nation fan, it was nice to see another movie in the series. However, this movie had me asking a lot of questions. Why would one alien species want to exterminate another? The "new alien" could have had some redeeming features, but we will never know. Also, what happened to Vesna - the baby??? If this movie is to be taken in its order, then the Fransiscos would have had the baby. Yet, there is NO mention of her in this film. Interesting! But it was nice to see Bud finally make some decisions regarding his life and his goals. This movie is my least-favorite of the alien nation series.
  • There's something in this movie I don't like: The aliens have an american style of life and they even look like american people! Well, almost all of them live in L.A., that's a fact in the movie, but that's not enough.As we know, american people look like american people, english people look like english people, french people look like french people... and aliens should look like aliens, not like american people. When somebody from Japan comes to the USA, he/she can adopt the american style of life, but will still look like a japanese, even if he/she stays in the USA for the rest of his/her life.I accept that in other films, i.e. where the screenplay centers on the police of New York, The FBI, etc., but not in a Sci-Fi movie!. To have a better idea of what it seems to me, imagine the film was made in Spain. Well, now imagine the aliens living in Spain, eating paella, as spanish gendarmery agents, some of them as bullfighters, and acting just like spanish people do in the spanish films... what would you think about the film...? Sincerely, I think it's not serious, and only american people can really enjoy this film.
  • I didn't like the original movie, so I'm only going to be watching the final movie. As someone who is not into this series, I was not that impressed. Still, there's really nothing wrong with this movie. It does have a pretty interesting premise. It shows aliens being members of human society in a realistic way. I remember hearing about this series when Doug Walker compared it to "District 9". Okay, there is no way this is better than "District 9". This movie, for the most part, is fairly boring. I still appreciate how the creators wanted to make something realistic.

    I just wish for more action. Well, I wanted to learn more about the alien's home planet. We get to see a little more of it here, but that's about all. It does get pretty silly at times. It is nice to see some decent acting on most of their parts. It just doesn't seem like a grand finale. So yeah, this movie is just okay. I can tell why it doesn't have many reviews. There's nothing too bad in this, which is more than I can say for the upcoming movies I'll review. **1/2