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  • OK, we have here Cliff "PT-109" Robertson, and the magnificent Paul Winfield, filming locations include the city of Berlin, so how can we go wrong? Easy. Just put Ms. Sammi Davis in the lead role. This poor woman could not act her way out of a subway turnstile. She has no range, no sense of timing, no facial expressions and cannot even move from point A to point B on screen convincingly.

    It's obvious that Ms Davis took the screen name in an effort to cash in on the Late Sammy's fame. She should have taken some acting classes too.

    Whatever is left of this movie is eclipsed by the pitiful non-effort exuded by Sammi. You will not find this one hard to pass up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** After shooting Mr. Li, George C. Hung, together with an innocent bystander when her cover was blown in a white slavery sting operation undercover L.A detective Tracy Barret played by Sammi Davis, no relations to the late song and dance man Sammy Davis Jr, is suspended with pay pending an departmental investigation of her actions.

    It's then that Tracy is told by her boss L.A police inspector Al Spector, Paul Winfield, to take a paid vacation in far off Berlin Germany to get her head together as well as get together with her pop US businessman Cliff Barret, Cliff Robertson, whom she hasn't seen in almost three years. As things were to later turn out Tracy went from the frying into the fire in her getting involved with a criminal baby adoption racket involving the Russian Mafia better known as the Organizatsiya! What's even more disturbing for Tracy is that she finds out that pop is not really a successful US businessman in Berlin but a CIA Agent working with the Berlin police to get the goods on the Organizatsiya. That leads to him almost getting blown away within the fist five minutes after he makes his appearance in the movie!

    The film "Assigment Berlin" is nothing to write home about in that were shown just how ridicules and ineffective the dreaded Organizatsiya, in the movie at least, really is! There's a scene in the film where two Russian Mafia hit-men chase Tracy and her Romanian informant Andre, Pjotr Papierz,through an empty wear-house using up hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammunition from their submachine guns and never even coming close, sometimes as close as two feet, to even nicking them!

    Were also given a taste of police corruption German style with the big cheese in the Berlin Police Comminnsioner Hans Osler, Jan Niklas, who's planning to run for mayor up to his neck in his connections with the Organizatsiya in their child adoption racket! Thats's because his major money contributor German multi-millionaire Manfred Bromm, Peter Simonischek, is one of their, the Organizatsa's, biggest customers!

    ****SPOILERS**** Tracy herself just doesn't have the Organizatsiya to worry about but the late Mr.Li's hot headed son Kim, Jan Sung Outebridge, who escaped from prison back in L.A. and is now in Berlin out to get revenge for his father's death! This leads to a thrilling gun battle in the Berlin subway were Tracy get her nerve back by blowing away the Russian Mafia hit-man who gunned down her pop while Li Jr ,who's about to off Tracy, get his from the subway train's side entrance!
  • The acting is just passing. This is about 50/50 German/US cast. I think the US actors are 2nd tier... For the German actors, it is probably language, production style etc that makes them weaker. Also they are mostly TV actors from the look of it. I like the setting and story. Many things are underplayed in a serious circumstance. The story confuses 2 plots which does not add to the movie. For the cost of the production, sites, etc this could have been a 10. This does cover current issues in Europe and current ways of thinking in my opinion (good or bad). I would say this is the type of movie you see on cable and that is where I saw it. The mob guys in this are not portrayed well and movie bad guy roles are usually not hard to do.