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  • dhruvaarora10 September 2019
    Must see if even you remotely like Govinda and his irreverent brand of comedy.

    The year is 1998, Govinda/Kader Khan partnership is in sublime form, the irreverence of Govinda at its peak, each scene of the movie is filled with effervescence of Govinda ... GOVINDA GOVINDA GOVINDA

    Shows the irreverence what we are missing this day and age ...I repeat irreverence because Govinda's spontaneity is unmatched ... only a city like Mumbai could have bred a street smart actor like Govinda

    Tempted to say if you're NOT a 90's kid growing up north of Deccan , you just might not get the brilliance of peak Govinda which is evident in this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Govinda movies are always funny. Even if they are a bit vulgar. Sure its no Dulhe Raja, but the combination Govinda, Raveena and Kader Khan was generates enough laughter and box-office success to consider it as a non-flop.

    The acting of friends - Harish and whats-his-name - and their girlfriends was ridiculous as is expected of Hindi film extras focusing all the attention of the lead actor and "his" story.

    The side story about Gopi's Brother and Sandhya's father was completely unnecessary, but every Bollywood movie has to have a villain too, if no other reason than just the climactic fight.
  • silvan-desouza18 December 2009
    By the tradition of No.1 films Aunty No.1 was another film in No.1 category sadly everything of the film is anything but No.1

    The film is another film wherein the hero dresses up like a woman Surprisingly, another film CHACHI 420 released in the same year which was much better

    This movie is awful

    Kirti Kumar also mixes a villain plot of Raza Murad who disguises himself as his mute brother(dual role) who is kidnapped by him There is another lame sub plot of Reema Lagoo(the real Rani Saiba) and an affair with the much older Saeed Jaffrey

    The whole film is boring, suddenly shifting from a comedy to a serious scene The film pales compared to HERO No.1, COOLIE No.1 which where nothing outstanding but were good comedies

    The only notable thing is Govinda dressing like a girl which too pales front of CHACHI 420

    Direction by Kirti Kumar is bad Music is okay

    Amongst actors Govinda does his usual stuff though he must be praised for carrying off the role of a woman well Harish and the other looser are bad Kiran Grover and the other actress is just okay Amongst supporting actors Kader Khan is boring to watch here, Saeed Jaffrey hams as usual Reema Lagoo is okay Raza Murad is as usual, Satish Kaushik is funny, Sadashiv Amrapurkar is okay Bindu is alright too