Lyle Wilder: You think you know me don't you?

Zach Braverton: No

Lyle Wilder: You sure?

Zach Braverton: No?

Lyle Wilder: That's a shame!

Zach Braverton: Mom!

Lyle Wilder: Two kids... a husband... Marge though you had something great going on here... special she called it. "Why can't we be more like them? Why can't you play with your son like Reese does? Huh? Why?"

Catherine Braverton: [to her kids] Go upstairs to your room... run

Lyle Wilder: [Now glaring at Catherine] You talked to her a lot didn't you? She worshipped you didn't she? Marge thought she knew me... most of the time!

Catherine Braverton: Lyle I'm sorry if we were an issue between you and Marge... but that has nothing to do with us now... please leave

Lyle Wilder: Kenny used to say please a lot to me... I had to be very stern with Kenny... foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child... the rod of discipline will remove it far from him. Mother was ruining him... she was always babying him.


Lyle Wilder: And now... now she's taking a restraining order AGAINST ME!

Lyle Wilder: [Describing to Ron some of the countless victims he found in fires] Susan Boreland July 14th 1988... full body... third degree massive inhilation... deceased... meth fire... a nine year old. Elane Brinkley November 22nd 1992... dental id... crackpot had nodded out to a gas leak with a cigarette burning... a gas leak that a worthless chink slum lord knew about... but didn't fix. Stern discipline is for he who forsakes the way... he who hates reproof... will die.

Lyle Wilder: [as he kills Sandy] Behold... blessed is the man whom god corrects... do not despise the dicipline of the almighty... he wounds... and his hands also heal... tell AL... I'm sorry

Sandy Tierra: [Last defiant lines] Kiss my...

[He snaps her neck]

Lyle Wilder: How about calling the cops? Of course they may have a hard time calling you back?

Lyle Wilder: [When Catherine begs him not to hurt her family] Your idea of hurt is alot diffrent from mine!

Lyle Wilder: [When asked what he wants] I want to see your babies... I want to discipline them... I want to save them!

Lyle Wilder: You blame me for what you forced me to do?

Catherine Braverton: [as she shoots him in the chest] I always knew you were a fucking coward!

Catherine Braverton: You sick son of a bitch

Lyle Wilder: That's a matter of opinion

Lyle Wilder: [Having explained the history of Russian roulette] I learned from one of the best... my father! Like most things in life... his luck was bound to expire... and his did

Lyle Wilder: You're pathetic chink ass is making far too much noise

Lyle Wilder: Have a rice day

Lyle Wilder: Don't squint too hard you might go blind

Lyle Wilder: [when Zach stabs him] Good one, you little prick.

Lyle Wilder: Sit down, kiddie.

Zach Braverton: My name is Zach.

Lyle Wilder: I know who you are. Sit down, kiddie.