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  • About the only creative twist in this film is that the psycho next door is a decorated, respected fireman.

    Get this bit of originality: he also spouts a few Bible verses along the way. Wow, impressive.

    That said, there are bigger wastes of time out there, and it's good for a bit of entertainment if there's nothing else on TV. I wouldn't pay to rent it, though.

    The only thought-provoking feature of the film has to do with the usefulness of firearms in the hands of good citizens.
  • This is one of Charlie "Charles" Sheen roles. Other "Charles" movies are "Five Aces", "Postmortem", and "Free Money". It was enjoyable. He played a good psycho. His fireman character is the male version of Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction". He didn't turn sentimental in the end, "Charles" is "in charge" of acting insane.

    Thankfully he's usually on screen, but when's he not, the movie suffers. Overall it's another good Sheen flick.

    Another classic Sheen flick is the action-packed "Terminal Velocity" and who can forget his unforgettable portrayal of Skydiving instructor Ditch Brodie in that film?

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  • In Bad Day on the Block (also known as Under Pressure) Charlie Sheen (Platoon, Hot Shots) finally took a role which I had wanted to see him play, a psycho. Sheen plays a hero firefighter who loses it after his wife leaves him. So he decides to terrorize his neighbors, a happily married couple with two children. Sheen plays the psycho role well, though he's not too scary because it's Charlie Sheen. The film isn't bad, though it has some stupid things, for example, the family is scared to death of him and he's just broken into their house, but they leave the little daughter downstairs alone. The film also suffers from the acting of the two kids, both are poor. The climax is kind of cool, with Russian Roulette being the game of choice.
  • Charlie Sheen gave an excellent performances of a man who snaps and vents his anger on the neighbors. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes realistic horror type films. This is believable, because people snap everyday and who knows what your neighbor might do...
  • Lot's of inconsistencies in this film. People soaking wet in one room & dry when then enter the next. Charlie is seen pushing the neighbor's car down the street because he didn't want it in front of his house. Problem is he's in the middle of the street with a parked car on his side of the curb. How'd he get this car away from the curb & be able to push it without keys? The setting is during a record heat wave & the neighbor's air conditioning is broke. Yet when Mom puts the kids to bed, they are under sheets & comforters. It's an unintentionally funny movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this is one movie that doesn't hold back in its depiction of a racist,ignorant pig who also happens to be a psychopath.this movie is not for the faint of heart.Charles Sheen puts in very convincing performance as a firefighter named Lyle Wilder, who in public is a hero but in reality is is a very unhinged deranged nut case with serious mental short,he's a loon,and a deadly one at that.Mare Winningham plays the mother of the family that is lucky enough to be his neighbour.i don't recall this movie being in theatres,but it's not listed as being straight to video.anyway,Winningham is good in her role and plays her character as very understated. i have to make special mention of two other actors in this movie.that would be John Ratzenberger (Cliff,from "Cheers" fame) and Dawn Lewis (Jaleesa from the sitcom "A Different World)who play the two police officers who end up dealing with Wilder(Sheen).both were very impressive in fairly small roles.i though they were both standouts.i had never seen either in a serious role,and they seemed to fit their characters like a glove.the movie itself is tense, to say the least and you are really waiting for the pressure to burst and the psycho to come completely unraveled,which he my mind,this is a pretty good movie.for me,"Bad Day on the Block" AKA "Under pressure is an 8/10
  • Through the years Charles Sheen has played a wide variety of characters on screen, some of them pretty light roles. However, here in "Bad Day On The Block" he gets the opportunity to prove that he's an excellent actor.

    He plays a deeply disturbed fireman who hates everyone and has a thing for strict discipline and bible quotes. Of course this mix creates a problem when the kids in the house next door, plays with the hose and waste water. He steps out and up to them to correct them.

    This is just one example. The rest of the film he continues to destroy the neighborhood peace and makes life a living hell for the family next door.

    Charles Sheen is very good as the disturbed bachelor. His look just tells all the rest about his mean behavior and he also manages to create a few laughs along the way. He's so hard and says some really funny lines, that I just laugh at it. To my knowledge, this isn't one of Mr. Sheen's more successful films. Instead it's an over-looked gem. See it and have a great time studying these both frightening and interesting events!

    I give it an 8 out of 10.
  • A white middle-class family, married, two kids, and living in a beautiful house in an apparently perfect suburb you already know from several Steven Spielberg and Wes Craven movies. A sinister neighbor and violent fireman, played by real-time psyche Charlie Sheen, watching and threatening the perfect picture family. And of course it won't take long until hell breaks loose...

    Nothing new really, but well done. The family actors are doing a fine job, but the credits go to Charlie Sheen this time who plays the psycho neighbor not as an over-the-top weirdo killer, but in a rather silent and retarded way and increasing the thrills of the story by his outstanding performance.

    No stupid dialogue and exaggerated over-acting, but just a man sitting in his dark and lonely house and watching old family pictures and his neighborer before his violent feelings are erupting like a volcano. A good thriller, recommended especially for Sheen's disturbing performance.
  • When I watched this about 20 years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was engraved in my mind as a very good movie. However, now that I'm older and wiser and have seen so many films, nothing about this film really makes sense. Nothing is credible. Charlie Sheen is overacting. I mean, he is just trying so hard to be good that he's actually bad. Mare Winningham is unintentionally funny instead of serious. The only mention-able good acting was from David Andrews. Everything that happens in this film happens for sensation only, and is not realistic. It was not entirely a bad film, but it certainly was not entirely a good film.
  • I saw this film quite recently and i was plesantly suprised as I haven't seen charlie seen play this type of role before and I think that he carried off the psycho-next-door quite well. it is a welcome change from all of his usual sarcastic, well to do normal characters that he plays and although the script wasn't all that it could have been, sheen flourished in his lyle wilder role. the rest of the cast were also good in their roles especially noah fleiss as Zach, and mare winnigham as the mother of the family catherine braverton. a good movie 3/5
  • When Sheen started out in acting in such films as Platoon and Wall street he was a bratpacker and very much the boy next door as he as got older he has become more sharper and can play mad men like this guy with a good effect too.
  • The really enjoyable elements of the film come from the supporting performances of Dawnn Lewis, John Ratzenberger, and Keone Young. Their individual scenes as well as interaction with the leads were the most emotionally evocative parts of the film.
  • Under Pressure AKA Bad Day On the Block is a very good film that has a good cast which includes Charlie Sheen, Mare Winningham, David Andrews, Noah Fleiss, Dawnn Lewis, Chelsea Russ, John Ratzenberger, Keone Young, Reggie Jackson, Cody Jones, David Hewlett, Phillip Jarrett,Tino Monte, Sheldon Turcott, and Karen Brigman. The acting by all of these actors is very good. Sheen is really excellent in this film. I thought that he performed good. The thrills is really good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed very good. The music is good by Gary Chang and good directing by Craig R. Baxley. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Mare Winningham, David Andrews, Noah Fleiss, Dawnn Lewis, Chelsea Russ, John Ratzenberger, Keone Young, Reggie Jackson, the rest of the cast in the film, Thrillers, Mystery, Dramas, and interesting Action films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!
  • Nahret31 March 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers here. So there?s a bible-reciting psychopath living next door, who?s not above scaring innocent kids witless and using your own kitchen knife to threaten you. Oh yes, and he lies better than you tell the truth. On top of everything, he?s a fire fighter and one time local hero, as he saved a baby from a blazing inferno ? nobody knows he left the child?s mother to die in the flames. Ooh, the abysses of the human mind.

    The whole thing is a pathetic excuse for a movie, failing in all aspects to generate any sense of suspense or real terror. It has it all: the characters are one-dimensional, the story is predictable, and in the end, the heroine defeats the evil man with a cheap psychological trick that even talk-show hosts no longer use. In the meantime, people do exactly the things that are obviously the worst possible choice in a given situation. Example? Here goes: Police car (empty) out in front of psycho?s house. Silence. Neighbour enters alone. Right. Also, police woman imitates Bond villain by warning psycho just long enough about the things she could do, so that he can overpower and kill her. And this after she?d found the dead refrigerator guy in the closet (the only death that truly surprises, though).

    Bottom line: no cliche is left untouched, no pseudo-psychological theory ignored. And so the most scary moment of the film is when you find yourself asking: whatever happened to your career, Charlie Sheen?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is currently be shown under the title of "Under Pressure."

    The movie boils down to an unusual number of errors, mishaps, misadventures, bigotry and wrong guessing by the police, and with this all, it's still a complete mess.

    Charlie Sheen does give a convincing performance as a fire hero who has literally gone off his mind. His wife has divorced him and has gone away with their child. He takes all this out on his next-door neighbors, the typical American couple. Tensions sky rocket when his window is accidentally broken.

    The guy totally loses it and in the process kills the refrigerator repair person, an Oriental who rang his bell in error, 2 police who come to investigate and causes undue mayhem to the people next door.

    If ever they make the biography of Elizabeth Edwards, Mare Winningham should definitely star. She looks just like her.

    This movie is a mess, cliché and full of you know what's coming.
  • This is not the best thriller that I have ever seen, nor is it anywhere near the worst. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the two friends who watched it with me.

    Charlie Sheen stars as a fireman, once decorated for bravery, turned psychopath. The chief targets of his increasingly paranoid behaviour are the perfectly normal family who just happen to live next door. As his private war escalates, their very lives are endangered , as are the lives of anyone else unfortunate enough to get in his way.

    For me the film suffers through its lack of development of the main characters. Nevertheless, it is well worth watching and none but the the hypercritical will be disappointed.

    Charlie Sheen is convincing in an unfamiliar role; Mare Winningham does a sterling job as the terrified, but protective mother; and Noah Fleiss shines once again as Zach. I find it both bizarre and sickening that anyone could find the acting of this talented young actor "poor". I like Elijah Wood and Joe Mazzello, but would not hesitate to put Noah Fleiss in the same bracket. Given reasonable breaks, this kid is going to be MEGA!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In short: This is about an ex-husband (played by Sheen) who goes bananas after a divorce and starts taking it out on his neighbouring family. Trouble is not with the plot or the general acting as such, but with Sheen - he just isn't good at acting your stereotypical psycho, with the needed attitude to be obsessive, menacing, violent, and with historical and biblical anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

    This could have been "Falling Down 2", but Charlie Sheen is unfortunately out of his league, and spoils the alchemy of a movie that might otherwise have been a worthwhile watch. Instead, it is utterly forgettable.
  • I must admit, I rented this only because I'm a fan of David Andrews (JAG, Terminator 3, Cherry 2000, CSI) who plays the father of the Braverton family. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and ended up buying a copy.

    The premise is that an ordinary family's life is suddenly terrorized when their psychologically tormented neighbour (played by Charlie Sheen) finally "cracks". I found the movie quite good, because it WAS a basically ordinary family. I could see my own family in their day-to-day goings on. So many Hollywood movies are spoiled for me by characters who live ridiculously opulent and overly quaint suburban lives. These characters didn't have an enormous swimming pool or luxurious cars or a magnificent house on the ocean - they're NORMAL people....and therein lies the suspense (at least for me). I could see the whole scenario ACTUALLY playing out in a real family's life. The reactions of the characters and the police were realistic and believable. No running around in silly lingerie, no going "Rambo" - real reactions.

    Truthfully, the weak point for me was Sheen. He was obviously trying to "break the mold" and was admittedly quite successful - the character was scary in a "smouldering" way. A burning ember. I just couldn't stop thinking of him as....well...Charlie Sheen - and that really wasn't his fault.

    This is definitely worth a watch - the dynamic between Mare Winningham and my man David Andrews (who also worked together in "Wyatt Earp") was genuine and gave the whole scenario the needed authenticity.

    :) AT
  • arvie8813 April 2006
    I have seen this movie for the first time last night and i thought Charlie Sheen was frightening as the psycho next door neighbor.

    While all the performances here were okay, I thought the film could have used a stronger script in the second half of the film. I just wish the ending confrontation between Charlie and Mare Winningham had been longer.

    There were truly some original parts in this movie and i think this movie is a classic in it's own way.

    Not great, because of the second part of the movie, but overall i give it a 7 out of 10 star rating...
  • This movie is also known as UNDER PRESSURE. The pressure of being an honored and highly recognized fire fighter,(Charlie Sheen)has driven his wife and small son away with his demeaning and demanding attitude. He carries a heavy chip on his shoulder and leaves no slack for those who come in contact with him.

    Constant confrontations with his next door neighbors finally comes to a head. No one is spared. The neighbor, his wife and two children are totally terrified. When the police are called; and they visit with the public servant with a dual personality, all hell breaks loose.

    Sheen really gets into this part. He is pretty menacing. And has that frightening stay away stare. Also featured are Mare Winningham, John Ratzenberger and David Andrews. There is also a cameo part for baseball great, Reggie Jackson.

    This tense thriller is equal to a two alarm blaze. A don't miss for Sheen fans.
  • This film started promising. However, the result is not as good as it was expected. The plot is predictable and Sheen's performance pathetic. At the end finally the film steals ideas from Funny Games. Bad film on the block...