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  • Warning: Spoilers
    With several successful laugh riots behind them, one expected a lot from this Govinda starer directed by his favorite director, David Dhawan. But this film was just one big bore with almost all the jokes falling flat. Leave that aside, even the tone of the film was very derogatory towards women. I don't think any lady in 1997 would approve of their husbands thinking of them as home makers only and not wanting them to have a life beyond the one they lead together! The humor just doesn't work. Neither does the drama nor the acting nor the action. By the end of the film you realize that even the director and actor just wanted to get the film done with. The fact is that Banrasi Babu was delayed by a few years and that shows in the final product.

    The story is old and formulaic. Madhu's (Ramya Krishnan) father Chaubey(Kader Khan) promised Gopi's (Govinda) father and mother that he would get his daughter married to their son. Kader Khan and his wife Lily, (Bindu) move to Singapore, only to return with their voluptuous daughter to the village and find a simpleton in Gopi. Opposites attract and sparks fly and much to the disapproval of Bindu, Gopi and Madhu get married. Soon Madhu realizes that she is way too modern to adapt to the rurally backward Gopi. They decide to separate. But Gopi is adamant on winning Madhu back. Does he succeed? Honestly, I don't think anyone cares by this point!

    Govinda has done too many roles like this and there is nothing new to his performance. Ramya steps into Karisma Kapoor's territory and fails. Karisma's presence may have made some difference to this lifeless character. Kader Khan and Bindu are the usual. Shakti Kapoor is just too annoying.

    The ever dependable Anand-Milind also disappointed with this film. Just a couple of songs are hummable. I say disappoint because their track record with David Dhawan and Govinda has always been impeccable. This was at best average.

    David Dhawan and Govinda made the audience (including me) suffer with this one. But i had no one to warn me. You do!