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  • As an investor in this movie and someone who knew Tony DiTocco personally, you need to consider his and his wife's (Robyn) amazing "guts" it took for them to put this picture together. When Tony first came to me and asked to borrow money to make the picture I left his office with the script in hand and thought I just talked to someone crazy. But after reading the script and deciding to take a chance and invest, I realized that Tony had something that was bigger than the picture...a dream and a wish to fulfill it. Watch this picture from that vantage point - realizing that he and Robyn, myself and several of his other friends and family did this as rookies and there is a bigger message than a "rating". Tony is as American as they come and we need more people like that that aren't afraid to chase their dreams. Watch it and realize that this was a bunch of people who got a great cast, a first time script and a good crew and you know what - it's better than anyone else could've done with the limited budget and experience that we had....all that set aside - it's a pretty entertaining picture. I got to meet Pricilla Barnes - teach her how to SCUBA dive and enjoy having dinner with her a few times, meet Michael Madsen - who is one of the most down to earth people there are in the biz, have lunch on the set with Maria Conchita Alonzo - who is very interesting and charming, get behind the camera with Rick King who showed me the director's vantage point and more than anything learn a lot about the effort that goes into making every motion picture. The only negative was Jeff about a jerk...he was the only asshole on the set....refused to signed my script, and at the wrap party I bought him a drink and he just walked away when I wanted to talk to him. AS FOR THE GIRL WHO MADE THE COMMENT ABOVE - TOTAL LOSER TO MAKE THAT COMMENT....YOU WERE TREATED TO A FUN DAY ON THE SET...ATE WELL AND HAD FUN...AND FOR YOU TO 'DIS THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL ABOUT THE KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE.

    So take a chance on this film - watch it and enjoy it - and remember that Tony and Robyn did it following their dream to make a picture...and remember that the hidden moral of this picture is that "If you dream it - you can DO IT !!!"
  • The pacing is slow as hell. I could imagine with the cast this could have been your mediocre USA Network type show like Psyche or oddly enough Burn Notice. It's not really good, but I would love to hear like director commentary on how this came about. It would give some insight into something that it seems most people have never heard about but has so many famous cast members.
  • kellirose131312 July 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is truly terrible. However I'm in it for a very small scene. Near the beginning while at the bar the camera switches from behind the two male characters talking at the bar to the bartender's perspective. If you look the only person you can see dancing (badly) in the background is ME! Admittedly I'm not doing very well and it's only for about 2 minutes but it was a thrill. I got to see myself on the big screen in an actual movie theater. Well at least for the about a week this movie lasted in the theaters. We were the only people in the showing we went to. It was fun to film though and I kept a fake ice cube from Priscilla Barnes glass of "alcohol".