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  • I attended 6th grade with Melissa Weaver, and I remember the day I found out she had died. I think it may have been a Monday and the announcements came on saying that anyone wanting to attend Melissa's funeral would be excused from was over 10 years ago, so I may have forgotten details. But one thing I will never forget is the feeling I had when I found out someone so young...My age!!...had died. We had all known that she had cancer, she always had the cutest hats, but know one ever really thought she would die...Death was a word that really wasn't a part of our life. After Melissa passes away, her mother (a teacher) set up the gym with things from Melissa's life such as her hats and letters and pictures....she talked to the school as a whole and helped us understand what she had went through. It was an experience I shall never forget. Alougth I wasn't a friend of Melissa's (we never had classes together) it made me very sad that someone so young could leave us like that. ALWAYS IN MEMORY OF MELISSA WEAVER, YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATE....TIFFANY
  • aruznam2 January 2005
    I watched this movie twice and I cried throughout both times I watched. It's very touching and teaches you to appreciate life. All actors played their parts very well but Missy's and her dad's roles were especially remarkable. In some way it reminded me of "Forrest Gump" movie where forest lost his mom to cancer as well. I think Bill Clinton did a wonderful job appearing in this movie and I respect him for that. It would be even better if he appeared with his wife and daughter, Hillary and Chelsea. I disagree with one of the comments that it should not be shown to kids. I think children of all ages should learn from Missy's experience that life is not all fun and joy, but also struggle.
  • This movie was beautiful. I remember the first time I saw this movie I was 12 and I cried so much. It's a great movie, but because it's so thematic, I really wouldn't recommend it for children.A young girl Cancer-battling her way through life shows how much you should value life in case you lose it completely.
  • It was based on true story. The really events lead up to The Family And Medical Leave Act. I know the names of all but one of the characters were changed to protect their rights to privacy. Anyway, this law guarantees a person up to six weeks leave when a family member has a serious illness. By law the employer has to give it to the person. Now to what I saw thought of movie. I think John Ritter was wonderful in the role of Ed Chandler. When I saw the movie, I was very surprised to see President Clinton in it. I will have to look for it on video at my local library. I hope they run it on television again soon. Maybe Lifetime or Hallmark will have it. This is the kind of movie those two channels would show.
  • zdickysmommy10 January 2007
    The movie was amazing .. John Ritter, RIP, did an AWESOME job in this movie. It is such a sad movie, and what makes it even more sad is that its a true story! The struggles that poor Missy went through are horrible, but she was lucky to have her family and her best friend and boyfriend stand by her side! I had to try really hard not to cry though this movie. My heart reached out to her and to her family. Her family struggled big time, not only emotionally but money wise because the dad lost his job! I almost cried when he got fired! But thanks to her and her family it helped pave the way to the FMLA which I have had to use! May God hold her and keep her in Heaven and May he bless her family thats left here on earth without her!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If it wasn't for Melissa Weaver, I would not have been able to manage as a single mother after I was fired from my job in NYC. My son was also injured at a game and diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. One year into Nickys treatment I spent my days writing to attorneys throughout NY,NJ and CT for help with the firing of my job. No one offered to discuss the termination. Someone told me to watch this movie, as I did, I kept reaching out to attorneys until we met a family on Nicky's Make a Wish cruise. We were followed by media and press for 4.5 years up until his passing. We met a family "The Feretti's" who welcomed us like we were their family. One night after dinner (we sat every night on the cruise together) Joe walked outside to ask me what happen to Nicky and why we were on the cruise. I spoke briefly about it the first night at dinner. I explained to him I was fired from my job after asking for 10 hours a week off. He then promised me when he returns to Florida, he will have his lawyer contact me. Within a week, his lawyer contacted me and flew to NYC for a meeting. The proceedings began immediately. In between we would fly to Florida and visit the family, they loved us very much as we were their. Time went by and we lost touch, I lost my phone and was so involved with Nicky, I could not locate them. My story could be Part Two of a Childs Wish. I am finishing my book on my story in hopes I can make a difference in someones life. May God Bless anyone who endures such pain and sadness.
  • I have just watch this movie from the TV( of course,because it is made for TV).It first caught my notice when I flipped through the newspaper's TV guide.The main character was played by Anna Clumsky,who also starred in one of my favourite movie-My Girl.She has grown up so much in that movie,not the adorable ii-year -old in My Girl.The movie is about the struggle of a 16-year-old-girl against the cancer.It also showed her supportive family members and friends.I guess it is based on a true story and I was amazed to see President Clinton appeared inthe movie too in t he Oval Office.It changed my opinion of him after the Monica's incident and many nasty stuff about him.I came to realized that a person has his or her bad or good's sides.It's all based on how we judge a person by his or her action and remark.The father's role potrayed in this movie is also very touching and moving.It shows a father's love for his family and his ways to support it It is also very warm to notice that Missy,the main character's name has a supportive and loving boyfriend.He played by Karl David-Djerf is so youthful and charming.I could recommend this movie for whoever out there who is fighting for an illness and my advice is never give up and may your wishes come true.
  • It could be a nice film, but it was too predictable. The script was shouting it was made for TV. It might be a true story, but at some points it seemed too much that a lot of events were put together just for the dramatical effect of them, and it came out too unrealistic. It was a good thing watching Anna Chlumsky in a more mature role, but I thought that role was tailor-made exactly for that purpose. It was also a surprize seeing the final guest star, playing himself, and in fact a reason for searching IMDb for this movie!
  • This movie is probably John Ritter's worst work. Ritter fans should look elsewhere, particularly at his fantastic performance in "Bad Santa." It's amazing to think the same actor took part in this movie.

    The only saving grace is toward the end, when Bill "The Thrill" Clinton appears playing himself. The scene is shot in the oval office and is generally very well done. Wild Bill fans should simply fast-forward to the Oval Office scene and skip the rest of the movie entirely.

    If you are not a tear-jerker fan, or are a Ritter fan, see if you can get your wife to change the channel because you cannot re-live the time you'll spend having to watch this film. Bill is the only positive note in this, and it's over an hour before he appears so I don't know if it's worth hanging around.