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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the second feature film from Spanish-Canadian Bruno Lázaro, and it's again a disturbing and elegant movie. Is a sort of cyberpunk thriller, entirely shot in black and white, setting in a near future, when people have to live and work in cities at night, because the solar radiation makes impossible life by day... Or it seems. The main character is a scientific, working for a private company, who are creating a computer scanner with the capacity of reading the dreams and memories of human mind, and alterate them too. Soon (spoiler), a girl, kind of hacker, discover that his work is used by obscure powers for more dark purposes than science: total control over population. Besides the well constructed intrigue, in the path of Phil Dick or William Gibson, the real point is the beautiful, inventive and disturbing use of architecture and urban spaces, seeing "the imminence of the future in the present", in the way of Godard's "Alphaville", Marker "La Jetée" or the first Cronenberg -"Stereo" and "Crimes of the Future-. Poetic, intimate, sexy and experimental, it's minimalistic SF at his best, like "Pi" or "Primer", and an acid critic to consumerism and mind control.