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  • This is an entertaining feel-good comedy about two Polish brothers who emigrate to France to find a better life and live "like kings". Unfortunately, life isn't that simple, and they find themselves moving from one job to another with little success. Then Roman, the more daring of the two, seizes an unexpected opportunity and gets his brother to pose as an Icelandic film director whose new movie is about to be shown in an international film festival, while he plays the role of interpreter. They soon find themselves in a luxurious hotel suite sipping champagne and feted by the other attendees and the press.

    The situations they find themselves in are fairly standard for this kind of farce, but the warmth of the actors and light touch of the director make this film much more entertaining and funny than might be expected. And the film manages to provide a few surprises and chuckles right up to the last shot at the very end.