[As Bo & Luke are driving thru Hazzard, testing the rebuilt General Lee]

Luke: You ARE aware this road goes to Dry Creek?

Bo: I AM aware this road goes to Dry Creek.

Luke: You are aware there's no way to get OVER Dry Creek?

Bo: [Stepping down on the gas, grinning] I am aware there is ONE WAY to get over Dry Creek!

Luke: Oh, Lordy! We're gonna die!

[Bo drives up on Bubba & Bertha Jo, fighting after the Hazzard Tough Person Contest]

Bo: Hey, Bubba... Bertha Jo. You REALLY wanna fight?

Bertha Jo: YEAH! (Smashes Bubba with a right cross)

Bo: Bertha JO!

[Daisy is warning Riker about her fiancé, Enos]

Daisy: If Enos comes looking for you, and he FINDS you... .well, he's a Los Angeles Police Sergeant

Riker: Yeah, well, LA's a long way from Hazzard, babe.

Daisy: He's not in LA... .BABE. He's that big ole boy that threw you through the window, and he wasn't even mad at you... THEN!

[Mamma Max and Riker are arguing about the Gallium Arsenide ore, that Daisy found]

Mamma Max: Gallium Arsenide ore. She found it, just like we did.

Riker: What, that hick chick?

Mamma Max: Is studying for her DOCTORATE in ECOLOGY, you chauvinist ass! If you went to the beauty parlor, you'd know the local gossip!

Uncle Jesse Duke: And, Boss Rosco...

Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke: Boss Rosco?

[Luke laughs]

Uncle Jesse Duke: Well, yeah. Since Boss Hogg died, Rosco inherited all his empire.

Luke: C'mon, Rosco!

Boss: Well, I had a little help from... from Boss Hogg.

Everybody: Boss Hogg? What?

Mamma Max: Who?

Boss: My little fat buddy.

The Balladeer: The general store had EVERYTHING for a weddin' - - including invitations and SHOTGUN SHELLS

[the gallows-humor implication being that goose-blaster ammo might be a necessary "big day" accessory if it was a "shotgun wedding", where the groom might not be overly thrilled about getting hitched to begin with, but the bride's family was insisting that he marry her because he'd gotten her knocked up]

The Balladeer: .