Denver Pyle's final TV role.

This film establishes that Cooter went on to become a Congressman, which is what Ben Jones, the actor who plays Cooter, did in real life.

Waylon Jennings was the only surviving regular cast member (aside from the replacement Dukes) not to take part in the movie. Don Williams took over his role as The Balladeer.

Due to his declining health as the result of Lung Cancer, Denver Pyle had lost a significant amount of weight as well as much of his hair. As a result Pyle was outfitted with a fat suit, wig and fake beard to cover up his gaunt appearance.

The idea for a reunion movie sprang out of cast members reconnecting with each other while attending Sorrell Booke's funeral. The project came to fruition a couple of years later when reruns of the show airing on Cable TV's Nashville Network drew higher than anticipated ratings.

The shirt worn by Bo in this movie is one of his original shirts from the series.

Enos' spin off role is written into the reunion by explaining him as a detective in L.A., which was his role in Enos (1980) Every episode ended with his writing to Daisy about what had happened to him. In the reunion, he hands her all of the letters he had written while in L.A.

In the movie, Luke Duke was said to have become a smoke jumper, fighting forest fires. Gy Waldron's writing credit immediately previous was Smoke Jumpers (1996).

The Dukes' farmhouse is two stories now, a significant (and unexplained) change from the TV series.

Originally titled "Return to Hazzard."

Jo mentions Daffy Duck. Enos is fond of Warner Brothers cartoons, like Elmer Fudd.

Jonathan and Tom reunited in the TV show Smallville