Pimple: You better leave my friend alone or I'm gonna have to properly educate you on how beat the shit outta somebody.

Jack Taggert: How do you wanna do this? Do you wanna play this game all the way? I'll have 300 agents come up here in this hick town and crawl up every orifice you got. When it's over, you can go to your favorite proctologist and get a nice soothing ointment for the hole that hurts the most.

Orin Hanner Jr.: You want me to take him out?

Orin Hanner Sr.: You couldn't take out a cheeseburger from a drive-through window.

Orin Hanner Sr.: You're violating my constitutional rights.

Jack Taggert: Mr. Hanner, I promise you, as sure as you stand here now, I'm gonna show you a new meaning to the word "violation".

Jack Taggert: [FBI Agent #2 is standing in a pool of gasoline holding a lit flare] Hey. Tell your boss I'm coming to get him.

[lowers gun]

Jack Taggert: You know what, on second thought... I'll tell him.

[raises gun and shoots the flare in two, watching the fake agent squirm, and then shoots the flare again right before it hits the ground, putting the fire out]

Jack Taggert: I think, Junior, if your daddy knew how stupid you were, he'd trade you in for a pet monkey.

Earl Kellogg: Someone once asked my daddy how far down Hell was and he said, "Just a quarter mile."

Orin Hanner Sr.: So, I guess that makes killing you free.

Jack Taggert: Well, it would be free if you could.

Hatch: What the hell are you doing here?

Jack Taggert: Well, I was just out taking a Sunday stroll... but I guess maybe it's not Sunday.

Orin Hanner Jr.: You've been hanging out with the ignorant people. Well, see, we're educated.

Jack Taggert: I was told somebody's dumped some dangerous toxic waste down here. I wanted to see if I could come down and stop it.

Orin Hanner Sr.: [to Jack] I have a lot of money. I'll give you some to go away.

Jack Taggert: Let's face it, I don't believe in authority.

Jack Taggert: I think you really deserve to suffer.

Jack Taggert: Is this kind of like Deliverance or something?

Orin Hanner Sr.: Doesn't this guy know the rules? I'm the rules.

[first lines]

Frank Elkins: I'm going to Kentucky to check on a case. When I'm back, we're gonna go hunting. Do some fishing. We'll get away from all this stuff.

Jack Taggert: I appreciate the friendship. Means a lot to me.

Jack Taggert: Cracked my wood; that's no good.

Jack Taggert: [to Sarah] I'm a federal agent. I work for the E.P.A.

Orin Hanner Sr.: [on the phone] I have fifty thousand barrels of cyanide rolling down here right now.