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  • This was a breathtaking short-horrormusical with Michael Jackson, finally a bit cool.

    Some people think that it is a spin off to THRILLER, but I can't see any similarity at all. Let's all remember that Michael Jackson was an adult as a child, and he has got to have room for his childhood somewhere too.

    I love Michael Jackson's short films, and this is no exception.
  • This video serves as a reminder that the only thing that has changed about Michael Jackson is the way we look at him. The genius is still there and has grown 10,000 times since thriller. If you put this movie up against thriller it makes thriller pale in comparison musically, special effects wise, basically in every way, it's just that most people are too stupid to see it because like little kids, they are too caught up in the way he looks (which is just fine in this movie btw).

    The dancing is jaw dropping! The music is excellent! Makes you want to get up and dance! The plot is funny and shows Michael Jackson's sense of humor about the way he knows people think about him.

    EXCELLENT MOVIE! Do yourself a favor and stop believing all the crap you hear and missing out on jaw dropping perfection which is everything he puts out!

    In my opinion my top 10 favorite pieces of work by him are:

    1) The 'Scream' Video (over 7 Million Dollars and you see every dime) 2) The 'Ghosts' Video / Movie 3) The 'Earth Song' Video (if it doesn't move you emotionally you're not human) 4) The 'HIStory' album (easily his best work for someone mentally over the age of 12) 5) The 'Dangerous' album (every song is perfection) 6) The 'You Rock My World' video (Chris Tucker, Malron Brando, Michael Madsen & Michael Jackson how do you not have a great video?) 7) The 'Invincible' album (10 million records sold & counting, great piece of work, tuned to perfect pop precision) 8) The 'Black or White' song / video (They are both excellent!!) 9) The 'Stranger in Moscow' song /video (I mean that's where you see how much of a genius he still is) 10) The 'Blood on The Dance Floor' album (the first five tracks really show how amazing he is as a writer, it awesome) *** Thriller goes without saying, but he really has done some of his best work since then.***
  • I love this as its just so cool and so Michael (all wild imagination and amazing dance routines) and brings the joys of childhood and the memories every child had of the haunted house down the road that never was haunted

    Michael takes a simple Childhood fantasy adds some magic and brings it to life it's one of those short film where you can imagine you were there with superb special effects and Amazing dance routines.

    Michael Jackson fan or not this short film slash music video is the totally cool to get you moving to the beat wonder how do his legs do that? and appreciating the talent MJ really does have as a performer.
  • Yes I do. Who would think that MJ would top the amazing short film that is Thriller. This film right here is a masterpiece from start to finish. From the acting to the dancing. Its another classic by the King.
  • Being a Michael Jackson fan since the early 1980's I've always remained interested in anything he does.

    I think commercially his best days were behind him in the mid-90's, but this is still an excellent video and it far exceeds a lot of the crap that artists put out there today.

    Most videos are the same thing over and over, the artists with the line dancers in bikinis behind them, YAWN!

    Michael Jackson comes along and takes the music video to the next level, he puts a storyline into it and killer special effects.

    When you get done, the only person the guy has failed to outdo is himself.

    Like him or no, Michael Jackson is still the king of music video.
  • liberian_girl17 February 2002
    This film is absolutely stunning once AGAIN Michael Jackson stuns us with his excellent dance moves and vocal. I love this film to bits and it is so funny. I mean his dance moves are just SOOOOO GOOD, I would recommend anyone to see this.
  • floydcarey-4534215 October 2018
    Classic short film by MJ. This is edited version of the 40 minute film with the same name. And its awesome like everything else he has done. Such a genius he was. RIP MJ. We did not deserve you.
  • Michael Jackson has embraced generations with beautiful short films. Usually they are made to promote a single, but in this case he gives us something else. Sure, in this film there are also songs (which are available on c.d.), but the emphasis is on a funny story and great special effects. This release passed many people by, which is a shame since this thing is really worth watching and shows great promise at Michael's promised new acting jobs.
  • As a life long fan of Michael Jackson, you could argue that I am bias. But one of the reasons why Jacko's career is so amazing, is his music videos. No artist in history has created as many fantasical music videos as he. Billie Jean, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Black or White, Remember the Time.... This list goes on, Jacko is a quality entertainer!

    The dancing is spectacular, The soundtrack is awesome, the melodies and rifts are vintage Jackson and the special fx are superb.

    Sure, it could be seen as Thriller of the 90's, but who else could produce such a thing? Madonna? not a chance! anyone? not even close!

    What suprises me the most is its limited release and promotion. If the music was publisised more and the short film was given its deserved air-time, then people would have to stand back and watch in ore of a true genius at work.

    10/10, As music videos go, Ghost is spectacular and only the true King of Pop could produce such a masterpiece!
  • Brandon Hall27 October 2001
    This film is not really a film at all. It's more of a TV show. It deals with a "Freak" living alone in a house that tells kids strange stories and performs strange tricks. The townspeople want him to leave, but he doesn't want to... so he does what all "Freaks" would do... dance. Just like on Thriller. I felt honored to see this, being that it was only released overseas. VH1 and MTV aired it many times during the Halloween season. I taped it... so, I can watch it any time I want. I think that you should check it out if you ever get a chance. Of course, Thriller is better... but this is a close second. A 10/10!!
  • Darkknightz_0512 June 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you don't want to know the story, then DO NOT read this! Well...I have to say, I actually like this. A little like 'Thriller' but much better and the special effects are amazing. The music is good, and at some point; you can't help but laugh at Michael's face. This would be a good movie for Halloween, you get the goodness of Zombies, music and a middle-aged pop star grabbing some crotch, I'd put the children to bed first. If you like Michael Jackson then this is your kind of film, if you don't like him then…why are you reading reviews?? So they story…Well people decide they want to get rid of a creepy guy in his haunted house, so the mayor gathers the town folk and they go up there. Eventually the bump into Michael Jackson, the mayor takes an instant disliking to Michael. Everyone is convinced Michael likes scaring people, which he admits to, and of course he scares everyone. He does a little singing, dancing and crotch grabbing and people begin to like him, even thought he turns into a skeleton. Hmm…But there's a twist, with the mayor maybe?? Ehheeee, you'll have to watch the rest.
  • Great underrated short film. Deserves more attention. Some of the best dancing from the King of Pop.
  • MichaelJackson2514 July 2002
    I really enjoy watching GHOSTS! I think its really imaginative and well done! The dance routines are totally awesome!!!! My favourite part apart from the dancing has to be when Michael turns into the ghoul and says to the mayor (also played by Michael) "Are ya' scared yet?". It's ACE!!!! 10 out of 10 for GHOSTS!!
  • peeweehoglie11 July 2001
    Well Michael Jackson has done it again. He has made another cool short film that everyone would enjoy. This movie is very good. The plot is good, the actors especially Michael Jackson did an excellent job and the songs that Michael sang are awesome! The direction of this movie is good and the setting of the movie is great. I got this movie and when I watched it for the first time, I really enjoyed it. My nephew also enjoyed this movie and we like to watch it again and again. Good job Michael.

    Rating: 10 out of 10
  • Now I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a baby. I LOVE this video, it's my favorite video in the world! Haha, there are some pretty funny scenes in it too (i.e. "Don't hit your brother!"), and some I was like "WHOA!" Hehee... my sister is six and she LOVES it. We're planning on getting it on video.
  • Once again The King Of POP dazzles us with an amazing short film. Every time he makes a piece of entertainment, we sit back and wonder how and why he gets those ideas. Somehow he manages to get the top of the line to help him. This piece can be watched again and again, and still be nothing else than a masterpiece.

    Michael Jackson will always have a dear place in my heart, and this extra vaganza is no exception !!
  • In some way, I think Michael was trying to get another "Thriller", he didn't. But he did come out with a great music video. It worked on a lot of levels. The only creepy thing was Michael's make up, and no make up. And the kids in the video, even more creepy. I was kind of expecting Maculy Culkin to be in it for some reason. Or Liz Tailer. J/K! But I'm letting go. I thought he was wonderful. The video is original. The story is original. And even though this is no "Thriller", it's still excellent. Michael Jackson is the king of pop. No matter what anyone says, he is still the king. He can't be topped in music or videos.

  • Those who says it's a re-cycled Thriller obviously didn't understand much of this film. Which is a shame because by some of the hateful comments it's exactly them who have something to learn from this message.

    I consider this film a masterpiece and unlike Thriller it's not just an entertaining horror story. It's a lesson about how we, as a society tend to treat people who are different. We lynch them, want to drive them away, want to ostracize them. We hate them. And that all just because they are is different.

    In real life Michael Jackson was at the receiving end of this kind of hatred (as demonstrated even in some comments here), so he knows exactly what he is talking about. It's also important to listen to his lyrics. The song "Is it Scary" says it all about how we project OUR OWN dark thoughts onto others and how we should be careful because the evil we assume in others might actually come from our own mind!

    Masquerade the heart Is the height of haunting souls Just not what you seek of me Can the heart reveal the proof Like a mirror reveals the truth See the evil one is you

    I also have to say the acting on Michael Jackson's part in this short film is fantastic! He doesn't only play the protagonist, the Maestro, but also the Mayor whose character was probably inspired by Tom Sneddon (the bigoted, judgmental, hateful right winger). Not to mention the crazy and unique dance routines where MJ never disappoints.

    When this piece came out the media (especially in the US) already decided that no matter what MJ does they will trash it. From some of the criticism directed at this film it is painfully obvious that they didn't even intend to give it (and MJ in general) a chance. Criticism was often directed not at the art piece itself but at Jackson's looks or tabloid gossip. Is that serious criticism of art? But ironically exactly this phenomenon is what proves Jackson's point that he presents in this film! It seems like the people who should look into Jackson's mirror try to avoid this mirror he holds up in front of them. He certainly hit a nerve!

    So the film remains very, very underrated. I don't think it will stay this way for ever. The film is too good and too profound for that. Perhaps the society which is criticized in it has to pass before a new generation comes along and will analyze Jackson's art with an open mind, without the decades long media brainwash influencing them.
  • He may not look like the same Michael Jackson we saw in "Thriller", but he's just as good as he was before. The special effects were incredible. The makeup work (I loved seeing Michael Jackson as the mayor-ish guy) was incredible and so was the dancing. It's too bad the music wasn't as good. He uses some of his worse stuff in "Ghosts", which is mediocre by our standards. It isn't his best work, but "Ghosts" is still pretty entertaining.
  • Michael Jackson's Ghosts just further engraves the King Of Pop's unique ability to produce a very entertaining and high quality short film. Although this can hardly be called a short film, as it runs approximately 35 minutes. There is no doubt that a lot of thinking and money went into this, all for a music video that is. I like the fact that Michael helped write the whole script and did a lot of the work, not just the acting. This video lives up to the whole Michael Jackson standard, and would be appreciated by not just fans but anybody of all ages. May not be as organic as the Thriller days but still comes pretty close. Great music video, definitely check it out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a wonderful short film, with stunning visual effects. You can't deny the effects, make up and dancing in this film weren't top notch. The acting was a bit rusty but it wasn't awful, and to be honest, with everything else going on, it didn't matter.

    When people say this is similar to Thriller, they're thinking one-dimensionally. Yes, Michael Jackson did Thriller...a short film with zombies in. But so? Does everyone who has done more than one action film, more than one love song, more than one something something mean they're unoriginal, copying themselves or whatever? No. This is nothing like Thriller, apart from the fact its make believe and maybe scary for little kids.

    I also think this is a sort of stab at all the people who say Michaels face is destroyed and what not...with the scene where he takes his face off and smashes it into the if to say 'yeh look at me and my good looking face that you all so willingly diss, f/ers'. Haha, maybe I'm wrong but thats my perception. Michael takes risks, and because he does he can produce a fantastic short film. He'll always be the king of videos.
  • This one got past me which is surprising as though Jackson was never exactly my genre it was hard to get away from his overwhelming global presence.

    Maybe I'd heard the song but never seen the video as the song is rather lacklustre. Instantly forgettable stuff and that is a rare thing to say about the "King" of pop.

    The video is remarkable, a cgi and practical effects laden dance-fest full of zombies, ghosts and all manner of naties.

    One of Jacksons best videos, one of Jacksons weakest songs.

    The Good:

    Great choreography

    Excellent sfx

    The Bad:

    Hugely underwhelming song

    Thriller it's not

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Not sure who this Michael Jackson is but she's a very pretty girl
  • This movie is incredible. I don't think it was released in the U.S. and if you can get it, it is a must see. If your a fan of MJ or not this film is actually better than the Thriller video. It is scary, thought provoking and fun and is a must see!! The effects are done by Stan Winston and by todays standards are a bit dated, However still effective for their intentions. Some notable characters are evident. Mos Def plays a frightened visitor to the home. There are a couple of must see scenes. The possession of the mayor by Michael is priceless, the dance sequence by the demons, and the dance sequence by MJ's skeleton are all unique visions that have not been seen on screen before.
  • SexySlut4 March 2005
    Mike has and is going through a lot but Ghosts is a one of a kind type thing . Tell me how many movies have you seen a dancing and sing ghost with others of all sorts.when you go deep into thought about it it can scare you fonding other than pure good hearted fun. Sure it is some what a little well weird but there are music videos I've seen plan awful. Not this one this one is a true one of a kind as I say again.The great thing of all I want to stress is the fact that he is preforming in this so when it comes to a end you have to see what that hole part is about which can target another idea and just as long as the performance went on another can to stress the answer of this problem or the problem that needs to be answered. Which is why THis is a just wonderful superb movie to fill a tape. Even though mike isn't the most popular thing right now his movie can be.
  • "Ghosts" plays more as a special effects reel than as a movie or a music video. The "song" portion of the video is incredibly slight. In his heyday, Michael Jackson and his accomplices were able to produce videos that integrated fun (if not brilliant) visuals with his once unique brand of pop music. Now, his videos -- of which "Ghosts" is easily the worst -- have become half-hour-long egofests.

    Stan Winston is a brilliant makeup artist, but as a director he is just awful. This video plays like a series of reaction shots: Michael Jackson does something ooky; the parents, kids, and Mayor react with horrified visages and huddle together; Michael does something "funny"; the parents and kids look amused (and for some reason comforted), while the Mayor continues to look perturbed. This series of events happens over and over and over again. At least half the video consists of those annoying reaction shots; what a waste of videotape!

    Even the choreography for this video is poorly filmed, and choreography should be the focal point of any Michael Jackson video. Winston focuses on the makeup rather than on the dancers, giving closeups of their grotesque features instead of their footwork.

    The video's message is obviously that odd-looking weirdos like Michael Jackson can still be lovable, but I do not see how the video succeeds in reinforcing this theory. The little kids involved seem to have no problem with Michael's ability to jump down another human's throat and manipulate him like a puppet. I dunno -- if I were ten years old, I think that might bother me a bit.
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