Holds the Guinness World Record as the longest music video.

Unlike his previous music videos, Michael sings a song other than the titular song. His opening number, is a song called "2Bad" from the "HIStory album. The actual song "Ghosts" is played while The Mayor's body is possessed.

The film contains three songs: "Bad", "Ghosts", and "Is It Scary." All of them ended up on the album "Blood On The Dance Floor."

This was originally going to be an Addams Family promo called "Is This Scary", but it was never finished. Three years later, Michael Jackson got Stan Winston to direct and do special-effects. The finished project was renamed Ghosts.

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def appears as one of the townspeople going by Dante Beze in the credits

Despite everyone saying it is from "Blood on the Dance Floor," the opening song, 2 Bad, is actually from "HIStory: Past, Present, Future Book I."

Michael wanted the video to be scary but not scary to scare children but not corny at the same time as he wanted it to be taken seriously.

Jackson wanted to outdo thriller with this however thriller still remains the top selling album and song of his career

Jackson wears his iconic long curly hair for the film

During filming Jackson filmed this while on his history tour

There is a follow up track to this song called is that scary

He has a song called ghosts that appears on his blood on the dance floor album

This is a longer version of the music video ghosts

Jackson wanted an old fashioned Victorian era feel to the video

Jackson wears a similar white v neck t shirt and white over shirt along with his black slacks, this costume is similar to what he wore in the film black or white, and will you be there

In the video you see Jackson wearing similar shoes in the ones he wore in the video smooth criminal

During filming his then wife now ex told him she was pregnant with their first child, to getaway from the crew and speak to him privately Rowe picked up Jackson on her motorcycle to tell him the news.

Song is off the 1997 album blood on the dance floor

Director of the video was Stan Winston a well known horror movie producer and director

Video length is 4 minutes and 12 seconds

Jackson was hoping with this short film as well as the long version of ghosts to outdo his famous thriller video

The film was screened out of competition at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. In 2002 the Guinness Book of World Records honored Ghosts as the longest music video in history.

One of the most popularized music videos to use CGI, and makeup.

In Ghosts 1997 Short Film, the Maestro tears his skin of twice. The first time, it was just a mask that he obviously cracked and it fell of. But the second time, the director, Stan Winston, decided he wanted Michael's real skull. So they designed it and they eventually got to the goal they were reaching for.

Jackson played multiple characters which included the mayor, Skelton, ghoul, and the maestro. He underwent heavy makeup for each of the transformations

Jackson wore contact lenses to get the scary look of the maestro when summoning his ghost dancers

While playing the maestro Jackson wears a similar costume to that of his black or white video and will you be there video

To get the look of the skeleton dancing Stan Winston put Michael in a special suit with leads on it so whatever he did the skeleton would do, the dance also included his famous moonwalk

He filmed this music video as well as a short film for the same title ghosts

He wore his iconic black curls with his white shirt and black pants similar to that of black and white a video he made on the dangerous album

This song was supposed to be on the Addams family soundtrack but unfortunately it was left on the cutting room floor however in the longer version that's about 30 minutes you see Christina Ricci who played Wednesday appear at the end of that video.

Michael went through hours of makeup and prosthetics to achieve the look of the fat mayor with glasses which included a fat suit, hair piece, and different teeth to change his voice. The same when he appeared as the ghoul

Michael's character was that of a maestro, his other characters he played were the mayor, skeleton, and the ghoul.