According to an interview with Writer and Director Jeb Stuart in Premiere magazine, he had originally intended to make this movie back in the early 1980s, under the title "Going West in America", with Sidney Poitier, Robert Duvall, and Kevin Bacon in the three main roles.

Steven Seagal was considered for the role of Frank LaCrosse.

One of two films scored by the late Basil Poledouris that were released one week apart. The other was Starship Troopers (1997).

The film was originally intended to be released during Christmas 1996, under the films' original title, "Going West In America". But, because it wasn't ready in time for a release, the studio pushed it out to 1997 for a summer release, then delayed it again until Halloween 1997, due to the abundance in action-thrillers.

In this film, as well as Die Hard (1988) there is a character who says "In my youth, in my youth." Both films were written by Jeb Stuart.

One of the last films co-produced and released by Rysher Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. The other was A Smile Like Yours (1997).

Jared Leto and R. Lee Ermey also appeared in Prefontaine (1997).

Frank Lacrosse (Dennis Quaid) is married in the film. She is mentioned, but is never seen nor heard from.

In the beginning of the movie, the killer straightens a picture/painting, and when Dr and Bob are visiting shorty and fixing the Cadillac, Bob is walking around the room looking at photos. Bob straightens a photo, much like the killer.

The nude pictures in Bob's (Danny Glover's) car, are mostly Playboy or Hustler Magazine centerfolds.

Dennis Quaid and Gregory Scott Cummins also appeared in Gang Related (1997), where both played characters who were set up by pair of dirty cops, played by James Belushi and Tupac Shakur, for murder.

William Fichtner has appeared with the two people from this film who portrayed the Joker, Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (2016), and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008).

The hero and the villain do not meet face to face until the last twelve minutes of the film.

This is the second time that Danny Glover has portrayed a villain on-screen. The first time was in Witness (1984).

Frank's (Dennis Quaid's) son, who is kidnapped by Bob (Danny Glover's) is never completely seen, until the reunion scene at the end of the film.

There are clues throughout the film that Bob is the killer. The most revealing one is in the bar where he saves Dr. Dixon (Jared Leto) from the gang of rednecks, and holds his knife around the inner thigh, which is where the femoral artery is located, and later kills the conductor, by cutting him in that area. He also admits that the car, in which he was riding, was stolen, and mentions clues to the whereabouts of Frank's (Dennis Quaid's) son with what seems to be harmless random chatter between Glover and Leto.

Lane Dixon (Jared Leto) saves a man early in the film who is choking in the diner, by performing an emergency tracheotomy, and later in the film, he is cut in the neck area by Bob (Danny Glover), which leads to him fighting for his own life.