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  • I found this movie a bit difficult to understand in many parts and somewhat disjointed, but it does give you pause for thought in that we all have moments of unusual thinking and odd ideas. It was like trying to put someone elses actual thoughts into your head and think of them as coming from your own mind. Not easy to do as we all think differently.

    The best parts of the movie were the scenes with 'Bob'(played beautifully by Jeremy London), who seems to be something of a guardian angel. His performance was lovely and thought provoking and for me, watching the whole movie was worth hearing him tell Acey "Yes, I love you" with such incredible passion, tenderness and feeling. Anyone whom that line does not touch, has never felt isolated or unwelcome, and longing for someone to love them.
  • Can the audience glean rich meaning from a confused, meandering film, the meaning of which the makers couldn't explain at gunpoint? This is the question this film seems to me to ask, but trying this time to be fair, I will observe that you usually take away from any film experience more or less what you are able to bring to it. (--Read that last sentence "Beach Blanket Bingo is deep if your frame of reference is broad enough.") Maybe those who like this film --and it does have its partisans-- are deeper than I am and that's all there is to it. Then again, perhaps it is just that they are less willing than the rest of us to release their 8 bucks without some compensatory sense of satisfaction. ("This film was so bad, I had to watch it twice to get my money's worth.") This film's vibe is definitely of the I-am-deep-and-arty school, and some of the audience no doubt gives points to the artists for that alone, for good intentions, regardless the effect or outcome of their labors. I think, clearly, it is hard to talk about this confused mess without lapsing into confusion. To say it sucks out loud doesn't seem to do it justice. To point out its problems one by one is too much like tapestry-making. Avoid it at all risks. If you like any actor in this film, seek their appearances elsewhere. If you like the writer/director, then by all mean, seek help.
  • Sorry, those of you who expected a Blair Witch II, this film utilizes dreams/flashbacks and delusions to develop the societal and interpersonal relationships of a young woman who is pregnant and adrift in the modern world. IF YOU can connect it is a very poignant and moving film.
  • This movie was one of the worst I have ever seen. I kept waiting for plot development to take hold and then the movie was over---before that ever happened. I don't know what the writer was thinking....that we would just be able to figure it all out on our own. NOT! I hope that before they decide to spend more money on their next film, they will at least get a plausible plot with a real storyline to it.