• 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    One of the most visually inventive films I have ever seen.
  • 100
    Jay Carr Boston Globe
    Its breadth, profundity, and stunningly rendered vision make idealism seem renewed and breathtaking again.
  • 90
    Andrew O'Hehir Salon
    A big movie for the ages, full to the brim with sympathy, imagination and sheer visual delight.
  • 88
    Chicago Tribune
    Rarely does any film, animated or otherwise, immerse you in such a vivid landscape and engage your senses so strongly.
  • 85
    Christopher Brandon TNT RoughCut
    Like a lot of anime, it's overlong and gets way too metaphysical at the end, but ultimately, this is a Princess worth worshipping.
  • 80
    Todd McCarthy Variety
    Exceedingly imaginative, beautifully realized animated epic adventure.
  • 80
    Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader
    The film's storytelling and heartfelt pantheism are both impressive.
  • 75
    Andy Seiler USA Today
    A must-see for animation fans.
  • 70
    David Edelstein Slate
    It's Miyazaki's use of sound--and silence--that takes your breath away
  • 50
    Stephen Hunter Washington Post
    As spectacular as it is dense and as dense as it is colorful and as colorful as it is meaningless and as meaningless as it is long.