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  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know, I really liked the original Mortal Kombat. Sure they ripped off the premise from another movie, but at least it was good (Enter the Dragon). I loved the games until the 4th one and was widely known as being one of its best and most devoted followers. So maybe all this is why my then-girlfriend's idiot stoner brother told me that he heard this movie was incredible, and I excitedly went to see it.

    I'm a patient guy, and I have almost never felt the urge to walk out of a movie due to boredom (Tank Girl is the only other one I recall). But MKA here is a joke. If you really feel the need to see this movie and be surprised, then be forewarned because there are spoilers ahead.

    Here's one right off the bat. MKA isn't a sequel proper to the original Mortal Kombat. The original MK was, reasonably, based on the first game. A couple future characters made cameos, but that's it. So it stands to also reason that MKA would be about the second game, the one most fans widely regard to be the best. But whereas the MK film was made at the time that part 2 was yielding to part 3, a lot changed in the extra couple years it took for this film sequel. As MK the movie was leaving theaters, MK3 the game was getting kind of a lukewarm reception, and people got sicker and sicker of it by the time MK4 came out. By now the games were in 3d and the storyline had gone from basic Enter the Dragon tournaments to all out apocalyptic robot wars and sorcerors controlling the fates of a bunch of new, generic characters. Until its decent reinventing in 2002, the MK games had hit a rough and oversaturated spot and would take 5 years to bounce back.

    So here in this worst time comes MKA, which skips the best chapter of the games entirely and jumps in at sort of a story junction between the 3rd and 4th games, the worst. So we have characters from all 4 games running around and interacting, which is goofy as it is, and things get worse when sense is tried to be made of it. For example, (spoiler), in maybe the first 2 minutes Johnny Cage, a main character and semi-hero of the first movie, is summarily and unceremoniously killed off. My guess for this is because he wasn't in the 3rd game.

    Soon after (more spoilers. In fact, there will be several so if you continue, do at the risk of ruining the wonderful cinematic experience that is MKA), robots from game 3 come in, negating the fact that their sole purpose in the games was to hunt Sub Zero, a character killed in the first movie. Leading the attacks by these fiends and others is Shao Kahn, who in the first movie appeared as a giant demonic face in the sky and here appears as....a masculine human being.

    Making things moe complicated is that elder God Raiden, played by Christopher Lambert in the original, is here played by someone else and seems to not want to fight at all, as the character has gone from wizardly power god to short haired, weasely Power Rangers nerd, giving up his immortality in the process and teaching our heroes a thing or two about friendship and courage. Huh?

    Sticking things out, unfortunately for them, are Robin Shou and Talisia Soto, who play central characters Liu Kang and Kitana and who've returned from the original film. This time, neither of them are allowed to do anything much more than look shocked at the stupid story developments, and Liu Kang engages in a few fights that capture none of the magic or uniqueness of the original film. And in fact this goes for any fight in this film that I care to remember. In the original, the fights were well choreographed and showcased a good selection of acrobatic and martial arts skill. Action was conveyed through close combat, good angles, and lengthy tradeoffs. And at the very least, there was a genuine moment or two where one might say "wow, that was a cool move!". This time, a lot of the action is illusional, with the camera making quick cuts and sudden moves to sort of convey that stuff is going on. There's nary an actual hand-to hand combat scene that lasts more than 30 seconds, and when you see what else was thrown in instead, you'll want to kill someone yourself.

    For example, remember the character Baraka, with his beast face and bladed arms? He's here, and in fact is joined by several identical others, who assault Liu Kang with their reflective cardboard blades in a high-flying trapeze act straight out of the circus. And what about Sheeva, 4-armed character that should have been the answer to decently done Goro, 4-armed creature of the original film? Well, whereas he was conveyed through puppeteering and animatronics, here Sheeva is played by a tall woman in generic spandex who tries to look menacing and does a couple unthreatening hops with her cheesy extra special effect arms.

    Things (don't) pick up later on, when Liu Kang randomly encounters Native American character Nightwolf, who explains that Liu must harness his "animality" to succeed. Anyone familiar with the MK universe knows that the "animality" was a ridiculous player rumor which supposed that the MK games contained a method of killing one's opponent by turning into an animal and committing not a fatality but an "animality". This dumb rumor was added to the 3rd game as fan service, and apparently delighted the producers of this film enough that it was actually explained as a real, feasible occurence. "Feel your animality", N.Wolf says to Liu, urging him to harness the beast within. Mr. Wolf then briefly shows Liu how to do it, and then asks,

    "pretty cool, huh?"

    We who haven't left the room yet are saying "no", but oh boy do we still get a fun surprise. At the end of the film, Liu Kang fights with big masculine guy (er, Shao Kahn), and instead of actual wanted fisticuffs, we get to see the two of them feel their animality and turn into giant, god awful stupid computer-generated beasts who do combat with each other. No, I mean it. They turn into giant computer animated beasts. And we're not talking about Gollum of the Lord of the Rings here- I mean big, shiny, plasticy-looking "we know we want to make big magical creatures but don't yet have the technology to do anything but make them eye-strainingly obvious" effects. Liu Kang could reasonably have turned into a cool chinese dragon or something, but instead winds up being this big-nosed, cross eyed, dopey dragon thing. Shao Kahn turns into something equally ridiculous and less memorable and the two have it out. Then at the last minute Shao Kahn's sorceror dad decides he's gone too far, disgraced the family name by becoming a crappy visual effect, and makes him disappear or something. Then everyone hugs, and more or less runs far, far away.

    I hope that this has been an accurate rendering of what my feelings are for this film, because I actually haven't seen it in several years. I don't hate myself enough to watch it more than that. But if you want an actual review without the sarcasm, just look at it this way: It is an insult to the MK franchise and its fans, it fails as a follow-up to the fun original MK film, it fails TERRIBLY as a martial arts film, and in general it just is a dumb waste of time, an arbitrary, thrown-together cash-in sequel. Do yourself a favor and just watch the original, and if you still crave more, go play the games. And if you do insist on seeing this movie, then at the very least inject some fun into it like trying to figure out where those Baraka masks were purchased.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I made the mistake of going to see this movie, first show, first day, in the theater, in 1997 when it was released. The first movie wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it was fun. I expected more with the 2nd. The only thing I knew about it going in was that James Remar was replacing Christopher Lambert as Rayden, which I was upset about, but I thought Remar would do a good job.

    Boy, was I wrong. The whole cast, even Robin Shou, who was decent in the 1st, and great in Beverly Hills Ninja, can't seem to act his way out of a paper bag in this one.

    *** Mega Spoilers, Cause You Shouldn't See This Movie Anyway ***

    The big mistake the writers made with this movie, was trying to incorporate all of the characters, even the hidden ones, from not just Mortal Kombat 2, but Mortal Kombat 3 as well. (The plot is taken from the MK3 video game). MK1 survived multiple heroes because there were only 3, a trio, a team, and their "teacher" Raiden. And only 2 bad guys (Goro, Shang Tsung). In MK2, we have a virtual plethora of heroes and baddies.

    Heroes (8): Liu Kang/Rayden/Kitana/Sonya/Jax/Johnny Cage/Nightwolf/Sub Zero

    Baddies (14): Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Sindel, Motaro, Jade, Sheeva, Cyrax, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Ermac, Rain, Baraka, Smoke, and Mileena.

    Yeah, I thought that was a lot too. All of these characters have lines and/or fight scenes too. This doesn't even include the characters from the games that are mentioned, but not shown. A bunch of these baddies (and even some heroes) die or just leave, never to return, in about a minute after they appear. For instance, here's the plot of some of the sub characters:

    Rain: Says hi, gets thrown into a fiery pit.

    Sub Zero: Shows up, says hi, fights and kills botty Smoke, tells Liu Kang "you are not ready", then disappears, never to be heard from again. Smoke: Killed within a 2 minutes by aforementioned Sub Zero.

    Baraka: er.. I think you see him.. once.

    Mileena: Shows up, attacks Sonya, somehow dies from a bonk on the head.

    Scorpion: Shows up, fights Sub-Zero, kidnaps Kitana, disappears.

    Johnny Cage: Shows up, says hi, Shao Kahn breaks his neck a good minute into the movie. Sheeva: Has a few lines early, Liu Kang kills her in under 10 seconds in her first fight.

    Those are just some examples. On top of these character issues, the entire movie seems to have been filmed on the first take. There are literally *tons* of continuity and placement errors. A few quick examples, all from the same 10 minute stretch:

    Rayden leaves Sonya, and tells her to find her buddy Jaz, then to head to "The Temple of the Elder Gods". Of course, after she finds Jax, she immediately knows where it is.

    When we first meet His Jaxness himself, he punches into a wall trying to kill Cyrax. We pan away with his fist somehow stuck in a wall with a good inch of space around it. We pan back a few seconds later, and his entire arm is stuck in the wall.

    Sonya gets into a muddy fan-service fight with Mileena. After a muddy battle, and a split scene later, all her clothes have somehow been drycleaned.

    During aforementioned Muddy Fan-Service fight, Sonya gets thrown into a rock. This big rock, about 10 times the size of her, waggles and moves a bit with her weight falling on it. Again, those are just some examples, but they're *rampant* in the movie. As for the plot, well, the idea and premise is interesting, but they delve way too deep into it. It would have been better if they kept it superficial, the way they did in the first movie. But, no, they had to try to explain everything: life, existence, the tournament, and why the toast always lands butter side down.

    The result of all this atrocity is a corny, poorly directed, aterribly written, underbudgeted (looks like most of the stuff *I* could have pulled off with my home computer) nightmare that's worth buying solely to laugh at. 0/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    MK-1 made by no-talent director Paul Worth..beep..Anderson was really not that crap but just unimaginable! Some memorable moments are

    Motaro, supposed to be one of the toughest enemies has a visibly fake plastic horn set glued to his head. Even a 2 year old would find that out.

    Another opponent, with 4 arms, supposed to be the third toughest, has a 2 second role and dies by a falling object! Johnny cage moves perfectly straight for 100 meters during a kick, touches the bad guy! Dies! What a way to start a movie!

    A wise old Red Indian guy says "Pretty cool huh? Its my animality". This guy is supposed to spiritual? He looks like a punk.

    Final end for Shaoh Khan? He becomes a box! Originality! The CGI looks like cut and paste from a 1985 modelling kit. And this guy is a caucasian bald guy instead of a mongol.

    There's no fighting, the opponents merely scratch each other.

    What are the makers trying to prove with this? Was this an intentional parody of the Mortal Kombat universe?
  • amaionuma11 November 2004
    I have been a huge fan of the MK videogames practically since the beginning, and I really enjoyed the first Mortal Kombat movie. It wasn't a work of art, but it was fun, funny, colorful and had some great fight scenes. Anihilation, though, suffers from an extreme case of sequelitis, with about half of the characters re-cast, all of which were a step down, a dumb story line, wooden acting, effects that were less advanced than the ones in the first movie, and a feeling of blah pervading the whole thing. Perhaps the worst thing is the fight at the end with the two really bad CG "animalities", a cheesy idea from the game that should have stayed in the game. Liu Kang's dragon looked like a pear with wings and a tail. Definitely avoid this one if you wish to keep your glowing memories of the arcade game intact.
  • The problem with Mortal Kombat: Annihilation isn't that it's stupid, with no significant plot, dialogue or characters. That is undebatably true of Annihilation, but that was also true with the first Mortal Kombat movie, and that was a great movie. The problem is the HUGE let down in the martial arts and special effects scenes. MK had some terrific fight scenes, such as the brilliant Cage/Scorpion fight in the forest, the great Liu Kang/SubZero fight, and the cool finale with Shang Tsung. Annihilation didn't have any fight scenes up to the quality of those three, many of the fight scenes made no sense, and the finale was horrible. In addition, some things in Annihilation I would really like an explanation for:

    • Why did Raiden dress up like Aladdin half way through the movie? Was looking like a complete dork part of becoming mortal? And where was Christopher Lambert, anyway?

    • What was the third test? Where did that Wolf-guy go? What happened to Sub-Zero?

    • Why did they do that stupid thing with Jax' bionic arms? Stupid movies should admit they are stupid movies. Stupid movies which try to have serious elemends become bad movies.

    • Same deal with Katana's mother.

    • What was point of that huge monster that came out of nowhere to attack Sonya, then immediately went back to it's whole when Jax hit it on the head? Was it a whack-a-mole?

    • How is it that Sonya and Jade began to fight IN A DESERT and they immediately fell into a mud pit?

    • Why did Smoke maticulously break every window in that random building before fighting Sonya and Jax?

    • What was the point of having Liu Kang turn into a dragon? He just turned into a human again, without having done anything effective as a dragon. How was that useful?

    • Why didn't they spend more then $80 on the special effects for that dragon? I could do better then that with miniatures and clay animation.

    • How is it that this movie could have been made so badly, with such bad cinematography and such pathetic martial arts effects, after the first one was so good?
  • noxturne18 June 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed the first Mortal Kombat movie, I like action flicks that aspire to be more. This movie does not fit that bill. There are a legion of things wrong with this movie, beginning with the death of Johnny Cage, and going downhill from there. Women wrestling other women in mud. Terrible film. I felt like I wasted more money on this movie than any I've ever seen before.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this film at the cinema the same day as I saw Lost in Space (the new one, with Gary Oldman). By comparison, Lost in Space was high art full of deep metaphysical dilemmas. MK:A is terrible.

    I loved the Mortal Kombat games, and was pleased to see that MK The Movie was better than Street Fighter II The Movie. Sure, it was a light-on film, but it had some moments and I spent most of my time laughing at the unintentionally bad bits. MK:A makes MK The Movie look sophisticated.

    The first five minutes basically drops a piano on the head of the first movie - new bad guy, Johnny Cage dies, new heroes appear, minimal explanation. From then on you have a sub-standard martial arts film packed full of cheap costumes on cheap actors following a cliched script. I know there's not a lot of narrative you can squeeze out of a fighting computer game, but surely the writers could have tried a little harder to make something work. Having gone to the movie with a guy who didn't play the games, I had to explain what the hell was going on for the first half (like why is that guy fighting him?) and gave up after that.

    That said, this movie contains the most unintentionally hilarious moment I have ever seen on film. Towards the end of the movie, Raiden moves from having flowing straight white hair to a peroxided flat-top. There's a brief mention of Raiden getting a haircut, and that's it. It makes absolutely no sense, and thinking about it still makes me laugh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This sequel has diminished the image of the first movie, Mortal Kombat. First of all, the death of Johnny Cage in the beginning scene of the movie destroyed a lot of expectations as there were many who became fans of Johnny Cage in particular. In addition to that, the action scenes from Liu Kang were rather fake, in contrary to his action moves in Mortal Kombat. The introduction of Jax was not explained, how did he get into the hospital. Subzero's entry was understandable, but was it the same of Scorpion? Baraka, Mileena, Sheeva, Ermac, Nightwolf, Jade etc. are high profile fighters in the game, but in this movie, they were represented horribly. Sheeva died without a fight, Nightwolf came in just to hit an axe on Liu Kang, Jade was JUST A TRAITOR.

    Shao Kahn's acting was the worst. His fighting style lacked the depth and originality like Shang Tsung had in the previous film.

    All in all, I would recommend the fans of Mortal Kombat to avoid watching this movie if they want to maintain their good impression of the first movie.
  • I have been a big fan of MK since the beginning, although I must admit I lost interest in the game series after part III.

    Buying MK Deception this past Christmas renewed my interest in the series.

    This movie was crap and I can't believe I bought this mess.

    Good thing I found it for 9.99 at the used bin, so I wasn't out of much.

    I was expecting to see a REAL sequel to the first movie, which I found fairly entertaining.

    I thought the first film was very good and does the game upon which it is based some justice.

    Not the case with MKA.

    The first problem is that they tried to fuse too much of MK2 with MK3.

    Then, if you're going to replace a character with another actor (Christopher Lambert), then at least make sure the new actor does a batter job than the first. The first Raiden was a hard-ass, and you knew not to mess with him. The second Raiden was a wuss and every time we saw him he was going through a wall.

    Weak portrayals of major MK characters was another flaw.

    The actress who portrayed Sonya Blade was nowhere near as good as Bridgette Wilson (the first Sonya).

    Same could be said with Cage (Linden Ashby).

    What was the point of even having Ermac and Rain in the movie if they weren't going to be referred to? A very weak portrayal of Sindel, Kitana's mother and the actress who played her isn't fit to act in soap operas.

    Line example: Kitana: "My mother is dead." Sindel: "As will be her daughter!" Gimmie a break! Stick with the first.
  • Rob_Taylor14 July 2003
    By all that's Holy! A film that made me cringe the whole way through! Dear Lord how the studio bosses must have laughed as they counted the money that they made off this turkey. Now, I thought the first MK was an OK film, great soundtrack, OK acting and plenty of fighting. A good no-brainer actioner. But this....this....defies belief.

    How on Earth can you get such a bunch of wooden actors together and still manage to hide all the strings? It comes to something when you look at a film and can honestly say the best actor in it is Brian Thompson! The actors playing the bad guys overacted so awfully it was painful to watch, expecially the centaur guy. He exuded ham to a level I've not seen before.

    The special effects were truly special, but only in a "special needs" kind of way. Looks like they were lifted straight from the video game itself. Laugh as you watch something resembling a dragon perform martial arts very badly. Laugh as Brian Thompson turns into a......thing. Laugh at the terrible lack of detail in it all. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh again, right up until they slap the straightjacket on you and cart you off to the loony bin. Because only someone truly demented would want to sit through this terrible, terrible film.

    Eh? What's that Doc? Yes, I know I sat through it. But it was all in the name of science, you see. I was doing research. By the way, you couldn't loosen this jacket a bit, could you?

    Anyway, as I say, the best actor was Brian Thompson. Only he saved it from getting a 1, but even then, the rest prevented it from getting any more than a 2.

    Avoid it if you value your sanity!
  • This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Painfully bad acting, the replacing of actors from the first (wise move on those actors parts) Too many charcters for to short of time. They would need like 3 hours at least for all the MK charcters, and god help us all if they ever get that much time for one of these movies. Just Horrible.
  • The people claiming that this movie is the worst film ever made are simply people who are not fans of martial arts or martial arts films, and who wouldn't be able to distinguish between a Hollywood film with actors who know no martial arts with fight scenes comprised of closeups, and a martial arts film comprised of real martial artists showcasing real talent. The film is not amazing, the acting isn't amazing, the plot isn't amazing, the directing isn't amazing etc. However to anyone who enjoys martial arts there are real talented people in this film and a few nice martial arts moves to see. Sandra Hess European karate champion as Sonya Blade, Robin Shou Wu Shu gold medal winner in various competitions in China, JJ Perry 5th degree taekwando and 2nd degree hapkido blackbelt etc.. There are not as many good martial arts moments as a good deal of other martial arts films, the film could have gotten a lot more out of all of this talent that's for sure, however there are still talented martial artists in this film and there are one or two nice moves to sit and watch for any true martial arts fan.
  • Yeah its flawed. Its idiotic. It doesn't follow the video game well enough. The acting is the worst you'll ever see anywhere. The fight scenes are pathetic and the choreography is even worse than its predecessor. The special effects are terrible and worse than you can possibly imagine. The storyline is nonexistent. There are a lot of scenes and parts which make no sense whatsoever. But at no point is it ever boring. So it is highly watchable despite being a piece of crap. If you be a fan of the MK franchise or are expecting a good movie, watch it to see how bad a movie can get, just for education. It does however take a special kind of talent to ruin a franchise and movie which already has a good plot in place (refer to the MK video games). This movie's entire cast and crew have that talent and so does a retard called Paul Anderson.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I shan't start off by saying "I used to be an MK fan", because whenever I read those I want to fetch my violin and start playing. I enjoyed playing the games but was never "that" into them. Suffice to say I found the first Mortal Kombat, to be fairly entertaining. Mild stuff really, verging on "almost could be cool if..." A real four stars out of ten fiasco, but one that wouldn't offend.

    MKA however became a pastime for us at University, when we were in that frame of mind, to throw it on and laugh ourselves silly with the absolute shambles that is this film. It is tragic. Enough said. This film has nothing going for it. Everything has taken a step backwards.

    The special effects are woeful. Instead of three characters with mild in-depth studies, they jetisoned that for seven main characters, each with their own personal demons to overcome. Riveting. The script is what I have the most problem with. Pour example:

    1) A new Raiden. Lambert, gave the role some credibility in the original and was responsible for giving MK a moderate turn over. Inevitably he wasn't going to do a second. So inevitably they had to bring in someone else. The audience knows this. The actors know this. The writers know this. But please don't have the character you created know this. He's supposed to be the same person, so to have him say "i've had a haircut rar rar" is a tragic way of saying "i know i'm not lambert so I did something different". 2) Robin Shao...Oh Robin. Many nights have been wiled away laughing at his demise from ewokian heights. A tragic actor, only in for his mild kung-fu knowledge, on the premise he could "act". Carried in the first film by Lambert and the chap who played Shang Tsung (don't remember his name but he was in Rising Sun). In this one, he's supposed to hold it all together...and fails miserably. To be fair, again however he has no script with which to work. At one moment, before the "final confrontation", it is claimed Lui Kang is the only one left who can defeat Shao Khan. So your characters mantra is "i want to do it, but i'm not ready", and you layer over that with dialogue, meanings, symbolism, action etc don't have your character say those words!!! Talk about a mickey mouse operation. The writers obviously fed up at this point that their obvious talents were wasted on this low budget tripe, so just had the character say it, so they could invariably fit in more "action" sequences. 3) Far too many to go into. The fact that everything is figured out so matter of factly. Raiden figures out the "prophecy" (don't ask) was a lie. Surely not??? So to explain this travesty of events he claims "they must of lied to me". Bravo. Many nights burning the midnight oil for that one huh? It is all too, "it is so because it is so"

    The special effects truly are tragic. The only ones in the original were Sub Zero's Ice Blast, which in fairness was quite tastefully done if you are a hardcore fan. Scorpions "get over here", which is always a crowd favourite. Reptile, and Lui Kangs dragon punch (goro was Plasticine). But here they've wanted to go over the top with not nearly enough money. Sindels spinning to escape is woeful. Scorpions "get over here" is a pitiful remake (which also reminds me, Sub and Scorp are back, the two greatest characters ever, and yet they're midgets. About half the size from the original, looks as if they've been on three simultaneous atkins diets), and everything else is shambolic.

    The action skips from one scene to the next, but nothing grabs the eye. Raidens fight against three reptile is the closest thing to stylish or anyway near the premise of "cool". But it is still a long way away.

    To dispense with the formalities. This film sucks Donkey Balls...and yet I know so much about it...oh the pain..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If i could give this movie a Zero , i would.. this sequel was TOTALLY unnessasary ...

    First of all , Christopher Lambert wasnt in it as "Lord Rayden" and i dont even know who the heck the actor was that portrayed Him..

    >>>>>SPOILER AHEAD>>>>>>> then secondly, "Johnny Cage" was a different actor too, not Linden Ashby.. and i didnt know who that actor was either.. and then right near the start of the movie, "Johhny" gets killed .. im sorry i ever rented this stinker in the first place.. i was expecting it to be similar to the first one.. Oh was I ever Wrong!!

    so just pass this turkey by in the video store and rent the first "Mortal Kombat" its Way better than the second one.. i DONT recommend this trashy movie at all ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh, boy, where do I start with this movie? I still want to think that this movie was just an evil joke. The first Mortal Kombat was such a fun high action packed film that was just a great time. I still watch it like crazy today, it's got so much energy and makes me want to play the game again and again. So since the first film was a success, naturally they were going to make a sequel and they did manage to mess this one up badly. I'll start with the "plot" first and explain in a moment all the badness that is the mess.

    The evil emperor Shao Kahn opens a portal from Outworld to the Earthrealm and has reclaimed his queen Sindel, who is Kitana's long-dead mother. Earthrealm is therefore in danger of being absorbed into Outworld within six days, a fate which Liu Kang and the others must fight to prevent. Sonya enlists the help of her old partner, Jax , while Kitana and Liu Kang search for a Native American shaman named Nightwolf , who seemingly knows the key to defeating Kahn. Kitana and Liu Kang dispatch him with the aid of Sub-Zero, but Scorpion suddenly appears, attacks Sub-Zero, and kidnaps Kitana. Now Liu must save her as well as Earth from Kahn who wishes to blend the realms together.

    I'm sure you've read and heard it before but in case you haven't and you're reading my comment first for some reason to find out what makes this a bad movie, well read away. First off, what bad replacements for the actors: Sonja, Johnny Cage, Rayden. They don't look anything like the original actors, it was just bad. The acting is horrible, like really bad, like they went to the Keanu Reeves school of acting bad. The special effects are something that could be easily done on an elementary school computer. The editing is too fast and gives you a massive headache.

    There's a mud wrestling match between Sonja and Mileena, which I'm sure the director was telling them it was for the "cool effect" of the fight while I'm sure he was playing with his stick shift behind the camera while this was going on. There is no explanation for why Scorpion and Sub Zero are back, except that Sub Zero is Sub Zero's brother, yet they have the same names? Doesn't make much sense does it? The fight scenes are so badly put together, there's a scene where the ninjas look like they're doing ballet, not fighting. Rayden spends so much time talking to the group and finally when he has a chance to fight, he bows out like a coward.

    Yeah, that's just some of the film that I'm describing. Scary sounding, isn't it? I don't know what they were thinking when they thought that this was OK to put in the theaters. The first film was a lot of fun, it stuck true to the video games and is one of the best video game movies of all time. This just happened to have the characters in a crappy Mortal Kombat "plot" that made no sense. Just skip this movie, it's just horrible.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first five minutes ensure you are set up for the stupidest film in the entire world: if you came for a comedy about people doing ridiculous backflips, then you'll have a lot of fun. But this is not the point of the film. For every cool moment, there is wading through tons of tripe and even a use of a "we are all family" moral at the end (PLEASE!). And that's the problem with these films, they are yanked back on their leashes. OK, so no film can recreate the cartoonish gore of MK without looking like idiots, but in which case why did they bother? As for a third film, are the producers that desperate for money? There is no reason to waste any money on this, unless you have an abundant sense of humour, or you have the mentality of a five year old.
  • When you see a movie like this you wonder who gave the o.k to make it. This movie came out when I was in Middle School me and 3 of my buddies went to see it. After the movie was over we thought that it was terrible it was sad because 12 year olds back then seemed to love mortal kombat we played all the games and loved the first movie after this one we quit playing the games and moved on in life. It only takes one bad movie to lose a large following. This movie should have never been made or at least have better writers better acting(Lu and Katina were good) the rest were half rate actors. Costumes were terrible also a movie with such a large budget could have had better things, Its better than TimeCop but thats not saying much
  • This is entertaining and the girls have nice tight fitting costumes!

    The actor who played Raiden carried the film in terms of acting, good job.

    Everything else was of questionable skill level but was greatly entertaining.

    Some special effects have aged badly (poorly done green screen) but adds to the entertainment value even more!

    Motaro the centaur-man was in it and so was Baraka! (and Shiva too, ewwww)

    The animal transformation CGI at the end was awful, looked like a Playstation 2 game.

    Worth then entertainment!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh man... and people thought Mortal Kombat 1 was bad. Annihilation makes MK1 look like Schindler's List. This movie is a courageous foray into the nightmarish underworld of utter mindlessness. I only suspend my disbelief so much - then I start becoming frustrated and asking questions like: How the heck does somebody travel through the molten core of the earth in a sailing American Gladiators ball? There is no wind underground. Not even in Raiden's magical tunnels, dude. Sorry. I understand how lots of movies are only capsules for their fight scenes, and I'm okay with that, but the stipulation is that the fight scenes have to be at least kind of cool.

    I think that this movie may have hurt my physical body. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.
  • atomicmajor7 October 2013
    I love the original Mortal Kombat movies. They always bring me some strange pleasant kind of mood, and you just sit and enjoy them.

    Yes, the budget is low, special effects are cheap and actors aren't well-known. So what? If you understand, that the movie is a video game adaptation, you'll see, that most of the game characters appear and they have game-like moves and tricks. You feel that it's made with the same spirit! And this is very unlike most adaptations, which look like different stories.

    Seeing so many bad reviews and ratings makes me think that these people just didn't feel a bit childish cheer and enjoyment playing the game and watching the movie.

    I was (and still) hoping to see sequels or remakes inspired by these great movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With the release of Mortal Kombat X, I decided to watch, read, or play all my old Mortal Kombat stuff.

    I finally watched Mortal Kombat: Annihilation for the second time since 1997. The first time I was much younger and was taken out of it after the opening Johnny Cage scene. I blocked out the rest of the movie back then. I recall being disappointed that many actors did not return, and the original director wasn't back, and held that against the film.

    Upon my second viewing, I realized that this movie is not as bad as I had thought, and actually held my interest from beginning to end. I also was sad when the two heroes died, but not angry. Granted, the special effects and settings are bad, but in many ways the pacing is better than the original Mortal Kombat film. The storyline itself is a fantastic port of the Mortal Kombat 3 video game.

    MKA completely targeted all the 1997 gamers and gave us everything we could want, if you really think about it. MKA had the secret characters from the game, animalities, fatalities, special moves, bosses, and correct costumes. There were several fights, and in many ways the new actors of Rayden and Sonya fit their roles better. Jax provided the light comic relief that Johnny Cage would have provided.

    The soundtrack is unbelievable, and is used throughout the movie during the proper scenes.

    This is worth a 1st or 2nd look!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are quite a few reasons why this movie is not exactly enjoyable.

    The main being that the story is weaker, both because it is simply weaker writing, and because the actors have been replaced. As said before, Raiden goes from the Thunder God to a weeping coward. The new Liu Kang is nowhere near as good as the one in the original movie. Not to mention the fact that half of the new actors, such as the actor who portrayed Shao Kahn, were nowhere near good enough to play a character in a franchise such as Mortal Kombat.

    Another problem I had with this movie is its inconsistency with the game. For instance, it is "revealed" that Raiden and Shao Kahn are brothers, and Shinnok is their father.

    There is also the issue that the movie seemed a bit rushed. The reason it was rushed, as I can see, is to cram as many characters as possible into the movie, to properly "represnt" the game. Ermac served no purpose, nor did Rain. Ermac is one of my favorite characters in the game, and to see him in the movie as a 2 minute segment which ends with him being quickly killed off does not satisfy me.

    I would give this movie a 3 out of 10, simply because, although it was lackluster, was based on Mortal Kombat, and I will grant it something for that.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    May contain minor spoilers (like it matters for this flick, LOL)

    Okay, now this is a case of supreme irony. In "Mortal Kombat" you had a series of fighting games that, unlike most games of that genre, actually had interesting characters with somewhat interesting back-stories (admittedly things got pretty stupid by MK 4, but that's another review ...). It's amazing that this piece of childish, Saturday-morning-cartoon, plotless nonsense could come out of that. I mean, after all, look at the first movie; it wasn't so bad. Not GOOD, but not BAD either. They utterly ignored the Scorpion/Sub-Zero feud, they killed Kano off far too early, the last scene was totally out of place, and the Goro effects were awful, but other than that it was okay.

    But MKA is an insult to every long-standing fan of the games. Hey, Hollywood movie-makers, take note: gamers are not ALL illiterate, bloodthirsty, sex-crazed teens who are so stupid they'll love anything with loud noises, people fighting, chicks in tight clothes, and lots of pretty colors.

    MKA loosely follows the back-story of the third MK game, which saw Outworld emperor Shao Kahn take over Earth by using a cosmic loophole to re-incarnate his queen, Sindel. Not Oscar-winning stuff for sure, but it could have been done with SOME class and style. And it wasn't. What we got was a little bald Shao Kahn about as menacing as Big Bird, a bunch of insipid crap that had NOTHING to do with the games ("family crest" tattoos, anyone?), and not even a halfway serious attempt at creating a plot or story.

    This isn't so much a movie as it is a long strung-together series of arcade game matches played out by actors OTHER than the ones who were digitized into the actual games. Scorpion appears, then Sub Zero. Subby beats Ol' Yellow Drawers off, hastily explains that he is the younger brother of the original Sub Zero, does some freezing tricks, and then we see no more of him; it's on to the next match. And on we go ... Characters are trotted in; a pathetic, completely un-exciting fight ensues; one character is promptly killed or removed in some way; Repeat step 1. Play MK Trilogy for two hours straight sometime; it's not only the exact same experience as MKA - it's BETTER.

    And it gets worse. It really does. I don't know how, but it does. Which brings me to the "Animalities." Most fans I've talked to agree (and so do I) that this was one of the lamest things ever introduced in the games, and lo and behold the filmmakers fell on it and INCLUDED it in the movie, making for some incredibly cheesy and badly animated monster battles. Liu Kang and Shao Kahn turning into Godzilla-style creatures? Come on. The mud wrestling match between Sonya and Mileena was better than that. And THAT was pretty pathetic, too.

    Other wonderful features of the film include Sonya's miraculous ability to become squeaky-clean - complete with a lush mane of blow-dried hair - after suffering that mudbath. And while the "filmmakers" (I use the term loosely) mindlessly crammed in small story tidbits from the game with no attempt to make a story out of them, they studiously ignored Kabal and Stryker - both of whom would have made for some GREAT material - by having somebody casually mention that they'd both been captured. Then its back to the mindless series of matches.

    And to those of you who may say "chill out, it's not meant to be taken seriously," I say this: even though that may be true, you should still expect a certain level of intelligence in plot and story. This movie has not one shred of anything even approaching intelligent writing. Look at how good the X-Men flick was - who'd have thought a story about a bunch of comic-book mutants could be pulled off so well? MKA could've been as good, and it bugs me that it wasn't. I live in fear of the next MK movie...
  • The plotline for MK3 (the video game) had a great and simple storyline fit for a movie and for some reason the producers went off on a tangent and warped that storyline into an incoherent, unbelievable snore-fest of a script, added some bad actors, and basically killed what looked liked a promising franchise. Bridgette Wilson and Christopher Lambert did well to stay clear of this script.

    Will there be some redemption for the franchise with a third film to gain back what it had achieved with the first in the series, or does anybody care anymore? We'll wait and see.
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