• Theme from Mortal Kombat (Encounter the Ultimate)
    Written by Oliver Adams
    Performed by The Immortals
    Courtesy of Vernon Yard Recordings
    By Arrangement with Virgin Records America
  • Anomaly (Calling Your Name)
    Written by BT (as Brian Transeau) and Taylor
    Performed by Libra Presents Taylor (featuring vocals by Jan Johnston)
    Courtesy of Musicnow Records
  • Fire
    Written by H.P. Baxxter, Ferris Bueller, Rick J. Jordan, and Jens Thele
    Performed by Scooter
    Courtesy of "edel" records GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
    By Arrangement with E.A.R. (Edel America Records)
  • I Won't Lie Down (Kombat Mix)
    Written by Trever Keith and Scott Shiflett
    Performed by Face to Face (as face to face)
    Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc.
    By Arrangement with PolyGram Film & TV Licensing
  • Leave U Far Behind (V.2 Instrumental Mix)
    Written by Simon Shackleton and Howard Saunders
    Performed by Lunatic Calm
    Courtesy of MCA Records, UK
    Under License from Universal Music Special Markets
  • Death Is the Only Way Out
    Written and Performed by Joseph Bishara
  • Two Telephone Calls and an Air Raid
    Written and Performed by Shaun Imrei
    Courtesy of Bucks Music Group
  • Conga Fury
    Written by Ben Watkins and Mabi Thobejane
    Performed by Juno Reactor
    Courtesy of Wax Trax! Records/TVT Records
  • Genius
    Written by J.S. Clayden, J.A. Carter and M.D. Clayden
    Performed by Pitchshifter
    Courtesy of DGC Records
    Under License from Universal Music Special Markets
  • Higher
    Written by Bob Henning and Stefan Mueller
    Performed by Alien Factory
    Courtesy of "edel" Records GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
    By Arrangement with E.A.R. (Edel America Records)
    From the album Mortal Kombat: More Kombat
  • Panik Kontrol
    Written by Daniel Lenz and Paul Sebastien
    Performed by Psykosonik
    Courtesy of Wax Trax! Records/TVT Records
  • We Have Explosive (Radio Edit)
    Written by Brian Dougans and Gary Cockbain
    Performed by The Future Sound of London
    Courtesy of Caroline Records
  • 9D Galactic Center
    Written by Lupie and Vas Kallas
    Performed by Hanzel und Gretyl
    Courtesy of Energy Records
  • Shreddd (Brutality Mix)
    Written by Bernhard Locker and Walter Werzowa
    Performed by Urban Voodoo
    Courtesy of Gregor Reti L.A. Entertainment
  • Megalomaniac
    Written by Sascha Konietzko, Gunter Schulz and En Esch
    Performed by KMFDM
    Courtesy of Wax Trax! Records/TVT Records
  • Almost Honest (Danny Saber Mix)
    Written by Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman
    Performed by Megadeth
    Courtesy of Capitol Records
    Under License from EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets
  • Ready or Not (Ben Grosse Kombat Mix)
    Written by Swindelli
    Performed by ManBREAK
    Courtesy of Almo Sounds, Inc./One Little Indian
    Contains a sample of "1,2,3 Drop It", Written by Mario Aldini,
    Courtesy of ZYX Records
  • Engel
    Written and Performed by Rammstein
    Courtesy of Motor Music GmbH
    [Played during the end credits]
  • Back on a Mission
    Written by Aaron Carter and Stephen James Barry
    Performed by Cirrus
    Courtesy of Moonshine Music