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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film talks about a marine (Keenen Ivory Wayans) condemned on death row but he breaks out and is recruited by a shadowy U.S. military General (John Voight) forming a group of secret operations . The objective is to kill murderers and delinquents and acting as judge , jury and executer , preventing traditional law enforcement . However , in his first mission happens death of the First Lady and the events led to him . All the forces , Cia (deputies : Paul Sorvino and Eric Roberts) , Military Forces (Voight , Eddie Velez) and Police are looking for him and he is attacked and pursued from both sides , making desperate attempts to escape and even going into a highway with cars driving in fast speed at some breathtaking scenes . Film captures the special excitement of the protagonist for the continuous pursuits and he can see no way out , being only helped by a beautiful woman (Jill Henessy) , killing's witness . As the protagonist becomes from most honored to Most Wanted . Sometimes the most patriotic thing a Marine can do , is disobey orders .

    Picture has maximum suspense , thrills , emotion and tension from the subsequents attempts of starring to get away and resolve the enigma about the assassination . Film is exciting and tense , besides is plenty of noisy action , violence , shootouts , at time brilliant luster and big budget . Although is a standard actioner is fast movement with atmospheric action set pieces and extremely entertained and amused . Keenen Ivory Wayans (Scary movie, Glimmer man) is a stunningly action hero . Jill Henessy (Crossing Jordan) is enjoyable and attractive . Special mention to John Voight (Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy , Pearl Harbour) as a crazed and evil General in a sensationalistic and overblown interpretation . The movie was rightly directed by David Hogan (better than ¨Barbwire¨ film). The flick will appeal to action movies fans .
  • Definitely worth the price of the rental! I can't believe I never saw this movie before. It was action packed, gripping, THrilling, No Love scenes and John Voight was masterful in his part. I hated him in this movie, and wanted to see him in pain, Which means the acting works! Rent this movie and let me know what you think. I didn't think it was as hilarious as the last commenter but it some funny parts.Keenan was also a great asset to thismovie. I've seen him in 1 other movie like this and he was good in that as well. I Don't understand why he doesn't do more movies. Jill Hennesy, although GREAT in "Crossing Jordan" didn't really impress me. Maybe this is her first movie. I expected a little more from her. This Movie wasn't your typical "ARNOLD" or "BRUCE WILLIS" movie with the corny one liners. This was much better thought out. When a comment was made after some sort of action theme, the lines were actually funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hilary Rodham Clinton probably will skip "Barb Wire" director David Glenn Hogan's action epic "Most Wanted," a clever but contrived conspiracy thriller about the assassination of a fictitious First Lady. Wayans plays rogue Marine Gunnery Sergeant James Anthony Dunn whose own superior officer frames him for gunning the first lady down. Actress Jill Hennessey appears as Dr. Victoria Constantini, a Zapruder style eye witness who videotapes the real assassins that shot the President's wife. Before long Constantini finds herself on the lam with Dunn. Despite its clearly imitative nature and its wholly disposable plot, "Most Wanted" contains enough okay action scenes to make the grade. Nevertheless, this standard issue shoot'em up is definitely not the best work of actor/writer Keenen Ivory Wayans. He was more fun in his 1994 action comedy "Low Down Dirty Shame" with Jada Pinkett.

    Not only does Wayans star in "Most Wanted," but he also penned the screenplay. Wayans cobbles together scenes from every major action flick to create his own film. Shrewdly, he forges a plot around a string of surefire movie scenes that he has rewritten carefully. In the opening scene, Sgt. Dunn refuses to shoot an innocent shepherd boy during Operation Desert Storm. Sgt. Dunn's Commanding Officer threatens to shoot him on site for disobeying an order. They struggle. During the struggle, the officer's gun discharges accidentally and the officer dies from a gunshot wound. Dunn receives the death sentence for murder. During his bus ride to Fort Leavenworth, Dunn is rescued by a super secret anti-terrorist military unit. An evil, redneck Gen. Adam Woodward, alias Lt. Col. Grant Casey (Jon Voight of "Midnight Cowboy") gives Dunn the option to either join his group or die. Reluctantly, Dunn agrees to join and finds himself the designated hitter in an assassination attempt.

    The unit has targeted shady biochemical mogul Donald Bickhart (Robert Culp of "Hickey and Boggs). At the VA Hospital where Bickhart is greeting the First Lady, Dunn is set up. Gen. Woodward's henchmen kill the First Lady and frame him. Now, the Los Angeles Police Department as well as Woodward's gunmen pursue Dunn. Our wrongly accused hero spends the rest of the movie trying to exonerate himself. The filmmakers pad the action out with a superfluous subplot involving the Central Intelligence Agency. C.I.A. Deputy Director Kenny Rackmill (Paul Sorvino of "Goodfellas") smells a cover-up. He is suspicious because Dunn's description as the assassin was confirmed far too quickly. Dunn calls in the agency, but the C.I.A. refuses to help him until he can find scoop some poop on Gen. Woodward. Meanwhile, Constantini doesn't totally believe Dunn, even after he saves her life from a bomb planted in her house.

    Director David Glenn Hogan and Wayans have crafted a Kennedy style conspiracy thriller. The heroic sergeant that Wayans plays is the classic loner with either no family or no friends. He qualifies as the ideal choice for the assassin as well as the fall guy. The first scene borrows from the Sylvester Stallone shoot'em up "The Specialist" (1994)" with Sharon Stone. The bus escape scene is straight out of Brett Ratner's "Money Talks" with Chris Tucker. The ebony and ivory combo of an African-American hero and a white heroine recalls the chaste "Pelican Brief" with Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. Like "The Pelican Brief," Wayans and Hennessy never get the hots for each other and play hide the salami. "Most Wanted" has a prefabricated, trace-the-numbers storyline that leaves little doubt about where the action is leading the characters. There are some really dumb scenes, too. After the authorities have identified Dunn, he strolls into a public library to use a computer. The Dunn character wanders through half of the action without a disguise. In the most original scene, half of L.A. chases Dunn onto a freeway in a Frank Capra like foot chase. Sadly, Keenen Ivory Wayans wants to become the black equivalent of Stallone's Rambo character. He makes a suitable, straight-forward hero, but he's far too dull. Mario Van Peebles would have been a better choice for Dunn. Wayans plays a squeaky clean hero.

    The reverse occurs when the antagonists are involved. Enjoying a villainous career comeback since "Mission Impossible," Jon Voight conjures up a full-blown portrait of evil. As Gen. Woodward, Voight is a ruthless adversary. Paul Sorvino lends his considerable screen presence as the spy chief to the C.I.A. subplot as does Eric Roberts as his aide. "Most Wanted" squanders both Sorvino and Roberts. "Miami Vice" supporting actor John Diehl shows up in yet another cameo as a police captain. Luscious actress Jill Hennessy is sexy enough, but she never really proves herself either as a heroine or a hot date.

    "Most Wanted" emerges as brisk, harmless action fodder. Don't dwell on its improbable plot if you want to enjoy it for the mindless fodder that it is. Just sit back and get a kick out of its adrenalin antics. The pizza scene is hilarious and the dialogue on the prison bus is a hoot! Wayans appears to have had the most fun writing in the scene where dozens of blacks with shaven heads crowd the scenes. Another funny moment occurs when a guard mistakes Dunn for another talk-show host and asks for his autograph. "Most Wanted" plays it safe, confining itself to familiar territory, doing exactly what you expect for a thriller of its caliber, and delivering the usual quota of thrills, chills, and spills without offense of any kind. Composer Paul Buckmaster endorses the action with a flavorful musical score, and "Set It Off" lenser Marc Reshovky's murky photography captures the element of paranoia that suffuses this saga.
  • Enjoyable movie by today's standards. It used some technology that was exploited one year later in another movie called "Enemy of the State". More than one subplot came together nicely at the end. Contains mystery and suspense interspersed with action. Not being overly critical, I found only one sentence that I would have changed with different words. A seldom seen movie, this little gem has a few surprises that can keep one's interest to the finale.
  • taznbugs7 January 2004
    This movie is not one of those Huge titles but it is a huge movie. Edge of the seat excitement that just keeps going. Hard to get a breath during this film. Special effects are pretty good with characters you'll love to hate. The best part is it keeps twisting and turning right to the end as a matter of fact it screams sequel just to finish it off but it probably didn't make enough people care WOW I Loved it!!!
  • This is a fine romp of a movie, full of interesting plot twists and developments, and not too heavy on mindless violence. The politics of the story are a timely warning against the military industrial complex that would destroy democracy for its own greed. The true hero is the one who abides by human values rather than accepting the blind authoritarianism so common in right-wing zealotry. Jon Voight superbly skewers this insanity masquerading as patriotism in his performance. Jill Hennessy provides adept detective work in uncovering the conspirators heinous plot. A very enjoyable adventure.
  • This is one of the most entertaining action films I've seen in a long time. It was hilarious. I don't think there was one moment of the film that the viewer could take seriously, and I'm not really sure whether this was intentional or not. Either way, this film is hilarious. I've seen straight-up comedies that weren't as funny as this film.

    Throughout the '80s, we saw a trend toward more and more outrageous action films. The Die Hard series really pushed the limits of the suspension of disbelief, and that trend continued with a number of other films. Most Wanted is a continuation of this trend, perhaps the culmination of it.

    If you pay money to rent this and expect to see a serious action/conspiracy film, you're in for a big disappointment, because that's not what this movie's about. It's about hyperbole, and that's what makes it entertaining. You can't help but laugh at it.

    Jon Voight is fantastic in his role as the cruel general. If I were going to cast someone in an over-the-top role, I'd have to choose Voight. I enjoyed him in Anaconda, and I enjoyed his performance in this film.

    If you want to see a hilarious action/adventure romp, rent Most Wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • The premise sounds exciting; Some good scenes of mass hysteria as the public turns vigilante on Wayans, but then again; "Some good scenes" doesn't by far make a good movie. And this isn't really such a good movie. Slick, but unrewarding. Enough said.
  • CSchrepf189 August 2005
    Although the movie wasn't all bad, I was somewhat distracted by those few atrocious parts. There were scenes in this movie that I couldn't even believe someone had honestly written in the last 25 years with the hopes that it would create "tension". In any case, most of the events are unbelievable, at best.

    Paul Sorvino did a great job, but his was the only acting that had a whole lot of dimension. The other characters seemed to have their lines spit out of a computer.

    I will say, however, that there are some very hilarious scenes in the movie. The only problem is that I doubt they were intended to be funny at all; it's more likely that they were originally intended to be very intense. I don't recommend this movie if you're looking for something that is unpredictable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Most Wanted is considered an action movie, however in a perfect world it would be categorized as a comedy. One fateful rainy day I stumbled upon this movie while channel surfing. I thought it was rather funny seeing Keenen Ivory Wayans, funny man and mastermind from In Living Color and other movies, as a machine gun toting commando. At first I thought it was a spoof of an action flick. Spoofing has been and still is the specialty of the Wayans brothers. However I was shocked to find that this was a serious attempt at an action film. Needless to say, it made me laugh five times harder after learning that this film was unintentionally funny. Since then I have told my best friend to keep an eye out for it in the 5 dollar DVD rack at Wal Mart so we can both share a night of laughs. I really would not know where to begin with this movie. For one thing I do not understand why solid performers like Jill Hennessy and Jon Voight would do such a badly written and unoriginal movie. The dialogue is just hideous, the whole time you get the feeling that Wayans is just trying way too hard to sell himself to the audience as a cool and calculating ex-marine hit-man. Then there is the whole scene where he is being chased by the entire city, which takes the film from bad to ridiculous. There is also the scene where Wayans and Hennessy's characters find information about a COVERT OPERATION on a website in a public library. Yeah, OK, sure...That makes sense. I would have sworn they called it covert for a reason. Like a previous reviewer on this film said, I could sit here write on and on about how bad this movie is. But you have to see it for yourself. Don't see it to see if its good or not. Instead, see it to laugh at how bad it is. With all due respect to Wayans, Hennessy, and Voight, this movie should have never happened. Fortunately for those involved, it didn't seem to put a damper on their careers.
  • James Dunn is a decorated Marine who is falsely accused of murdering an officer. He winds up on death row, but is saved by a secret government group that recruit him for his skills. Then Dunn finds out he is really a pawn in a conspiracy and he sets out to prove his innocence.

    From the very beginning this poorly made and wholly unexciting "action movie" leads the viewer thinking about one thing: when will it end. Featuring a generic idea for an action film that could have made for some B-movie entertainment for how goofy it all is, but the film actually tries to be serious like a Robert Ludlum thriller. If you find that idea funny, then this might a good movie to laugh at for how abysmally bad it is. However, most film viewers can calmly walk down the rental aisle to the next and probably much better movie, because it is pretty hard to get crappier than this.

    Well, maybe Van Damme achieved that with "Derailed," but who cares anyway? 1/10

    Rated R for violence and profanity
  • disdressed1215 April 2008
    this movie was pretty much one big's about a political/military cover up.many other movies have dealt with the same subject,and much better.Keenan Ivory is OK in the lead role,but i didn't Buy John Voigt as a corrupt general.Paul Sorvino,Eric Roberts and Jill Hennessey are all good,but they all have too little screen time.there isn't much in the way of tension here,and given the situation there should be.there is one ridiculous multi vehicle accident that has no least i don't think it did.if you really wanna see this movie,your best bet would be on premium cable or a cheap rental.but that's just me.for me,Most Wanted is 4/10
  • This may be the first time I have seen Eric Roberts so mis-cast as to be in a "non" part. Or seen Jon Voight prancing around in a stilted and artificial state in scene after scene. Or listened to incredibly corny and bad lines delivered by normally "star" actors.

    But it was definitely not the first time I saw the "special" effects in the movie -- they were all clumsily stolen from vastly better movies.

    What went wrong with this one? Almost no story, and what is present is not new, nor well thought out. Extremely poor direction, to the point of it being non-existent. Very poor casting, especially the "star", and the aforementioned Mr. Roberts.

    For some reason IMBD gives this movie a 5.7/10. It is really a 1/10. Avoid it at all costs, even if it appears on TV...without commercials!
  • HHHJabroni8127 February 2002
    Keenan Ivory Wayans! Jon Voight! Action! Thriller! Suspense!


    Well, I can't say it's a bad movie, it's just not a good one. Basically, it's Mr. Wayans in the tried, tired, and true role of The Honest Soldier Being Framed By an Evil Army Official. If it wasn't so formulmatic, it'd be a lot more enjoyable. Alas, the movie does nothing to establish it's own identity separate from other similar films. The acting is suspect in parts and some of the one-liners make you cringe. Jon Voigt is the only actor who seems remotely believeable, but even his acting seems a bit forced in parts.

    Final Analysis: I wouldn't rent it, but if you're not doing anything else and you come across it on the TV, it might be a good guilty pleasure.
  • This movie has probably had the harshest criticism of any action movie. It is rarely shown on television. This movie is at the top of my guilty pleasures. It has all the elements of a good Keenen Ivory Wayans flick. I remember watching this film a bunch of times when i was younger, and I been meaning to watch it again but I forgot the title so i spent years and years searching for this movie, until i caught it on cinemax a few months ago.

    The plot: military convict named James Dunn (Wayans) who is recruited from death row to serve in an elite CIA black squad group. The convict is framed for the murder of the First Lady of the United States, a murder he didn't commit. He escapes with his life, then seeks to find the real killer and bring them to justice. This film also stars Jon Voight as a corrupt general with a southern accent and it seemed like he was really into his role, and Jill Hennessy as the unlikely sidekick she doesn't really do much and her character isn't well developed. the acting was quite good, the action sequences were well done and intense. also a few funny scenes. Very interesting watching Keenen Ivory Wayans In a serious role. I recommend this movie it's not perfect but it's worth a watch.
  • =G=10 September 2003
    "Most Wanted" got a Razzie nod for Voight's performance. Frankly, I didn't think the film was good enough for a Razzie. I could take up a lot of bytes on this website knocking this perfectly awful attempt at action film making but it's not worth the drive space. Suffice it to say the brains behind this film, or lack thereof, takes a stand up cast and good crews and brings them to bear on a project which is so stupid it isn't worthy of commentary. No self respecting action junkie would sit through this nonsense. I did only so I could type these comments...something I'm not proud of. (D)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just bought this tonight in a budget bin for 3.99, so I guess this was to be expected. I love a good action movie (i.e. Steven Seagal's early stuff), and this looked like it might be just as good. Well I was wrong. I spent most of my time fast forwarding to find the good parts, of which there were very few. Like a few reviewers have said, this could have been a great film, but the production was just too weak, and the formula too clichéd. It needed something, although I do not know what. As for the clichéd formula, it revolves around a crooked general and a crooked police chief, and the great Marine who is out for truth and justice, who is held down to the very end, after which a few bullets took care of what could have been taken care of in fifteen minutes versus a one-hundred minute running time. If you want to see it, rent it, but do not buy it, at least when you rent it you can get rid of it easier.
  • Special-K8815 February 2002
    A Marine gunnery sergeant, trained as an expert marksman, has his once prominent career cut short during Operation Desert Storm when he refuses to follow an immoral order. Years later, while on death row, he's recruited by a shady Army officer for a routine assignment that requires his expertise, but things don't go according to plan and he suddenly finds himself framed for the murder of the First Lady. On his own and outnumbered, it's now a race against time as he tries to piece together the clues that will help clear his name. Wayans and especially Voight play their parts respectably, and there are a lot of fatal escapes, but there's no energy and not enough surprises to hold your interest in this tired thriller. **
  • Normal People call this as a Movie , Intellectual says this is a 1997yr SUBJECT that produced by Higher table . played by 3 letter Agency . as a education to the public about their capability of power . A DIRTY WORK OF HIGHER LEVEL .
  • On the ridiculous scale this is a ten. On the makes sense scale this is a zero. Obviously aimed at an audience that could care less about logic, this cartoon like film is pure manure. Keenen Ivory Wayans character resembles a Black Superman with his indestructibility. He can elude S.W.A.T. teams, outrun an angry mob, and leap off tall buildings without a scratch. In addition to Wayans, John Voight is beyond terrible with his pathetic excuse for a Southern accent. Paul Sorvino, Eric Roberts, and Robert Culp appear in supporting roles to no avail. This movie reeks of total nonsense with zero entertainment value, unless of course you believe in one man armies and the tooth fairy. I cannot wait to throw this DVD in the garbage, in fact I'm tossing it at this very moment. - MERK
  • Akademiks0420 September 2005
    I'll give this movie a 9 (because no one or thing is perfect). It was bad as hell. I would recommend to anyone who hasn't see it, to go to Wal*Mart and buy it, get a box of pop!! Keenan Ivory Wayans made a good performance in the movie. If I'm not mistaken, this probably came out around the same time that In Livin' Color was popular (don't quote me on that). Another good, but funny movie that he played in was I'm Gonna Get You Sucka......that was hilarious! It's a good movie to crack open a beer, put your hand down your pants, sit back on the couch, and laugh. Nothing but good times............................................
  • alexhill3612 February 2003
    This is such a good film, cant believe u can critisize something so good!! keenen ivory wayans does a brill acting and directing performance. Its one of my fave films like ever and people need to watch it to see how good it is and thats why i give it 9/10
  • rmax3048237 July 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I guess I've about reached satiation on noisy and implausible action films. They have to have some sort of sheen in order to make any impression at all. "The Bourne Identity" was interesting because of the location shooting, the direction, and the performances by the leads and the support. It also had a cool narrative thread. Just who IS this guy Bourne anyway? This one isn't interesting.

    Keenan Ivory Wayans is an honorable Marine gunnery sergeant on death row, recruited by a rogue military group to be framed for the assassination of the first lady -- a dangerous woman who is a card-carrying member of the ACLU and who favors veterans' benefits.

    He manages to escape the roof-top set up and rushes to the safe spot from which he calls his handlers, an army group headed by the viperous General John Voight with a Southern accent. The dialog in the scene is lifted straight out of "Three Days of the Condor." "Are you damaged?" "What?" "Are you injured?" "No." "Stay where you are, Poker One, I'm going to bring you home." Something like that. It hardly matters.

    The rest of the film contains no big surprises. As is customary, a beautiful young woman is swept up in Wayans' attempts to save himself and expose the plot. Jill Hennessy is certainly pretty enough but the only thing that would have saved her here would be a gratuitous nude scene -- maybe a couple of them. Wayans himself is an imposing physical presence but his thespian talents are modest at best.

    There are some good guys on Wayans' side. The CIA team led by Paul Sorvino is trying to help him but they're blocked and frustrated by one or another circumstance.

    But why go on with this. If you like action movies you'll like this production with all its bangs and zipping bullets and exploding time bombs and screeching cars and sprinting bodies and venal villains and some guy cold-cocking another by bumping foreheads in violation of every one of Newton's laws of physics -- you'll like this one too.

    You know something? I made fun of this flick by citing Newton's laws? Well, actually, this movie exemplifies one of them. All dynamic systems eventually run out of steam and grind to a halt -- unless they are fed some inventive energy from an outside source. How about another action movie, just like this one, except it stars nothing but kangaroos?
  • sol-kay9 June 2006
    **SPOILERS** Ridiculously inept action movie with funny-man Keenen Ivory Wayans playing on the lamb and on the run escaped murderer James Dunn who was set up to take the rap for the assassination of the First lady, Donna Cherry, of the United States.

    Dunn who was sentenced to be executed by an army court-martial for killing his superior officer, who ordered him to shoot a 10 year-old Iraqi boy, during the Gulf War is rescued as he's being sent to Levenworth Prisons death row. Dunn is to be recruited by this gong-ho and very unstable nut-job Gen. Woodward, Jon Voight,in a complicated scheme to off big time pharmaceutical businessman Donald Bickhart.Robert Culp. Being the designated hit-man in this covert operation Dunn never gets off a shot as the First Lady is gunned down by an unknown gunman and he ends up being accused of her murder.

    On the run with his face plastered all over the newspapers and on TV Dunn seems top have no trouble at all eluding the police and US Army. kidnapping hospital administrator Dr. Victoria Constantini, Jill Hennessy, Dunn has his ace in the hole that can prove his innocence, her video tape of the assassination. It's then that he stupidly hands the tape over to a reporter who's even more nuts then he is by not bothering to make a copy of it and then having the tape turned over to Gen. Woodward! The every person who set Dunn up and more then anything else in the world wan't him dead!

    The movie "Most Wanted" get more and more outrageous as it goes along with Dunn on the run and not bothering to even keep out of sight with the police army CIA FBI with even almost half the population of L.A is out looking for him with a 10 million dollar reward on his head. With the help of a first very reluctant Victoria Dunn tracks down the reason for the First Ladies murder to non-other then Bickhart, the person he was to assassinate. Bickhart together with Gen. Woopdword was involved in some kind of secret experiment on the men of the 82nd Air-Borne division during the Gulf War that had almost all of them end up either dead or hospitalized for life. The First Lady a champion for veterans causes was about to expose this fiendish experiment to the public and had to be silenced and Dunn, a perfect pasty, was the one picked to be framed for her murder.

    If he didn't have enough trouble already Dunn who thought that CIA Deputy Director Rackmill, Paul Sorvino, was on his side in this whole mess found out later to his, but nobody else's, surprise that he wasn't. Rockmill, like Gen. Woodward, was setting the guy up in order to get the 10 dollar million reward, offered by Bickhart, for his capture dead or alive. Dunn for his part being very experienced in electronics explosives and all around covert activities ,including the unique ability of being able to fool people to who he is without even having a disguise on , gets to the bottom of what Gen. Woodward & Bickhart are up to. It's then that he plays them off against each others without them even knowing it. By the time the movie is finally over with about as much explosions car chases and all around destruction that you would see in half a dozen of these type of mindless actions flicks Dunn or Keenen Ivory Wayans is off to the races with him free as a bird. Dunn is no longer wanted by him being falsely reported reported on the TV news as being captured as executed by the government. I could only hope that some other innocent pasty, like Dunn, wasn't the one who took his place in Levenwoths execution chamber.
  • nyack074 May 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Worth watching on a slow afternoon.

    Derivative plot and wooden acting by some, but enjoyable as sheer entertainment. Woodward character is hammed up. Dunn character has flat affect. The MD character reacts not as an MD but as a simple woman in peril.

    Photography is good, and the locations nicely used.

    Some of the stunts are well done. Lighting is off in some scenes.

    Plot details are loopy.

    Crash scene is nicely choreographed.

    Some of the technology used in the film is improbable for the date (1997).

    Better plot would be to have Dunn character Force Recon veteran rather than sniper.
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